Saturday, April 16, 2016

Miles & Miles..

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How many hearts do I have to touch before I'm remembered as a good person?
I just want to get to the point where everything's okay and I can tell my mom she can stop working...
Since she has been doing it alone ever since I could remember..
None of us want to see our parents having to work forever..
Maybe this is the motivation I need to help me get myself together..
I've been doing okay, but I know I can do better..
Started keeping more & more thoughts to myself, but maybe this can inspire someone else.. so I‘ll make this an open letter..

I've seen the days where I no longer wanted to see anything..
But now I'm conscious & I want to heal everything..
So much pain in this world, and it makes me wonder why..
We were placed here to love, not to treat each other like we don't matter and die..
I still think of Cassita every-time I look into the sky.. 
Our bond was so powerful man, just writing that line alone...had me on the urge of wanting to cry..
You can only understand that once you‘ve lost someone so special..
You have to do it for them, the ones who are shining with the stars, we can't just settle..
We haven't even reached our peak yet, we still have so much great things left to do..
I hope one of these days, you wake up...look in the mirror... and you can honestly be proud of you..
That's probably one of the most important things..
Yeah it's nice to feel love from everyone on the outside, but none of that will matter if you don't love yourself from within.. 
The day you start to treat yourself like your #1, that's the day when you really start to win..

What more can I say?
We all have those times when it feels like life will never go our way..
But eventually it does, and we start to see everything falling into place..
Life is a journey, it isn't a race..
Enjoy the present moment, get to where you want to go at your own pace..
Though it may seem unreachable at times, know that anything you dream...can also be a reality just takes time & passion to create
Keep people in your circle who are supportive but realistic and who can relate..
Find a place where your comfortable, with no desire to escape
The love will always be there, it just usually gets over shadowed by all the hate
Everyday we have a chance to make a difference, I hope you will use yours before its too late..

I‘ve searched miles and miles for someone like you
Our love is the greatest gift...there isn't anything we can't do..