Thursday, February 24, 2011


Trying to figure out where should I start
Wondering if your mission was to destroy me.......or just rip me apart
I see hate as destruction and love as a art
Even if I drew you the perfect picture you would still find some way to mess up the part
Didn't know we were living life as a movie,
but somehow you call it to a 'end'
But I call for a sequel or a take what happens then
I guess nothing....but nothing will turn into something & nobody will turn to somebody
And I will love that somebody as longs as she's promises to never give nothing to nobody
Meaning she will belong to me and I will belong to her
I hope I'm hitting you with all the right words...I hope you don't differ
Or prefer
Me to think a little different
Everybody is acting the same,so I'm just looking for somebody different
So it's back to square one,I hear people say being together makes them happy,while living the single life is fun
I just want over to get over this next stage,I just want to be done

Love is like a grenade
In the wrong hands it can be a deadly weapon,it can save a life and at the same time destroy one
And once you throw it to somebody...there is no getting it back
But in the right hands it only causes a threat but will cause no harm
They are both equipped with a timer ,and when the timer goes off,they explode
Explode into tiny little fragments,and no matter how hard you try,
they can never be put back together,so you will just be stuck with the pieces
the remembrance of what was before
So the next time love comes knocking on your door
Just run for cover,since grenades are bound to blow up for sure.....

and I have a part two to it
and we shouldn't of went through it
but whats done is done,so it looks like we cant re do it
take my apologizes, loves invisible like air
and all is fair in war,so sorry if it doesn't feel fair

Any last words.nothing left to say
our hearts brighten.the sky is gray
pain rolls up.regret drifts away.
tomorrow never comes. only a better day.
no looking back.this was the only way

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