Monday, January 30, 2012

Do It Alone

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Am I here for something...
what's my purpose
will I ever feel complete
these thoughts of happiness...are just thoughts
story of love...are just stories
meaning of life..has no meaning
the light of the end of the tunnel
is something I always wanted to see
nightmares are just dreams we're to scared to accept
the good die young
the old are just angels
tomorrow is just a gamble
the past never happened
now just slipped away
when will the sun & moon finally meet...
is the end just a beginning to something new
if it is...then what are we going to do?

whats wrong with being wrong?
since we cant always be right
we have acquaintances around during the day
but who do we really have at night
with no future in sight
still manged to make things bright
now every time I write...I get closer & closer to the light
and one day...this is all i will have left
but what really have I left
I just hope I made a connection with each and every one of you
even if we've never met

doing things to be happy
but nothing ever changes
I'm stuck in the same chapter of life
just on different pages
the younger me...couldn't see
that the older I got...the more I will like me
my worst enemy and my only friend
this will be me...until the very end


Friday, January 27, 2012

The Birds..(the past)

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So I'm here with you...times moving so fast...we don't know what to do
holding each other close...since we are soon to be so far away
being with you isn't just like any other day
writing a million poems...nothing can explain the way
the way it felt,seeing your beauty made my heart melt
putting love first at full speed,with no safety belt
destined to the pain we felt
sending out S.O.S...just looking for some help
life is just a we played the cards we are dealt
reminiscing the smell of angel...because that's the way you smelt

promises are made to be broken,so I guess hearts are too
sometimes we tell lies to ourselves for so long...we eventually believe its true
what could I do without you?how could I ever doubt you
because before I didn't believe life could get any better...than I found you

The night is still young...the street lights all come on
I see your face in the stars...or is what I see wrong
can't sing...but I can play your favorite song
Life may be short...but love is long
took all the make us strong
using all the pieces...putting them where they belong
cherish what you have today...since the birds wont stay forever...
they eventually spread their wings...and are gone..
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we sometimes lose things.we wish to keep forever
why they go away...we may never know
just appreciate the time you shared
good things sometimes fall apart for better thing to come together
never lose hope
never give up on love...
since love will never give up on you
just take a deep breath...and always take care of you
we cant always look...sometimes things have to come to us
don't live life as a need to rush
every finish line,is a start of a new race
soar above all obstacles...and glide at your own pace

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The World...

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I hope when you look in the see yourself for who you are
and not what people tell you to be...
because following that path...will leave you searching for happiness internally
it's ok to be hated for who you are...than to be loved for who your not
we've all been down that road before...just looking for an open spot
somewhere to fit in...a place of happiness,joy...and where love always has a chance to win
take a moment and look within...are you happy with what you see now
your the future's look where have you really
eventually....everything will just be a memory
we all leave a need to ask if you remember me
and if you don' just wasn't in our destiny
close your eyes...and let faith take the rest of we
hungry for the recipe,because the world is starving
we take care of the people flying to the moon...
but what about the ones who are on their knees crawling
where is all the help for the places I cant even name
we are all human...aren't our chances suppose to be the same
so I'm always in pain...when will our world's leaders hunger for power finally be

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so much we don't know,so much we don't see
the news around the world is not the news you see on tv
why does it have to be him or her...why couldn't God take me
even though I'm lost...I'm thankful to be free
because the difference between you & me
is that I see no difference between you & me
I will always accept you for you
even if you never accept me for me...
your just as strong as anyone else
I wouldn't be writing for anyone else...
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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Good Ones Go

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Whats love without hate
whats life without death
whats joy without pain
whats with people always changing on you
why can't everything just stay the same

you'll probably never hear from me again
remember me as enemy,or just a lost friend
I'm asking you to forgive me,
Lost some faith within me

The day is new,the night is too
shake off yesterday's problems,just do whatever you want to do
I just want to say,that there isn't a day
that I pray that one day,God puts you in my way

why do we remember everything we wish to forget
you were everything I wanted at one point,
mixed with a little regret
seeing love as a threat...since it never ends well
going back to how I was before...girl,cant you tell

lost alot of hope,but always hanging onto my faith
they say the best things are worth waiting I continue to wait
worry if I take to long...will things be too late
if so...just let me know
because even though I loved you...I still let you go

coming back to me,or finding some one new
nothing in life is least that statement remains true
even with a master plan...I cant figure out what to do
it's seems the further I traveled...the further we grew

May you wake up with a smile everyday,& go to sleep with no worries at all
that all your dreams come true,you remain that rising star
everything you touch,turns to gold
you find that one person that makes you feel complete when you hold
the lies never hurt you,the truth makes you better
I just want you to be happy...even if we can never be together
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Rolling Stone

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take my hand...lead me there
where we can just be who we want & not even care
since this world is not what its all made up to be
you see something in your dreams,when it doesn't really exist in reality
all the time we put in
all the love we seem to lose
I want to write a love song for you
but I just keep playing the blues
so the blues will continue to come
until I feel I've done everything here
that I was suppose to get done
running away from your problems...but how far can you run
everybody gets one chance,so just be prepared for it when it finally comes

