Friday, December 31, 2010


So what really changes tomorrow?does anything?
People coming up with all these resolutions but can that really solve everything?
What if it's not up to us,then what are you gonna do?
Do you promise to tell me all the lies...even if they are all true?
Ever wonder whats below your feet?
A place with angels or demons?yeah,you gotta think deep
Would you promise to follow the rules of love?
Sometimes wonder if after we die,would we fly above?
Did all this start from some 'big bang theory' or was it really 'God'?
And how come whenever I try to ask a serious question,all you do is nod?
So I'm I thinking to myself?or I'm I speaking to you?
You did promise to tell me the truth before right?no matter how few?
Dream about being a superstar?Or someone with fame?
If you attainted all that power....would that really block out all the pain?
Ke$ha said we are who we are,but was she correct?
Since sometimes the person we really are,never gets shown any respect...
or do they?
A lot of us thinking tomorrow is a new year & it can be.....but most importantly....when is our new day?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dream for cheap

To start over means we will have to try and forget

and to go down that road alone is something you might regret

so search for  a friend you can bring to the end

we seem to only receive the messages,never allowed to press send

it's a dead zone out here,no reachable signal 

being jammed packed together like some kind of Pringle's

but those are just chips,so how could I associate them with life

love is suppose to bring happiness,but is a double edged sword which can cause strife

It's hard to tell to those who don't want to hear

and it's even harder to listen to courage if all you fear is fear

this is not the end,no.that is not even near

funny how the only thing keeping us alive is this thin gas we call air

I just would like to say one more thing before I go to sleep

the price of living may be expensive...but at least we can dream for cheap

SIck of the Feeling

Sick of the feeling
of hearing words with lost meaning
Tired of waking up in the same exact place
With the mindset of I'm just temporally occupying someones else's space
Continue to try and make things seem like they make sense
But they don't, that was just another wasted moment spent
Trying to piece together the pieces of whats in missing life
It's not all fun and games when you start to see your reflection off a bloody knife
Never falling for what they want us to believe
The sky may be the limit and we are only what we achieve
But I can switch it around,I'm happy now
Married to life for a while but cheat on it with death so who broke the vow
Always trying to make others around me feel their best
Too bad they never know the amount of energy that takes...and all the stress
Sometimes looking towards the future,but time controls us all
fighting away the past is a never ending brawl
I close my eyes....and look up to the ceiling
I'm still sick of this feeling

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Generation

Everybody looking at us to make a change,it's our generation that they made deranged,first we got 9/11 then we headed up to war,now we got a black president,it seems like all the impossible is no more,
so even if they sink our ships,we will still swim up to shore,just to prove it to them,that we can have the power within,something they never seen before
The earth evolving and the people are too
we used to only have to teach our kids simple match equations like whats 2+2=?
no we gotta focus more on teaching them to know how to depict from whats false from what true

Systems so corrupt ,it's how to set your goals for life
should we give all to the people who are less fortunate,or just set out to find the perfect wife
Either way we all cant win,because somebody has to lose
I'm just happy that I am not the one who has to choose
Picking out who lives and who dies
who flies and who fries
who gets to continue say Hello's & who wont get to say their finally goodbye
so try to be honest with your self,even if you've been surrounded and brainwashed with lies
God,have you been sleeping on us....?
I think it's time to open up your eyes
Because I cant stand to see another day with her heart full of pain & watch her tear's arise....
and fall
I want to figure it all out,but I guess thats not my call
sitting here pondering what should I do with my life,just trying to stall
Cuz when your start with nothing....your not worried to lose it all
When you find that one special person who makes you feel like a giant,all those silly worries you have seem so small
It seems like some of us always show up with the same dumb expression on our face,like some kinda of doll
Believe in whatever religion you want...but everywhere,everyone,somewhere has their own unique Jesus.....and their set of Paul's

Juice Flow/Let Bygones Be Bygones

What you see is what you get,so I hope you see something
I got a heart full of passion & love and if you don't have that,you might as well have nothing
nothing less than great,but everything to a few
I just try to send my truest words sincerely from me to you
And my heart is bleeding out but I guess thats from the love
No point of trying to hide who you are or what you do since 'He' can see everything from above
I used 'He' for a reason for whoever he is
Why they call it a pregnancy test when it seems more like a quiz?
Either she's pregnant or she's not,how hard can it get?
Use every rock they throw act you as a stepping stone so tell those haters,they can just step

