Monday, February 14, 2011

The Only Exception.

I remember the first time I saw your face,I thought no one person could be so beautiful
but I guess you are...

I remember the first time I heard you laugh,it brought a smile on my face,
                                                                  since you are....

It seems we are on this roller coaster ride together....filled with highs & lows....twists & turns
but I want you to know that if this roller coaster ever stops and we have to get off to allow two other people have a chance for that lovely ride....that I enjoyed every second we spent together.No matter how fast or how slow the time went.....

And do you remember the first time you gave me that look into my eyes....... for that moment,everything just froze and all I could see is you.

Do you remember how late we would stay up...just to talk on the that our voices were the last one's we heard before we went to sleep.

Your a big part of me.....I have to admit...Some questions still remain about our future....but none remain about our past....Since we were happy and thats all that should ever matter...and I want you to know that I wouldn't of changed anything.....since 
And for you....I would give you the notes of my heart so you  can play the song of love to me...Play it so loud that  I can only know the sweet symphony of you...since you are...
And what better for me to give you.....but the sound of my words.....since these will stay with you forever.....since flowers eventually die....and chocolates disappear....but what I say today...will always be  available here....if you ever want to read them again....and the 'The Only Exception Song' by Paramore will forever be out theme song.....since once again....

Happy Valentines Day!

Love has no measure or time
Nor any face or feature'
It also has no boundaries or limits
So spread love not & everyday that follows
So when your final song stops playing....and your too old to dance
You can close your eyes and rejoice without any worries or shame
Since everyday we add another 'note' to our 'melody'
And it can either be a sad song...or a happy song
Which ever one it will be yours
So to day
you will
The Only Exception.And maybe we meant to meet a few wrong people,so when we finally meet that right one...will we be for certain.

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