Monday, March 28, 2011

Illusions of Grandeur

Stuck in my rear view,stuck in my past,
I want to be first but my faith reads that I will be last,
what does it really be great?
my time is ticking.....seems Im a little too late
so I step on the brake,watch the glass break,
look behind me to see if Jordan is safe,
but he's ok,so nothing else matters,
I just want to be real...don't have to be a rapper,
so I speak what I know,and I speak whats true,
send your thoughts to me & I will forward my love to you,
what else is there to do,life is so short,
give the baby a chance,no plan to abort,
we all get a job to try and make things work,
but nothing still works to erase this hurt,
could be destined from birth,or something else,
the lights comes from within you,just look at your self
take things one step at a time,Everything will eventually work out....Everything will be fine

Her soul is crying,Her heart is dying,
but she never gives up,she just keeps on trying,
hopefully someone will rescue her,he just need the perfect timing,
he looks at his watch in shock,I say don't worry your watch is lying,
so he makes a run for it,in a desperate attempt to try and save her,
tries his best to remind her of all the great memories and love he gave her,
but the pain is too strong so she lets go,and no longer wants to holds on,
so he runs into the way,with his arms wide open,
she's falling...she's fallen fast,catch her!catch her!thats what everybody is hoping,
take life one step at a time,she falls in his arms.....and everything is fine*

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't Know What I'm Looking For

I keep looking,but don't know what im looking for,

they say everydoor closed,is another opportunity to open a different & better door,
looking at your pictures,still thinking if your for sure,
no matter what,your still something I cant seem but help to adore,
Im afraid of heights,so I keep my feet planted on the floor,
but I get this feeling im meant to one day.....
one day.....I will get the chance to soar,
maybe get the chance to really see if the sky is really the limit,
and when you recall the people that mean the most to you,I hope that I'm still in it,
or never left forgotten,
Love is like a fruit,when its young its beautiful but after a while it gets old and eventually turns rotten,
doesn't mean we still cant cherish it,I'll take these secrets to the grave....make sure they bury it,
but me,I'll rather be cremated,release my soul in the air so I can have the feeling that I made it,
willing to give nothing less than great,
whats better to do...follow your mind or your heart is something of great debate,
but for those who can never really relate,
I just say it takes times..since sometimes faith can sometimes arrive a little bit late,
happiness cant be rushed,even though our clocks can be adjust,
answering a question is easy..but finding the meaning behind the question is a must,
the currency to your word is equal to your equal exchange of your trust,
and if your ever trying to devalue love...all you have to do is fall in lust,
shiny or old,dusty or new,
I hear a lot of things,but can never decipher whats true,
sad too see people bleed red,just because they decide not to wear blue,
I guess had to release some thoughts out...this poem was long over due.
Staring at my heart,still don't know ....if I'll ever see you,

Sunday, March 20, 2011


a lot of things to say,
a lot of things to do,
but I wont say a word,
I will just write them all here for you,
what you see is what you get,
but thats not always true,
sometimes you get more or less that what you bargained for,
but that is nothing new,
what if I want something new,
I'm I just suppose to just sit here,
or get up to search & find,
The more I use the clock to read the time,
the more this depression hits me & everything gets repressed in my mind,

I wonder what line.....will be my last line,
& what day will be my last day,
my choice to continue on is a one I struggle to make everyday,
my hearts pulls me there,but my mind & motivation pulls me the opposite way,
Wish we were acting,and enough is enough,so our director says 'Cut' and thats the end of our play,
But I guess we have to pay,for ours or others mistakes,
And Life Doesn't Start To Feel Real....Until You Wish Some Things That Happened To You Were Fake,
SInce I know we have all been lied too,mislead or left broken,
but we all have a message,a reason,a gift locked up inside,
and sometimes that same exact pain helps us find the key to get it open,
when you find it...keep it,
never throw it away,
these are just some thoughts I had while listening to 'Fancy' instrumental
but whats most important is if you can try & make the best out of today..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fighters Part Two

We all are striving for something,so what are we striving for?
Is it Love?Is It Peace?Is it the truth since maybe those things are worth fighting for,
Or maybe it's something unique and special,maybe it's something more,
Maybe we should all take a step back & think before we act so we know our next move is what we want for sure,

Since things you say and do cant be erased,
And you don't need any sound or voice to see the hurt written all over someone's face,
Thinking if we all thought the same way,would this world still be the same way?
My old best friend once told me he didn't believe in God and wasn't scared if he went away,
Wishing I could of saved you,I still look back and think about what could of been the correct things to say....

A lot of change,A lot of indifference,
Would you still try and save the world even if they tell you your actions wont make a difference?
A lot of good,A lot of bad,
a lot of happy dying down with all the sad,
A lot of time has past,so how do we make these moments last without trying to relive them in our past,

Are you striving for something?If so,what are your striving for?
They are only two main options 'Love' & 'Hate"....and right now 'Hate' is winning the war,
The battle for something to change,the struggle for help & hope to be not out of our range,
So what you see here.....we are the fighters,we stand for something,
We go through life day & day trying to erase all the hate and promote the loving,
And we have nothing to lose since the world started with....and will end with nothing,

So hopefully you get my words,may you get my lines,
since it seems like every second more & more people seem to be against us,when really our only enemy is time,
the clock inside my mind,reads its time for this poem to be done,
what I present to you is Fighters part I hope you didn't forget about fighter part one...