I think about it real slow
Got a fast heartbeat and my ability to think out the box just seems to grow
Would shout out some names,but I think my real friends know
That only brings hate & it's hard to stay hot when outside is below zero
I will bring the talent & you just attend the show
Putting these words together is simple,similar to show & tell
I'll show you how to fly to Heaven,while you can tell me how it is in Hell

And that shot goes out to those who are treating the good ones wrong
Just never forget the words I just told you,like your singing your favorite song
The new year is almost here so you can try change for better,or just keep thinking your strong
Try And Let Bygones Be Bygones because before you know it,it's to late... they could be gone...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All Falls Down

I try to think about everything in different ways
because not every color of life is perfect,sometimes its just pictured in different shades
but color shouldn't matter since we make up a beautiful significant difference
and when we all are erased off this world,what we did or what we done isn't gonna have any significance 
so do all you can and be true to the others
because during these quiet, freezing& gloomy nights we got people sleeping outside with a proper cover
But don't cover your eyes and walk away from the truth
a lot of us have the tendency to turn our backs on people who need help which is acting so uncouth

Most likely we are all headed towards the same place
some say we only have two options 'Heaven' or 'Hell"
but figuring out where your gonna land is a cat & mouse game and we're just stuck in the middle,so I hope we don't get labeled as a lost but not found in any case
it seems I've been lost for about a minute now
it's a dog eat dog world & some of us turn up as puppy chow
You can never see the real tears of a clown
& I'm scared to be at the top
because sooner or later....
It All Falls Down

Monday, December 27, 2010

Will It Ever Start Over?

Who is really happy?and who is really ok?
the moon always seems to go down
and the sun always rises
but is it ever a new day

Life starts to fade
and the tress are all gone
so the sun is the only shade
not chasing your dreams
only lead to your nightmares getting in the way

faster & faster the world is spinning
and at the same pace the worlds people are sinning
where are all the lucky charms & 3 leafed clovers
feels like our luck have ran out
so will it ever start over?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Flow(Scrooge)

So their is no Christmas feeling this year,
it seems like just another day,whats with all the fuss...i don't even care
And I know im not the only one since I see a lot of Facebook status's saying the same thing
What?we all suppose to act like we like each other for one day,look at all the fake-ness this day can bring
But I will just look at all the Christmas tree's and lights
knowing that this whole holiday was made up,whats the need for a Calendar anyway if times of day's is never right
Im gonna just sit back and let everyone enjoy they day
Probably call a few people up and send some Merry X-mas text away
But Im way passed it now,You can call me the Scrooge 
Because it feels like I've lost everything,I'm cold-hearted now I ain't got nothing I can lose
I feel like its only for the kids,so thats why we should do it for
 And I'm freezing away kinda like I got a icebox in my core
 I still want all the planes to fly & land and all the people in my life to soar
If I ever lose someone who I was close too,to let them know that their real-ness is what I adore
So i don't need no gift wrapping or some present's form the store
Just cherish me like Im gone forever....and im R.I.P so what would you do before?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Nobody's Home

picture source
You open the door...and what do you see inside
a house of broken feelings and no memories to hide
so you close it back since their is nothing left to see...
you thought you you were all alone,but how could that be
so  just let it all out,honestly
he wants to be like him...and she wants to be like she
but they are perfect,as least that's what it seems
we cant blame them for living out their dreams
it's never safe to judge what you do not know
we all put of this defensive wall & that's all we ever show
your body is telling you yes,but her voice is saying no'
now she is crying and you just grab your stuff and go
she didn't want you to leave but you didn't want to stay
even though you promised her that you would never leave her & everything would be ok
The Moon Always Sets,And The Sun Always Shines
We All Check Our Watch,But Never Know The Time
The Time When Everything's Over
When It's Too Late To Start Over
Life Gets More Difficult The More We Get Older
I Thought The World Was  Hurting Because of Global Warming
But Forget That....
My World's Only Getting Colder.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Moment For Life

picture source
I just need a second to think,
since this lifestyle moves so fast,everything you ever worked hard for can vanish in a blink
but we're on the brink,
of something new,something true
So don't look me in the eyes,since their wont be anything I can show you
My vision's in my mind & heart,don't act like you never knew
Hands together now,Hands in the air
Please don't have any doubt,so they can be no fear
So just prepare,
To do everything they never expected us to do
You can be the pretty little flower that never got any sunshine or water but still grew
But forget just having one moment for life....I think we're gonna need two

