Sunday, October 28, 2012


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We all find love in different places
Some of us are lucky enough to hold to it,to last a lifetime
While some of us are tired of being hurt,and wishing the last heartbreak was the last time
You don't even have to look,but I promise theres something you'll find
Out of all these cold coal hearts,I promise theres at least one gold mine
Something or someone special enough,to cherish until the end of time

The smallest things can make the biggest difference
That includes you & me..what are we doing everyday to make a difference
No matter how alone you feel,theres someone whose going through a similar experience
Loving people for who they are,now thats brilliance

I ask one thing from you...and you make it seem like the hardest thing in the world
And you wonder why we're now separated half way across the world
But love has no distance,and this love has become my enemy
When I was young,it always seemed like a friend to me
So now any enemy to my enemy is a friend to me
So all I ask is will you be friends with me..?
A different time,A different day
Maybe once,we'll figure out all the correct things to say
So for now,all our miscommunications will continue to get in the way

We all just want to be accepted,hate the feeling of being rejected
Don't always respect others,but continue to crave the feeling of being respected
Neglect the ones who are getting neglected
And the world seems to be tearing itself apart..but that's expected
Too many are too blind to what really matters
Instead,everyone wants to make it to the top
Doing whatever it takes to climb these ladders
But when it all falls down,who will you have around
The silence of two hearts who use to love each other,will always make the loudest sound

the people we pretend to be..
looking through the eyes we can never see..
Hiding who we really want to be..
Just to be accepted by these blind hearts for an eternity..
He wanted to save you so bad..that he sacrificed everything he had
Friends don't last he would rather you be the greatest enemy he ever had.
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Remember You..

'Sometimes you have to forget what you feel..And remember what you deserve'
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Once you prove it to yourself...
Who else do you really have to prove it to?
I got a couple things in my mind that I still want to do to you
You left kinda fast,wasn't really through with you
The old aloof me is coming back,so it may be kinda new to you
The end is near,so say what you have to..before we're through..
We keep drifting further & further,but part of me will always feel close to you

Distant memories & faded dreams
Everything is happening for a reason?or whatever that means
It seems what we had, isnt all that it seemed
Still remembering all this...
What does it all really mean
I see a happy ending..
But that's ever only in a dream
Now I just wish I could forget the beginning,the end
And everything in between
Out of sight...Out of mind
And your no longer seen
Just trying to be real,sorry if all this comes of as mean
We never made it to getting rings,but I still feel we were the best team

Whats everyone trying to prove?
Not every ones gonna win,its ok to lose
Remembering me or forgetting you,which do you choose
Always expecting the bad,so all of it just comes as regular news
I guess love & heartbreak comes hand in hand now,always in twos

The time of the year where the leaves fall & change colors
It seems I was right about life,abut wrong about the others
I'm fading away from everyone,even now to mother & brothers
Is it just a phase?will everything go back to normal
But then again,my normal wasn't really ever normal

If you remember me...How I remember you
Then you'll know somewhere in the future
We'll find alot of catching up to do..
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Turn The Page..

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The darkness falls...and the lights fade away
Your heart beats slow...and you forget your last words to say
The sky loses color...all your rainbows turn gray
Who believes in nightmares?when your day dreams are better anyway...
The time keeps ticking..when will it ever stop
The higher we climb this ladder of love,the harder we'll drop
You can be anything,who is to say your not
I believe in you,more than I believe in me
Sometimes your heart can see more than what your eyes can see
Faith,hope,love & destiny
Are these life delicious recipes?
Another birth,another death
No matter how much we gain,they still we try to take away everything until theres nothing left
Keep trying,until your last breath
Keep your secrets to yourself,make sure there internally kept
Only a handful of people will truly understand
It's not where you fall,its where you stand
And listen to your heart,your heart has a plan
If your dreams never take are they suppose to land?
Take chances for good,you may never know what could happen

