Friday, February 4, 2011

Words I Never Said

The more I try & fight it,the more I seem to lose
The thing about out heart's is,only we can see & feel the pain kinda like an invisible bruise

Don't know whats worse,getting burned mentally or physically,
probably mentally since the pain on being burned on your flesh would fade eventually
And I would know since I got burned when I was little
Joy is so far away,Sadness is so close....why cant I just stay in the middle

So now Im stuck with my thoughts,stuck with my words
I just want to see some action,sick of hearing about the verbs
People always 'say',but never 'do'
Made me a promise to always cherish me,then broke it,now thats something you cant undo

Where do I go....How do I break out
Was searching for love,but seems she's on a different route,
Hoped that things were gonna move up,but just as I expected..... they all went south
So who the hell said I was happy?Because I know those words didn't come out my mouth

You didn't even look around,You didn't even look this way
Maybe better of that way....Because even if you did....I wouldn't know what to say

I'm only human,so I make mistakes
its hard to fit in when your real,in a world where everyone is expected to be fake
and thats no icing,thats no frosting on the cake
I just wrote down some of the words i never said.....
so I hope you can relate.
It's SoundsOfMyWords meets Words I Never Said
at least you will always have a piece of me
even when I'm dead....
I'm sorry...but these thoughts were becoming to loud....inside my head

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