And if so,
Do you believe in yourself?
And those who think they done it alone better realize their must be a 'we' in order to have 'wealth'
And no mater how messed of your cards for life may be just play the hand your dealt
And everyone see's the problems but the blessing may come in stealth
so keep hope alive
and when they try and slow you down,just kick it to high gear and drive
Never had my dad around,just me,my mom and brothers trying to survive
Now everybody chunking 'deuces' telling each other bye
It's easy to leave and hard to try
To cut yourself a big piece of the pie
To release your anger instead of to cry
But its hard to come back once you have gone
life is no race,it's more a marathon
so in this moment for life............
I'm done.I pass the baton
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I Want Is You..

picture source
So it hasn't been an hour since you left and I already miss you,wish we could continue, never wanted to stop kissing you,but our time is up and your plane has lifted,our time is a present and your presence was the most amazing thing,cant be wrapped...just gifted.
Was lost in the bumps and sorrow's of the world,but your smile had me lifted...but we're miles what must I/we do,no matter how right we think we got these answers to life right,the questions are always changing so nothing stays true,would break my self to get pieced back together with you,but we cant be broken so our love might as be known as frozen glue,cuz we're stuck together in this cold cold world,being tossed back and fourth ,up and down,twisted and twirled,
But whatever you just always hold on like I got you on the telephone line,but every call eventually comes to end and when that happens I just want you to be mine,seems like finding a 'true love' is like committing a 'innocent crime',its nearly impossible to be done unless you can control the hands of time,but times keep progressing and I just wanna rewind,love all the moments when you say'Pass me the lemon' when its really a lime,love must be similar to bowling cuz your lover is the bowler while your feelings are the pins and their are in line,which means loves knocks you down but you just gotta get back up,and I wish our love could grown old and true similar to those characters in the Disney-Pixar movie 'UP'
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Like Toy Soldiers

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I try to always hide it..but in the end it always shows,it doesn't matter how far you planned it only matters how far you actually you do your distance and you do your time and don't pay any attention what they got, just have the mindset that All Can Be Mine,And With A Little Bit Of Hope,You'll Start To See The Light,And If You Get Broken Just Carry Your Pieces To The Fight,But What Are We Fighting Anymore,Nothing Else Makes Sense,Whats The Point Of Working Our Ass's Off If In The End Your Buried With Not Even A Cent,So I Pick Up The Bible,Head To Church To Hope Pray,And Repent,Then I Feel The Foreclosure Sign On My Life,I Guess Love Enough Can't Pay The Rent,But We Got All This Time Spent,Going For Better And For Worse,Sometimes I Feel Being The Nice Guy In A Bad World Is Having The Real Curse,But Everyday I Still Get Up And Be Me,Doing The Little Good I Do,Not Know If Anyone Will See,And If They Did...Would They Even Care,My Tears Can Speak The Truth But I Know You Don't Wanna Hear,So I Look What's Left Of It,Trying To Find A Spare,But Having A Heart With The Heartless Is Turning Out So Rare,And Giving To Those Who Wouldn't Give Back Are The Ones To Ask Us To Share...
But I'll share a piece with you and in my poems I always do,you get the real me,the one that's always around people is sometimes the one who looks in the mirror to ask them self'Who Are You?,And if the clock stopped spinning today would you be happy with your life?Can you hold the person hand you love and be a good wife?or on the other hand,your the man,you sit and watch the wrong but when you see right do you make a stand?Im searching for the answers since chaos needs no plan,starting to really think their must be a life after death since they seems to be none on land,wonder how different things would be if every plane that took off always got a chance to land.......damn
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Thursday, December 9, 2010