This month of October,so drunkenly somber
I try to walk my own path,with no fear to get run over
Starting to fear things less and less
Only after everything feels perfect,do they start to become a mess
Sometimes its all about you...cant always be about the rest
We always want to do more,when all we really need is more rest
Is this life a game, a dream or a test
Either way,I hope your trying your best
Not until your dead,do we get our well deserved respect
You don't know what you got till its gone,so what did you really expect
Things come & go,and they always change
Keep your family & friends close,and any enemies out of range
We all have that little bird inside us that wants to fly & sing..
Don't you think its time we let it out the cage
Burying all these emotions underneath,its bound to come out sooner or later and rage
Everything will always seem the same,unless your willing to move on
Let go...and turn the page....

Start a new chapter of life...and just turn the page...
Things will never change,unless you make them change
Its really all up to you,and what you want to do
There's a whole bunch a them,and only one you
Whats it gonna be,whats it gonna take
Are you going to try & correct them,or continue making the same mistake
This life is either make or break
And your still I know you have just what it takes..
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Friday, October 5, 2012

Rolling Stone..

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Nowadays you'll probably hear from me less & less..
This probably means everything in my life is perfect..
Or maybe it's just one big mess..
The nightmares of failing,the dreams of being the best
Even if I made it all the way to the top..
Just what about the rest..?
You see all the smiles,but rarely hear about all the stress
Life's just a game of chess or checkers,you just got to know where to move next
This feeling is killing me,Life is no longer healing me
I just keep playing these cards,these crappy cards life is dealing me
Nothing I write,can put these thoughts beautifully in sight
I try to be in depth,but everything just feels light
Only with you...did anything ever feel right

Now the times have changed,but my love is still the same
I could forget all the others,but will always remember your name
The joy over the pain
The sun over the rain
The freedom over the fame
With all these broken hearts...who will be left to blame?

And I'm coming back to you...I promise one day I will be back
It's been one hell of a crazy year,I guess it safe to say that
I would give you my eyes,just so you can see what I see
A Mona Lisa,a masterpiece who couldn't be any more perfectly
These people aren't true,they will sell you a bunch of lies
just to slowly deceive you
Still waiting for some thing new...but you'll still be the only think I ever truly knew

A tiny message from me,be careful who you trust,and always listen carefully
Never doubt yourself,or the things you can do
And no one living will ever have to power to put you down or judge you
Your life is whatever you make it
The good ,the is however you want to take it
The best days are the one you make
Whats the point of being real,if everyone else is real fake
Always learn from your mistake
Our hearts may be as fragile as glass..
But your soul is something they cant break
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The Weeknd - Rolling Stone (Explicit)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Broken Silence

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I'm looking in the past,reminiscing just how everything was so golden

The future is in your just what are you holding
These moments,these moments which we dream of,are so rapidly unfolding
It's so funny how now once I've closed up,everyone now wants to be so open
Think about it this way,even if we are ok
Every things so black & white,no longer can I see no gray
My love was all i had,and I put it all on display
It only had one price..and now its gone away
Deleted my facebook,since I no longer had anything to say
Taken my self out of the equation,before you tried to subtract me away
I will always look back..slowly gaze into that day
October,November,December..we're so many months away

Drowning all my sorrows today,so the best of me will remain tomorrow
Once you get hurt so much,you slowly start to adapt
And the secret isn't how much...but more like how little to react
So I packed...and I packed
I tried to move further away,but love has no distance
So I'm still trapped

Why wont you let me be,when will this spell set me free
Whats it gonna take for my heart to see
That maybe I'm not meant for you,and you aren't meant for me
Is the world burning?Or is it just me?
Everyone craves to be full & high
But I just want to fly low and finally become empty

These dreams at night,make us believe everything is alright
But Ive been told before I'm wrong...even when I was right
Fading out of sight
Falling in love with the night
My silence if finally broken...well not quite...
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