Monday, February 27, 2012

One In A Million

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Did I Let you go...or were you meant to leave
Happiness could be so simple...we just make it hard to achieve
Like a kid growing up finding out Santa isn't real...
now I just dont know what to believe or how to feel
or who to trust
I guess waiting for love takes too long
so everyone just settles for lust
The things we do,the things we say
makes people label us,and treat us a certain way
But I'll never forget the day,I met this angel...
But now shes all I can do pray

Tomorrow will be the same thing,you'll wake up and do the same thing
You know brush your teeth,do your hair,get dressed.then head out
But don't walk around like one of these clones,you were made to stand out
Be you,be whatever you think is weird
Always push yourself & when you feel like giving up,
just do it in memory for that one person who actually cared
Alive or not,here or gone...
we all had that one person who never steered us wrong
Could be a family member,a friend or even a pet
What I want you to do today is...
at some point close your eyes in remembrance that you've met
Take a trip down memory lane,revisit some of the memories you kept
It's better to have loved & lost...than to not loved at all..
is something we all need to learn how to accept

Sometimes I feel like...I don't know
Like I'm here for something else...I just need the signs to show
Wish I could help people,somehow make their lives better
Like she did for I can't ever forget her...
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Pieces To The Puzzle

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I keep my eyes closed
because I use my heart to see
since I know that it's pure
and my mind is nothing like it use to be
brainwashed by everything we see
they keep us locked up on this idea that we can really be free
always holding onto the key
the opposite of two
is a lonely me & a lonely you
sometimes the things you don't want to listen to
are the things you need to hear
sometimes the people who are always gone
are the the people you want near
most of the time when we listen to our heart's
we get ripped apart
but to have a happy ending...sometimes you need a broken start
give up on giving up
let go of letting go
open your eyes so life can show
that you dont know everything you think you know
words can heal or words can hurt...
just trying to put all the pieces to the puzzle trying to make things work

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Friday, February 17, 2012


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The closer I want us to be,
the more I fade away
And because of that same reason,
now every time we talk...we have less & less to say
Rewinding to the good memories so much,
that I never give the future a chance to play
Thinking life was so full of colors,
when all of a sudden everything turned grey
nothings black & white
don't ever ask if I'm alright
your looking toward today
while I'm just looking toward the night
how much pain can one heart take?
why,only after you people realize your great?

I don't even know what to think
I don't even know what to write
Felt happiness so close to me
I promise she was in sight
Now I don't feel her anymore
where did she go?
Guess she got tired of holding on
so she finally let go
Seems like love& pain is the only things I know
But still somehow,only a smile I seem to show
Only the ones who read what I write ever have a chance to knowing the real me
Because all the destruction & damage left inside is something you cant ever see

The fear of maybe never finding the one
the fear of being in front of someone who said they loved me
but somehow I'm looking down the barrel of a gun
The fear of never getting a chance to say those two words
But the biggest fear of all is the day my cry for help
gets heard but simply gets ignored
since I don't know what I might do
just know I always loved you...
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

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Love is the topic today...
some of us don't have it,some of us may
but one thing is for certain...
we all eventually get our day'

February 14,a day where some of us are together...
while some of us are alone
which ever the case may be...
just know that whatever you may be feeling...
that you are not alone
The more you've been hurt...
the more you've grown
telling stories about the scars
that can never be shown
because they're in your heart
some where deep into the unknown...

You dream,wish & pray some things could be different...
but nothing stays the same,so somethings always have to be different
they way of life,just how things are meant to go
if you can't hold on forever...I'll be waiting to catch you when you let go
been to the top a couple times,but I feel more safe being below
I still see the light as my friend,but don't see the darkness as my foe...

Your fine just the way you are,
being who you want to what will get you far
far from everyone else who seems to act the same
Love is a drug,while the side effects are just a mix of joy & pain
you always remember  how a person made you feel,even if you don't remember their name
but we all eventually run out of continue playing this game
before you start thinking of things to say...
I just hope you had a..
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Sunday, February 12, 2012


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what will you do when enough,isn't enough?
when the one you crave doesn't prefer love over lust?
and the people you want to see,feels like you've seen them too much
in a world where people say the world is ending every year
who can you trust?

we all run,until we feel its ok to stop
sometimes we run from the truth...or what was not
since not everything we believe may be true
we all have to face our fears one day,so I just hope
your not running from you....

when your last thought,can be your last thought
you have to out think your own problems,never feel caught
break free,so many miracles you are still able to see
the best things in life are free
just know I will always do whats right for you,
even if its wrong for me

Felt the lows...Now its time to feel the highs
you sit in your room...and you wonder why
why do things come & go...why do we have to say bye
we fight to live...but only live to die
everyone seems to overlook you,but there is always more than meets the eye

Missing people who probably don't deserved to be missed
Love starts with a look,grows with a hug but doesn't always end with love or with a kiss...
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Disturbed Nightmares

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[A contiution of 'Shatterd Dreams..]
"Why God!Why" was the last thing she remembered hearing
now she wakes up still in her bed,with the moon barely glaring
was it a dream?was it a nightmare?did something really happen?
dripping from cold sweats,she reaches over & grabs a napkin
wipes away all the moisture,wishes she could go back & see who was hurt,
but she couldn't go back to sleep even if she forced herself
tries her best to look ahead to the future...but all she can see is her disturbed past
she heard 'all good things come to a end' how long do bad things last
saw her life flash before her,with her last glance
one more shot to make things right...this may be her last chance

her heartbeat beats slower & slower
the others act like they care...but no one really knows her
Yuna's reasons of stuck in the meanings of tomorrow
She gulps down a drink with some all remains is a full cup of sorrow

vision getting faded,thoughts of will she ever make it
chance is like would be nice if you just take it
you think you know,but you have no idea
how it is to live in a house of shattered dreams...and disturbed nightmares
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a good girl stuck in a bad place
time may heal,but it sure as hell cant erase....
story of be contiuned

Monday, February 6, 2012

Shatterd Dreams...

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a girl with some shattered dreams...
it seems she wasn't as happy as she made it seem
she loved these people who could never love her back
so everything she gave she just wishes she could take it all back
her biggest regret,and her only neglect
was not loving her self first,instead of the people she met
so at night...she just wept & wept
but this was something only she knew
a secret she always kept

the moon & the sun were the only two things she ever trusted
since she could always count on them to be there
life wasn't feeling like life,true love was the only thing she lusted
she didn't believe there would be someone who truly cares
one day she decided enough was enough
was tired of dreaming of a world that was soft,but in reality was rough
so she packed her stuff & left
wanted to be anywhere but there,no longer had the fear of death

before she could make it down the street...
she heard a cry for help...from someone who sounded weak
dropped her stuff...and immediately she ran
all she see's is blood & a couple people jump in a unmarked van
she drops to her knees..and starts to cry
then looks up to the sky...
and screams...'Why God....Why!'
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to be continued...The Story of Yuna