So I'm trying to do this thing right,but I got this thing like,no matter what I do it wont be right,so what do I do,I just pretend I left,and trying to bring me back would be a incorrect step,like going two steps forward and one step back,Trying to be cool with people I don't like,but I guess I don't know how to act,and to react to that,you will be just the same,I ain't saying no names but I think you know _____ is the one to blame,always trying to cheat the game of life,what you got no shame,your only hurting your self like leaking your own sex tape to achieve some fame,don't need no green since I get high off the pain,and lets pretend this a drag race for the finish line,boy just stay in your lane,and they are just the pilot while we were the plane,they had to learn how to fly,but we already know how,why you think they made up cruise control on the plane,but I'm just saying....and I will say it again

You acting like you in this game to lose while our own option is to win,so you can talk all that noise but words are always forgotten, unless they are written down with a pen,so that's what I do,don't talk a lot to people anymore,and O God how I hate school,but that's a flood of information for your 2 foot pool,and don't get it mistaken now,just cuz it cold outside...still doesn't make you cool:)

So hopefully when Jordan is old enough he can follow me and write a verse,I just hope it doesn't get this smiling a lot thing I have,cuz it makes people believe your happy all the time when your not,so I guess I got that curse,but hold on,lets reverse,you start to drive,but your driving downhill,your not getting anywhere towards the top,your altitude is only getting worse,and most these guys out here we cant even relate too, like I'm buying things for my girl while they discussing the latest purse,and when I die....forget being in black....make sure I'm riding through in a all white hearse,and everyone at my funeral wearing white,......because all my people are stars ...while the rest of the world are colorless and can just blend in with the night
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


picture source
So I know airplanes are meant to fly,but what about us humans?Were we all really meant to all die,and if that's the case,then why start to begin with,we all make choices its just something we gotta live with it,
So we got some bad and we got some good,some who seem to understand and some who like to be misunderstood,Some who would fight to save us all and some who will smile in our face and slowly help us fall,but God sometimes takes our only angels back up to heaven like he wants to gather them all up for roll call,But is that a wrong move or the correct thing to do,make sure you answer careful because the next one taking can be you,or at least someone close,then you start to seem a update on someone's Facebook post,did something just all this for real?This life is a fragile one,didn't any one read the seal?But I know how you feel,I lost someone too,never got a real chance to say goodbye,not a funeral alone can do....
So we have everyday we have,and we can Live it how we want too,but just make sure you give,or else you'll be looking back saying I wish I did,You'll never too old to look at a star and make a wish like you did as a kid....
Forgive me if I'm late,Forgive me if I forget,Sometimes the gate to your airplane may not be ready yet,Need a higher way to travel through life,Lets speed through it no solo ride on a jet pack,but we'll ride to get on our jet....
The time is of the essence but who was the first person to make the time set,and if that's the case,shouldn't we follow our own,heard something in the bible about'Let he  who is without sin cast the first stone' and I heard Bob Marley also had a unique quote of his own
"Who are you to judge the life I live?I know I am not perfect and I don't live to be,But,before you start pointing fingers,make sure your hands are clean"
And that's the scene we are on....we want to criticize the moon,the stars,the other planets and solar system's....when we cant even take care of the only planet we currently live on.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Coolest

picture source
Destruction all around me,that's all I ever see,and A civil war I can never win because my soul's the enemy,
to live another day,is to fight another,wanna die a peaceful death,don't wanna suffer,
but I need so protection like a kid with his blanket hiding under his cover,I never liked to read but know its still smart to never judge a man's history from his cover, first appearances always lie and people always dress up,practice their winning lines at home and get their lies in order so they don't mess up,so if this was a contest,you would probably win,I just wanna love,but you just wanna sin....and sin some more,I try to open up the gift to life just to see what it has in store,but everything is too high priced,I cant afford to even eat,they start to act like they lost diamonds in a rice,because everybody is so greedy,i don't have a clue,and I'm sick of this shit guess I caught the world flu,but put it back down then pick it back up,Riding life with no handle bars,I guess I should helmet up,so I'm starting to lose it,please bring me back home,this ain't no E.T,but we riding all the way home.....