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Feeling a way I've never felt before,
like Im drowning in the waves but somehow still breathing normally while standing on the ocean floor,
A step to where you cant see,
A person you desire but don't want to be,
A ledge you want to jump off but its too high,
A star you want to catch so its too bad we cant fly,
Nothing is never enough,thinking of quitting means you already half-way gave up,
so how we suppose to survive when things get so tough,
Earthquakes & Tsunami's destroying Japan while I thought we had life rough,
Would love to send out prayers & donate but like I said that feeling creeps up that nothing I ever do is never enough,
People always say the end of the world is near,but still don't try improve their behaviors so its like they don't really care,
And they say live your life to the fullest,cant live your life in fear,
But the more I learn about what really goes around this world,I see its not fair,
Famous people get nominated for Movie, Album & Record of the year,out of all that fame & fortune how much are they willing to share,

Lost in a maze of difficult choices and hard decisions,
they keep us in the dark & might light jokes about our incapability to create this perfect place we want try to in-vison,
what hasn't been done yet....seems to be the hardest things to do,
the words that haven't been said yet.....seem to be the closet things to being true,
since true feelings and thoughts are almost never said,
that is why it is always important that the tiny small print is always read,
hope they bury me in my hometown,and they print all these words I have written so my voice is never dead...the words 'You Will Shine'...I hope,will be the last words you have read

Friday, March 11, 2011

Over & Over Again...

The moon is bright,the wind is calm,
as I reminisce of the lovely nights we would lay together holding palm to palm,
Nothing ever came close to you.....and nothing ever will,
Something so special about us.....people almost cant believe it was real,
And when you lose something you love,thats when it hurts you the most,
It's something you cant really see but you feel its there,so I guess love is similar to a ghost,
Some people believe it exists...while some people don't,
Guess it makes sense why others are willing to face their fear's,while others just wont,

A tear from you was so hard to see,
but it was always better to let them go,& just let them be free
so why is it so hard to keep love?and why do the stars sit at a hiatus so far far above
thinking if the problem is distance & time,or the lack thereof
many things happen for a reason,even though the reason is sometimes unknown
Just a normal girl to everybody else,but to me an angel is shown
Your pretty smile replays over & over again,as I remember how we use to plan our life as we became grown,

 Thinking about her,thinking all the time
she was something special,that I was trying to keep & find
lost her temporally,but will she be gone forever
sometimes I wonder if I can ever forget you...
the answer most likely is never..

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heard Em Say

We all have our life goals,....but everything gets confusing since everyday we find something different that this life holds,
and I just try to stay on track and follow the light glowing from the light poles,
so I'm never in the dark & I believe we we're meant to fly so try to keep light souls,
Stress gets heavy and adds problems on our brain,and we still have to worry about a next suicide bomber boarding on a plane,
A day us never dull,A day is never plain,
we are always trying to keep up with technology and maintain whatever it is our peers seem to attain,
But its all the's nothing new
I can honestly say that over half the things I used to believe in as a kid,turned out not to be true
They always say if the shoes fits then wear it,so Im going to need more than one shoe,
Because I don't know what exactly yet...but I was put here with a lot of positive things to do,
Helping my friends on a daily basis,would hate to see anything but smiling faces,
But remember life is a trip,so tie you laces,But really though home is where the heart is,so I guess my heart belongs to many places,
Guess the key to life is spreading joy around,so this summer I plan a trip to Boston,Jamaica, and back to H-Town,

Here's a little note.....Here's something I wrote down:
People die every second,People die everyday,
and we have all the time in the world and still haven't figured out the correct things to say,
So lets search for a better tomorrow,why cant they just put their guns and weapons away,
Since making a decision if someone should live or die isn't our game to play,
And when you think you've ran out of choice,just think the other way,
We are Lasers,not losers,and we are here to stay

Sunday, March 6, 2011

K-ind A-nd Y-oung

So they try and kick us while we're down....but you know what,
we will get up.....
we will get up and move further than we have ever gone
and nothing can hold us back.....nothing ever will
and I can promise you that
A matter of fact,I hope to see you soon
Because life is a empty space in my head but you make room
you make it exists,you make it feel real

So let them say what they want,they wont ever understand
but what we believe in our hearts...that is our master plan
every bit of pain,and every bit of trouble
we will times it by 2,and somehow turn our joy into double
things will work out,sorry to say I don't know when
but I'm always here if you ever need a friend

Never ever give up,just stay strong
you can handle anything that comes your way,just go along
things happen for a reason,even though none of it makes sense
I guess sometimes we just gotta play it cool,no point of getting upset and being tense
one way or another,our happy ending will come
and it wont even matter how?or where from?
just to be able to lay down in our bed's and know all the crap around us is done
will be the most amazing feeling ever,nothing can reach it,everything else will be out run

Some days start bad,while other just end that way
maybe its for someone else to come around and make you day
I know as long as you stay true to yourself,everything will be ok
Lets just say we were born kind and young...and thats more then they can ever say

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pleasure or Pain

(Happy Birthday Nathan)

A million of steps,but where are we going??
Your actions paint a picture everyday,so what are you showing??
We hold on to feelings that makes it harder to move on
Letting go of someone isn't the hardest thing,its knowing the fact that they are gone

Sometimes I wonder If only I can see certain things,
and why do people love to answer the call when trouble rings
cant they see how much damage one stupid response can bring
being happy takes a commitment,while lust is just a fling

So do you have what it takes,or would you fold under pressure
and even when they try  & size you up,it will never be precise since..
a person's inner thoughts & feelings is something they can never measure

One person's trash....may equal to another persons treasure
Never stay with someone who brings you pain
Always wait for the one that brings you fulfillment & pleasure.....

Never ever stay with someone who causes you pain
Just wait for the one who brings you pleasure..