Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

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Love is the topic today...
some of us don't have it,some of us may
but one thing is for certain...
we all eventually get our day'

February 14,a day where some of us are together...
while some of us are alone
which ever the case may be...
just know that whatever you may be feeling...
that you are not alone
The more you've been hurt...
the more you've grown
telling stories about the scars
that can never be shown
because they're in your heart
some where deep into the unknown...

You dream,wish & pray some things could be different...
but nothing stays the same,so somethings always have to be different
they way of life,just how things are meant to go
if you can't hold on forever...I'll be waiting to catch you when you let go
been to the top a couple times,but I feel more safe being below
I still see the light as my friend,but don't see the darkness as my foe...

Your fine just the way you are,
being who you want to be...is what will get you far
far from everyone else who seems to act the same
Love is a drug,while the side effects are just a mix of joy & pain
you always remember  how a person made you feel,even if you don't remember their name
but we all eventually run out of chances...to continue playing this game
before you start thinking of things to say...
I just hope you had a..
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