So verse two,need a new me and I need a new you,how so much better of I would be if everything I knew was true,but its not and I can accept it,just call it Visa MasterCard cuz that shits always accepted,but we're expected to do this and do that,wtf they want us to do next pull some damn bunnies out our hats?50 once said "death gotta be easy cuz life is hard,it will leave you physically,mental and emotionally scarred"So I got the bruises cant you tell?The arena down that path may of been sold out,but I'm one who will never sell,so give back and you should receive,everybody goes for what they want...instead of what they need...but the earth is dying,look at it's plead,they rape out all the worlds natural resources that it can no longer bleed,but greed is colorblind so they couldn't even see the blood,I guess they get blind-sighted by the money while their in there million dollar mansion when people are dying every second like they joined some suicide club....

Verse 3 now,I'll make it  a little more safe,cuz we're almost home now just one more base,so one more chance for me to tell,is that victory in the air,or is that defeat we smell?either or,win or lose,red pill or blue pill...theirs no going back which ever color you choose,so if the past is forgotten then history may repeat itself,so that means we remember all the pain we endure and constantly remind ourselves,don't make sense,somebody let me know,I think my soul just leaked out too much on this poem...i think its time to go.
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Take Away Your Pain

picture source
Sometimes I wish I could see the world through someone else's view,
just to experience if the things I see are really true.

Sometimes I wish I could be the release of someone else's pain,
to know they benefit some kind of happiness,would be my ultimate gain.

So will we someday achieve life after death,
to finally see if the promise of God,Jesus & The Bible will be kept.

Someday we will all have to say goodbye,
No more blood,no more tears,just the clouds left in the sky.

One day you will meet that special him/her,and your heart will start to beat,
and you wont have to ask yourself"Is this the one".No,they will look you in your eyes and tell you
your the one...I.....Want...To....Keep
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Think She Knows

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Sometimes it's best when things aren't perfect,then at least you know it's real,I'll give you my heart so that you can know how my hearts feels,but we're going in circles like some kind of love wheel,and I would ride with you until the wheels fall off,I just want to keep us going,no such thing as falling off,so we're buying tickets,going back & fourth,they say time is precious but spending our moments together has no price but worth,only emotional value,which is something they cant buy,
I always told you,you would be the only apple of my eye,so before I die,I will sing for you,forget the mockingbird,i'll get a ring for you,or even two,any amount,send you so much love,you don't have to count,
but what will I do,when our time is through?will our oovoo's be enough & our I Love You? our x's and o's,nobody knows,but I think she's should...We may be apart for the moment..Leave you forever...I Never could?
   So I could stop there...but I care too much...why is life moving so fast?I see no rush,
rush for what?say our goodbye quicker?seems like our window of opportunity gets smaller while our chance for failure gets bigger,but that's not a joke,so nobody should laugh,who cares where the road signs lead us too,we can always make our own path,or leave your own mark,I know your starting to get the overall picture now,you were always so smart,I think she knew from the beginning....but I had to make this time re-run or false start.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010


picture source
So here we go again....we're back and fourth fighting
I'm the one whose wrong even though I caught you skype'ing
but even through the thunderstorms,I can still see the lighting
so there must be a way out,i must not see it yet
and you could of been the best,you just don't want to be it yet
and I'm always full of love & passion,you just always full of difficult problems & regret
bouncing back & fourth like a game of tennis,but this is game,set....
match,thought we were...but everything in life comes with a catch,
but you didn't care,you just let us fall right past the cracks,
so that why I'm here with this lighter & match,
but I don't smoke but somehow I'm on my tenth pack,
but enough's enough,and what's through is through,
if the shoes fits wear it & what they say is true,
do what you want other's to do back to you,
picture source

