Thursday, February 3, 2011


Harder to find,but easier to lose
Being the person who you want to a battle none of us should lose

At the end of if it....all we will have is memories
And I hope now or later you will remember me
Because throughout all the negative times I just tried to be bring you positive energy

Always there in spirit,maybe not in flesh
Always give it your all,even when there's nothing left
Never fear anything in this world,not even death
Thats the most peaceful time you have is eternal rest
I Love You so much that those same very words would be what I whisper if I only had one last breath
And remember when times don't feel right,maybe its just the clock thats not correct
It takes time for certain things to work out & thats something we cant control or set
Staring outside my window,looking to the sky wondering what God has in store for me next
Looking at a masterpiece is so simple,while creating it may be so hard & complexed

Thinking about it time & time & over again
That if we were living life as a message....would you be happy with the one you send?
Thought I would have to search all over for someone to connect too...silly thing deepest thoughts ended up being my closest friend....


  1. Absolutely love this.
    Breath taking...
    Roger you have become my lil william shakespeare! (: lol
    You have a talent and this poem its just one of many beautiful ones!
    Never give up.
    I wish you never left....

  2. Thank You! This is simply, Beautiful.