Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lost Another Friend

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It feels like I'm playing hide & go seek with love...
Just waiting for it to find me....
I guess first, I need to put all that old love behind me...
But once its behind me..just what should I do...
The further I travel...the closer I want to be to you
Love ends up leaving you scarred for life...who would of knew
I always lied to myself,because I wanted to believe love stories were true
But being hurt,isn't nothing new
It just gets old after 20 so years or to
Thinking how pain sometimes leads to pleasure..but pleasure always leads to pain
Looking at year books from our younger come nothing stayed the same

It's days like this where I sit in my room & wonder why..
Why did I have to leave?Why did I never get a chance to tell Kevin bye
Feels like I've even ran out of tears to cry
Hate looking in the mirror..that's when I get to see my greatest enemy..eye to eye
The truth that no one knows..or no one cares to find
They say If I lose something & it comes back to me,its meant to be mine
I lost my watch,then found it..but still can never get back the time
It's moment I think I have everything figured out..then the next I'm completely losing my entire mind

I always want you to strive for better & be all you can be
Use your brain & your heart together...those tools God gave you can come in handy
Don't get too caught up in this world,since its full of lies
And if I've done anything to hurt you...then I apologize
All the faces on facebook that I see
Most of you smile...but it's with a smile that's empty
What are you trying to prove...what are you trying to show
Everybody just wants sad to see just how far some will go

Damn, look what happened again
Seems because of love,I lost another friend
What I love is far...What I hate is near
I sometimes wonder...did you ever realize just how much I really care
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Sunday, April 22, 2012


whats its gonna find a place where love is real...
and where hearts never break...
where its not about what car you drive or how much money you make
I've said this before..just don't know how much one heart can take
whats the difference between love & like...
one means your everything...
and the other means your alright..
but your more than alright..
I can guarantee there is at least one person..
who dreams of being with you...every single night

Who are they?Where are they at?
That's something you need to pinpoint somewhere on
your hearts inner map..
We always want whats bad for us..even though the good is always around
We hurt the ones we love...then wonder why no one is no longer around
I've seen horrible endings...somehow turn around
But I've also seeing the people highest off lust..
Crash & Burn when they finally hit the ground
The love you can hear without even making a sound
And your his he lets you where the crown
Love starts getting abused when you use it more as a verb..
Instead of seeing it as a noun..
So please take your time and go slow..
And when its actually both should know..

Your not alone..whatever your going through
Yeah life's not fair...but we gotta start looking through a different view
Not to be selfish..but the word starts with you
I hope you look in the mirror and smile
True beauty is rare..and I haven't seen yours in a while
Before I go I just want to say one thing..
Wait until your that one person's everything..
Not just that one thing...
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Trust Issues...

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To the love that got away..
You took more than my breath away..
Now I have to say..
All the things I never wanted to say..

Trust is the hardest thing to gain...
Love is the hardest thing to find..
But once they're finally broken..
You'll think about that person
all the time..

Now your always on my mind..
Everyone else told me I would get better with time..
But I lost whats mine..
The eyes to my wonder they say love is blind...

Only if I could put it all behind
Or maybe even rewind..
Maybe then I could would be fine
Where the hell do I draw the line..

Almost don't want to continue..
This feeling comes over me to much..
Every time I feel I'm moving forward..
I realized it just wasn't enough

Some one help me understand
Some one please explain
How can love feel so good
Then turn into all this pain

Looking at our pictures never again the same
Not even sure whose to blame
We both have some people we can name..
I guess we had different targets..
of what we were trying to gain...

Whatever...its almost mid night here in the UK
So I'm putting my words to sleep..
All those promises you made to yourself..
I hope that's at least something you keep..
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Monday, April 16, 2012


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the fake,the true
the old,the new
the things ones will do
to either hurt or love you
hopefully its for the 2nd one
and after your 1st true love..
your never get a second one..

Loves the only thing that matters
Without it our hearts are fragile,weakened & easily shattered
Talking from experience...theres nothing worse or nothing better
The aloof feelings from being apart,to tears of joy from being together
A little love goes a long way..
Even when you have good intentions...we may sometimes go along the wrong way
Whose right or wrong?...Whose really able to say
We gain so much with each passing day
Just waiting for the moment when we know everything will finally be ok
The stars look down at us...and we look up to the stars
Time helps us forget..but we can never forget the scars
A blessing..or maybe a curse
Forgetting..or Remembering..which is really worse
What is time...What is space
May the happiest moments of your life...never be erased
We're not here for too take care of everyone you meet
You never know something as little as a smile can help raise someone from defeat