The Missing Part

picture source
You can never really see what lies,behind a person's eyes,unless you truly can decipher,the truth behind their lies,and taste/feel the joy behind their cries,I'm not talking about you,I'm talking about my,so take a deep breath, then let it out with a sigh,you just cant keep all the pieces of the pie,for yourself,

that's without none,and all us loner's know that life alone just ain't that fun,the start after who begun,the wondering spirit's,but don't run. start,stop,think & believe,i hear some people saying' don't wake me up,I'm just living my dream',but what's if that's all just a scheme,a way to blind ourselves from the truth,truth be told,good ideas can only grow once they take root
so wake up!you may never know....your vision may not clear all the missing pieces to the puzzle..but your idea may be...the most....important...missing part
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Friday, December 3, 2010


picture source
Thinking of joining the air force just for a chance to escape it all,everybody is so delightful when things are going their way..but what happens when things begin to fall?So I ask of anyone...anybody at all...could you save me from my own self-destruction or would it be a beautiful to watch me float around like a leaf changes colors in the fall..So big or small..anything would still think its to early to apologize,your wrong.but thinking about it is always the first step..and the way you treat love is sorta like a kick it around and call it back when you need it..but guess what,these type of love-inflicted wounds cant be treated...erased or deleted...just forever there,so clear,full of fear,emotions are on ice,and thoughts mentally stripped so far away...or was I near...and when your underneath so much..the only things you desperately need is it before its to late...I'm not god and I'm not in heaven but I will shut the gates..the gates,the stairways and throw away the key...was it you that showed it,or was the picture  always secretly showing that you weren't meant for me..but I laugh,then I cry,then I laugh again...thought I loved writing poems,but I guess telling stories should be my new friend

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Light Up

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You should take a step back and try to look forward to the things you cant see.
We all seem to pay the price for living,but death's seems to be the only thing that can set us truly free
but even that comes with a fee,leaving your loved ones alone without protection could turn out to be your worse enemy
so who should you protect,yourself,me or them
you try to make light of the situation but then the darkness becomes your friend
you start to generate these elaborate thoughts but just when you start to write them down,here comes the end,so what's happen's then? when you try to write a "I'm sorry text' but can find the time to press send,because all of a sudden
you see an attractive person walking down the street and you start thinking that person maybe a 10
but looks would fade eventually after time and heart will always stay
people forget you when you die,no matter what they say
but its not always that way...or is it
why doesn't happiness ever get to stay....why does it only seem to visit~

So I take a hit,I take it to the heart,and it's making me wonder if I playing the game of life smart,
and if I'm even if im acting in the right movie or did God just forget my part,
but if two wrongs don't make a right,then how can some people have un protected sex then get the 'Morning After Pill' then feel relieved like they did right....but where is the light?it must be dark because everybody is acting like they are blind to the fact...but no good deeds go un-punished so don't try to pretend you don't know how to act...

So the lights is on and I can finally see,it seems the past was keeping us locked in,the future is key,
so please don't forget and always try to remember
Christmas is almost here since were in the beginning of December,
cherish everybody you love,because believe it or not,you got a team playing for you...and at could lose your most valued member
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cold World

picture source
It's a cold world when you by your
by yourself,

When not even one of these millions of antidepressant 
can help,

But what are you suppose 
to do,

When none of these twisted signals make up 
a correct clue,

Staring at the always 
moving sky,
wondering why,then you start to lose that
sparkle in your eye 

Everything starts to lose
it's meaning

Wish you could wake up,but your not
even dreaming

Put your hand's up,feel the wind blow
sometimes a door closes in your life because of an open window
so another chance,another opening,some where to escape
look in the mirror and see the only thing your unable to escape
too much,nah not even close to enough on our plates
is it just me or do we get robbed of our fate's
one day take a rocket...and lets blast off to space
~you always told me you wanted to see the moon...but now that we're apart...I just dream to see your face~
And just incase
I lose all my memories,I'll keep you somewhere they cant erase
That's my heart,it's staring to feel warm now...
I think we found out perfect place(*) 
in each other arms....on Dec 8th
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sing For The Moment

picture source
So we all singing,just singing a different tune
and we all look up at night but do we all see the same moon/
How do you know and how can you tell/
Have you ever been at the top off the world,have you ever seen a cell/
cuz we living in a selfish place,and the only thing we give back is waste
but one mans trash is another man pleasure
so that's means one persons pain equals to another women's pleasure
Accounted for way to little,no need to measure
You know what they say about birds that flock together share the same feather
 I would want my daughter to be placed up and fly up high so I guess I should name her Heather
so we'll make it whatever what kind of weather
the only things that matter is that we complete our dreams together

