Sunday, February 12, 2012


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what will you do when enough,isn't enough?
when the one you crave doesn't prefer love over lust?
and the people you want to see,feels like you've seen them too much
in a world where people say the world is ending every year
who can you trust?

we all run,until we feel its ok to stop
sometimes we run from the truth...or what was not
since not everything we believe may be true
we all have to face our fears one day,so I just hope
your not running from you....

when your last thought,can be your last thought
you have to out think your own problems,never feel caught
break free,so many miracles you are still able to see
the best things in life are free
just know I will always do whats right for you,
even if its wrong for me

Felt the lows...Now its time to feel the highs
you sit in your room...and you wonder why
why do things come & go...why do we have to say bye
we fight to live...but only live to die
everyone seems to overlook you,but there is always more than meets the eye

Missing people who probably don't deserved to be missed
Love starts with a look,grows with a hug but doesn't always end with love or with a kiss...
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