Saturday, February 12, 2011


A moment ago I thought everything was perfect
Now looking back......Im starting to think that maybe you weren't worth it
All the ups, and downs.....when I just wanted things to be straight
And I talk about a lot of love...since all we hear about is hate
In the news,papers and even our radios
But I'll give you a little piece of my heart,soul & mind in every there you go
Wish a had wings so I could spread them and fly
No matter where I go,I will always have these thoughts so there is no escaping why bother try

You look like an angel.....You sound like one too
Your beauty covers up all your sins...So what cant you do?
It seems like the whole world is handed to you at your feet
But I can see past your cover-ups and figure out that your heart is weak
It's in need of something that not many people cant offer
Why continue to act tough on the outside?But really we know inside your softer
Playing tricks on most people but really yourself
Money can buy most things in this world......except for mental health
So what I'm saying is get your inner thoughts & emotions together
Because if you cant love yourself first....the chances of you finding true happiness...are between not going to happen-----&---never

What do we gain out of this life?And what do we want from it?
Every morning we wake up,we sink deeper into the depths of it.But how do we get out from it.
Where do all these times go?where are all these feelings you don't show?
Why overtime I ask you a serious answer is basically 'I don't know'
Always thought with time.....maybe we would grow
But I must of thought I guess maybe I should go.

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