So we sing for the moment because the moments are never promised
and promised always get broken so thats the only true promise
but I solemnly  swear over whoever's grave
S.O.S im sinking just waiting to be saved
But I  got your back sink or swim
and you will never know will always know him
So pop a pill to get rid of the pain
and then pop another one to get rid of the pill's pain
what they give us is suppose to help us right
check the news for the last time you saw some one overdose on water right
so what they give us is bad,no matter how you take it
win or lose...they just don't want us to make it

Just one more verse..then maybe I can go to sleep
Turn my cell phone on and listen to Lupe's version of 'go to sleep'
its a cold cold cold war out here try not to make a peep
did i say 'war' i meant 'world' but its all the same since all we do is compete to defeat
to clear out till their is no one left
I'm I the crazy one for keep trying to be right when all everyone else is doing is pointing left
but I'll keep going...going till I'm out of breath
The beat just stop..not my heart..the song...guess it's time we should hit refresh
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One of everybody's favorite song,so I had to write to it,
We all get that one chance to make it in life,some of us just didn't pay close enough attention & blew it,
But it don't matter,Money ain't a thing,
But with out the money,how you suppose to buy the love of your life her dream ring?
So we all wanna be successful...that shit aint nothing new
Try to work your way to the top,and these assholes will try and step and walk all over you,
So we got to keep our dreams close  and our visions closer,
forget enemies and friends...they wont be their when it's over
Maybe some will,it's weird how some friends can lose thought,but your enemies never lose sight of you,
So I look at my lil brother Jordan,and I don't know what to think,
Is this the world I want him to grow up in,because We're all meant to fly but it seems all we ever do is sink,
Sink......all the way to the bottom,never really reaching the top,
But I guess we gotta slowly find our way through it like we trying to find the sweet spot,
The G-spot of life,once you find it keep it there,
Hold on to your wishes,and don't give in into the fear
We suppose to be playing on the same team...the team of heaven
I thought we suppose to be brethren
But you keep your head up,yeah you keep it up high
And the only thing you gotta worry about is not looking down when you fly
Cuz when you finally make it,no one can take it from you
then everybody is gonna come around and try and take shit from you
But you got a heart.,mind., and spirt'
what i'm saying is your the just need to go out there and be it!
So it's 8:40 am and I'm trying to find my words,
wish other people would sit back and analyze their verbs,
Acting out,Or acting in...Either way all the acting crap ain't fitting in
just a word of thought from the soundsofmywords
we all have a choice...lie in the dirt...or fly with the birds...
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In The Morning....

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So we wake up in the morning..
wondering if Gods he yawning?
devil saying taking over people minds is getting too getting boring
kinda like could lose your whole life while you snoring
so we wake up in the morning..
the phones ringing ain't anybody gonna answer it,
it seems this whole system got this mindset of  'Money Over People' thing mastered quick,
but is that their something more?
you cant trust someone with a clean ass ceiling if they got a bloody floor,
but like Kanye said..."No one man should have all that power"
but they do....soon we wont even have any more seconds within an hour,
because its work,work,work, and if you don't you will be replaced
dont these people have any type of consciousness,don't they see the tears running down your face,
but its like their hearts don't work,work,work anymore...I guess their feelings traded spots with nothing have been replaced
Can it all please stop,I don't wanna look,can someone please past the mace
I thought we were on the road to heaven...its seems everybody's running in a different race,
Equality....whats that mean??the equal truth is we would always be judged on our race
and if thats the makes sense because when you go against the people at the'll never win a case
thats the current state of crime we in...
never knew something so beautiful..could turn so grim
and when you drowning in your own you suppose to swim
its the shadow of the day...the moments before you fall asleep..remember tomorrows a new day....
so hello morning and goodbye night
everything's suppose to happen for a reason....right?.....right?
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Live In The Sky

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For some reason it feels like the good die young but the bad people last forever,
most people will never forget 9/11 or things like 'Katrina',
but what about the beautiful days when the sun shines bright,
you should take a walk in the park with a loved one,hold their hands fly a kite,
leave your car keys on table give your car a break
why not take a day off from work sit back and watch the sunset by the lake
I mean.....'whats it gonna take
sometimes you gotta relax and savior the good times
pretend the clouds are a clue and try and read the signs
and they say....and they say...
to don't worry everything will be ok
no matter how many days go by
us clouds are here to stay
we have been here for a while
but whose counting
you can move any problem out your life,evil isn't a mountain
share a smile,give a hug,thats the secret to the youth fountain
you will be forever young at heart if you stay true
and just like those live in the sky...see the color sky blue
So one day we will all live in the sky...
so don't worry their is no need to say goodbye...;)

