Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Thoughts From A Lover..

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As I lay in bed..all I can think about is you 
I want you next to me..
I want to see your pretty smile..
I want to see your hair bounce the way it does..
I want to hear you giggle the way you do..
I want to feel you close to me..with your heartbeat against mine..
I want to look into your eyes like never before..
I want to caress every part of you 
I want to taste you on my lips..
I want to smell you on my skin..
I want to see you happier than anyone else..
I want you to be able to do anything you’d like to do..
Yes, I want all of this….
But most of all…I just want you.
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Sunday, June 22, 2014


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Looking at the most beautiful image I've ever seen
But you're so far away from me..so I have no choice but to look at my computer screen
A picture of you on my background
It speaks to me so fluently,without ever making a sound
I guess somethings we can't explain
Our love will get stronger,if it doesn't stay the same
About 12 hours away by aeroplane
We're still on the same level though,and that will always remain
They say the best things in life are worth waiting for..
I'll be waiting even after our after life and more

With you..I can see the brightest star..
With you..It isn't about shoes & cars..
With you..I can heal my deepest scar..
With you..There is no question..I know exactly what we are

In this hotel room,half way across the world
Without a doubt,for you I would give up half of the world
A matter a fact,I'll give up the whole thing

The time is ticking,I didn't see it running out
Now everyone is panicking,they feel so lost without
Who they are,and what they were promised they would be
They always promised us freedom,but even with no strings attached,we were never free
It wasn't suppose to end this way..it was suppose to be you and me
But you didn't wait...what a catastrophe
So I disappear,no facebook,no blogspot,no one can hear from me
You didn't keep your word,you didn't wait..no it's only me

I wake up to find it was only a bad dream
From cold sweats & clammy palms,it was realer than it seemed
It's easier not to fall in love,at least that way you won't get hurt
But what I'm I saying...love is what makes it all worth
12:52 am,I should really get some sleep
Don't tell anyone about this..promise this is a secret you will always keep
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