Dreams sometimes come true...
Are you part of the many...or part of the few
Do all the things you wish to do
I don't like what they say..
That's only because its not true
They say your not good enough the way your are
.....If only they knew...
A little bit a day..
Are you taking away from the world..or are you giving away
I'm hungry for what they throw away
It's this thing called love..or how do you say
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Sunday, April 8, 2012


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Seems like we're playing tricks on each other...
you want one person,they want another
the feelings are rarely the same
happens so much,it's better not to name
Happiness is all your trying to obtain
But its game over already,if you forgot the rules of the game
They are pretty simple...this is kinda how they go
You can be in love with someone.but never let them know
O yeah and your true feelings..never let them show
Don't grow more attached,just go with the flow
These rules sounded pretty stupid from the start
But it seems that's the safest way to avoid a broken heart
I don't follow them of course..they are here for you
You decide if you want to play tricks...or search for a love that's true

I met this girl once...and everything was good
Then one day everything changed,I thought I must of misunderstood
What she was saying & doing..but I was right
I never thought I would be the same again after that following night
Was at a point where I couldn't even write
Then I remembered karma doesn't just bark...she also bites
Left the rest up to either way things will be alright
Everyday you waste looking back in the past wondering why
You give up a little piece of your future & let it die
Give life a chance just to play
Your days cant be that far away...

Your heartbeat is one of the most beautiful sounds
But you give your heart to all these jerks & clowns
So all your smiles slowly turn into frowns
And instead of looking up,you start to look down
Someone will pick you up from the ground...and take you there
Just admit you need help ,that's all we need to hear
I know they are really people who care
But these tricks of life has them living in fear
No more tricks...can we just get real
Love isn't meant to be a game,its how some of us really feel
If they want to keep playing games,then the tricks on them
Sooner or later thing will come around,and they would be alone in the end...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Question

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Who I'm I?Who are you?
We buy things to cover up whats inside
But what does that really do?
We all have a dream..a dream that sometimes we keep to our self
Since we probably expect the only person to understand it our self
Whens the last time you cried?Whens the last time you lost someone in your life?
Tears of joy versus tears of misery...the purpose of it all is to find meaning & satisfaction to this life
Left alone or still together
Life is either too short or too long
hopefully everything that happens will eventually get better
Love with your all,That's all you can do
I'm sorry to say...but the rest is not up to you..

As long as the sun rises in the day...and the moon comes up at night
There is a chance that everything wrong,will maybe turn right
If it was up to would always smile
Rainbows always appear after a rainy day,it just sometimes take a while
Hate goodbyes,but love hello's
You have two choices..hate or help someone..
that's just how it goes
Since if your not doing one..your doing the other
Lost the first friend I ever had...hope I don't ever have to lose another
Hearing my best friend shot himself,felt like I lost a brother
Went away for basic military training Aug 28,its been nearly a year since I've seen my mother
How far can I really go?Is something I want to discover..
Something you should try too
Theres a good chance...this world has no one else quite like you

Those faces,these places
all the different races,placed in different races
they make us compete,when we should really work together
Dreaming of a day where we can all smile at the same time..some say it's highly unlikely
but never say never...
If it was up to you...would you end the world tomorrow??
Before you answer..are you just thinking about yourself
or all the ones around the world with nothing but sorrow
tomorrow never comes,so would you end the world today??
the question is...with all your answers..
what are you really trying to say
A different time,A different day
The love of your life needs you to go away...
but the rest of the world needs you to stay
Questioning if life is game...
how long do you continue to play
Think,before you do...
The real question is...
Do you really have it in you?
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

All I Remember..

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these people want to use you,love tries to confuse you
if I only had one pick,It's obvious I would choose you...
the days & times,when saying 'I Love You' was our favorite lines
slowly crumbling to the end...I should of seen the signs
from the outside looking into your world...I couldn't see past the blinds
but love makes you blind,and you cant get back your time
so it's either happiness or a way to get back time is something we need to find
don't know what to do or how to do it
just someone show me is love real?or is there a way to prove it..
sometimes the only way to go all the way in
and most of the time all the motivation you need should really come from within
now your all I the months before December
because you were my Christmas lights,and something I will remember forever

That lonely star that nobody can see but me
the feeling of love that would fill any heart but somehow you still remain empty
some words you write but no one ever really understands or reads
the day you throw away all the dumb reasons to try to be accepted & reject social needs
a start of some problems you may never solve
wishing some people would realize where the world really does revolve
because it's not around them...
the saddest thought ......are simply..... what could of been..

Hope you can be truly happy...just follow your brain & your heart
Pay attention at the beginning so you don't have a troubled start
Because one of my greatest fears is me hearing your hearts' been left broken apart
from a guy promising you the world,but he doesn't fulfill his promise and just decides to leave his mark

The truth you seem to neglect...
The day you will soon regret...
Your all I wanted to protect...
But I can give you only what you choose to accept...