The Two By Nathan Thomas

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They sat on a hill,watching the stars as they stream across the sky.She looked at him,shy but curious she asked in a soft voice,"What's Next?"
 He looked at her and smiled,he stared into her eyes which looked like the calm sea and said to her in a confident voice,"Everything..."She smiled and gave him a hug

On a building near to the beach,they sat on a beach chair gazing at the sunset."I dreamt about us...we were in he exact location and...and you  said something..."the boy said happily
A tear fell down her cheek and she finished his sentence smiling & crying
"you are the air in my lungs,you are the nerves in my brain,the blood in my heart,the taker of my pain..."
She wouldn't stop crying,he held her up and carried her to the beach in which the sunset gleamed on them.
They Kissed....
and the he said,"If I cant hear your heartbeat........then your too far away."
they hugged as soon as the sun set,and it started to rain

Their love together is the key to the heavens with happiness & no pain..their tears made it rain
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Welcome To The World

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Welcome to the world of.....
fake voice’s,un-reachable dreams & life in a never ending maze
So Last Night I Couldn't sleep,its 6:16 A.M
Should We Really Worry About It??Or Just Pretend Nothing Happens Throughout The P.M
Lost In A Dream But Do I Really Wanna Get Out,Everything’s Good Is Suppose To Be Up So I Was I Born In Boston And Everything’s Been Going Down Ever Since I’ve Moved To The South,
So Does That Mean I’m Stuck In A Nightmare?But Dont Wake Me Yet,
 I Can’t Figure Out Why I Keep Writing These Thoughts??Maybe I Don't Wanna Forget,
I See People Sometimes And Wonder What The Heaven Were They Thinking?
I Said Everything Good is Up!! So Why Does It Seem Everyday More And More Our Society Norms And Economy Is Sinking,
It Can All Be Over In A Blink Of An Eye,So Please Start Blinking
Its Like Its The Opposite,God Is Giving You The RED Light To STOP And The Devil Is Giving You The GREEN Like To GO And Continue Drinking,
Or Smoking,Whatever Dumb Activity You And Your ‘Cool Friends’ Are Doing Now
You Can Cut It Up And Dress It How You Want Too..But Beef Is Beef,Try Not To Have A Cow
Which Means Wrong Is Wrong,Lies Is Lies, And The Truth Is Truth-less?
In This World Thats How It Is,Nothing Is What It Seems So Is That Why Many Remain Ruth-less??
Welcome to the earth of......
plastic friends,goals that don't exist,and priest that touch our kids
So You Go To Church And You The Preacher Shining,
Thinking He Is Working Hard,Doing Gods Work,Waking Up Everyday Grinding,
So I Try And Stay Away From The Church Because I Cant Stand The Way All Those Actors Look,
Not Here To Judge Anybody..But Why Go Praise,Sing And Dress Up
When Probably Later On.....They Have The Mindset That Sunday Is Only One Day
And Tomorrow Is Monday,To Dress Down And Have A Fun-Day
But Do What You Do,And Say What You Say
And Take All You Can Take...Just Don't Walk This Way
You Can Do What You Desire...But What I Desire Is You Try And Walk A Different Way 
Welcome To The Place Of.....
Life Is What You Make It & Live It To The Fullest
So If Your Wondering....I Do See Alot Of Good And Have Many Happy Thoughts,
I Just Thought,That Its Easy To Write About Everything People Wanna Hear And Give Good Feelings Everybody Wanna Share,But Learned ALot This Year And Fear,That If I Truly Care,I Should Open Everybody’s Eye’s And Ear,And Show Them Things That They Don’t Necessarily Know Are There,So I’m Here,And Whatever Seems Fair,Might Be Twisted By A Fare,So Just Beware,The Truth Is Only Use-Full When Its Served Bare,Do You Remember Growing Up With The The Program Drug Abuse Resistance Education Aka D.A.R.E