Listen to yourself,always believe in you
make yourself a promise & no matter what,let it come true
so many clones,it's so hard to find a real one
eyes deceive,so use have to use your heart to really feel the real one
nothing but give & take...give & take
you give your love,they end up taking it which ultimately
leaves it to break
mentally out of shape
being sober doesn't seem to be enough
so they go out drink & get high,then they say they feel great
I can,but wont relate
because rolling down the same path,just leads to the same faith
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Losing things I thought will be mine forever
but nothing is promised,it could of be taken whenever
so cherish it at this moment,and hope it will only get better
people love to hate but hate to love
don't let anyone hold you gotta keep rising above
I hate when the words wont come out,I feel like I want to die
they say forgive & forget...but I want to know why
It's crazy how things have happened
I use to be there all the time,but I've been gone so long its like
it never happened
and sometimes I just sit & wonder why
I was the type of 'do anything to see you happy' type of guy
now the only way for us to see each other is if we
get on a plane and fly
just always keep your head up
you can do anything you want...just spread your wings & fly

With all the choices we make,is there really anything such as a mistake
since I use to believe in this two little things called destiny & faith
seems like we've been suffering as of late
better late than never...but never late is great
so whats it gonna take?
I pray,do the right things
I know love is silent,but I want to make her heart sing
looking forward to the day where I'm on one knee presenting her with a ring
then I wake up...realizing I can only be her prince...but can never be her king...

Love is bad,Love is good,it makes you do things you never dreamed you could,
It can take you to the highest of highs,or the lowest of lows,
And in the end,how you lived your life eventually shows
This might be the end of our chapter...but our lover story will never close..
I'm sorry...
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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Last

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Haven't heard from you in a couple days...
Just know I'm writing this for you,so I hope your ok
Life throws us a curve ball sometimes,
and it's ok if we strike out...
The new year just began,
And I'm already looking for a way out...
Good to always get back up,since you never know what tomorrow may hold
Keep your dreams alive & provide warmth for others...since being alone can feel so cold
Since not everything you really hear is truthfully told
Always read between the lines,since lies told in stories are usually sold
Thinking when I look back
will I be happy when I'm old
These poems I write are the diary to my youth
so cherish them like gold
When everything falls apart,that's when usually things are easier to put together
You get a brand new start,and it helps remind you that nothing really last forever
The thoughts of your loved ones never having to die
The visions of you grabbing the person next to you & being able to fly
The nightmares where,your so happy you could cry
The dream that we knew all the answers to life's problem
and we never had to say good bye...

The hopes that you succeed
Find that one person you need
That we all had enough
And there was no such thing a greed
The place where everyone feels welcome
A chance of someone being hurt was seldom
Another lost just equaled to another gain
And the more you loved,meant the less you felt pain
Lastly if one of us felt happy....
Everyone will feel the same

I'm sorry I'm not perfect
I just hope I reach out
Since I know alot of people
have alot of feelings locked inside,but their afraid to speak out
Express what you feel,always be real
Your emotions are dying to spill out
you just have to break the seal
don't really know how to end this,since I still have alot to say
If one of us had to die...This would be my last (_______)
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People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. 
If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway. 
If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. 
If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway. 
The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. 
Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway. 
For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.” 
― Mother Teresa

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nathan's Vice..

Talk to some old friends then disappear,
In life things aren't meant to always be there,
No resolution for none of these new years,
Bit by bit,for all this.... I don't really care.
As I figured I wouldn't have learnt my lesson,
Laying down giving life so many questions,
Realized who the hell really cares,
I'm going through this dream with no more nightmares,
No more fearing what other people will think,
Through all the pain and heartbreak I've made it,
For all the great times, I have saved it,
Through the bad,it's just negated,
Some pick up a pen, I stick with the pencil,
My canvas is unmatched because my mind is a stencil

7 pounds on my shoulder,I thought I'd learn more,
As I keep becoming older...
It seems the same,but we ain't the same,
2 cars but two different lanes,
I know I said i wouldn't change,but in this life,
its all a game....
Would I win or lose,random pick and choose,
I forget things so easily,so don't mind me if I don't remember you,
I love you too but that's a lie,You wave at me,I fake a smile,
You ask me how long I've been like this,
I say,"its just been awhile."
I'm a ghost the way I'm faded,look at all this time I've waited...

Its too late to save me,been so high since lately,
My visions have been in black and white,
Sepia,its crazy...
Whether its wrong or right,my music keeps playing day n' night,
Today's been a long day,cant wait for a drink tonight,
You said I'm cold,its like I'm dead,
I guess you didn't hear what i said,
Girl,other guys want to mess around with you.....,
When I just want to love you instead.
-Written by Nathan Thomas
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


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Woke up and nothing feels the same
brain trying to register,but my body rejects the pain
losing hearts like I'm in a super Mario game
but I'm going numb everything feels the same
just a writer in a room full of actors
people act,then many people seem to have this life so backwards
but I'll move forward one way...or another
you can dance in the rain...just watch out for thunder
meaning you can love something,but you can also get hurt
add & subtract the pro's & con's...and sum up their worth
the only real time people ever love you or miss you
is when you die or the moment of your birth
so sad how it works....

stuck in a environment where people drink,party &
had this one kid yesterday say I was depressing
but funny enough looking at his lifestyle,it must of been a joke
finally got power in my room & the waters hot
things are starting to improve...
too bad inside their not
just writing from the heart...
writing what I feel
sometimes you got to go on 'Wheel of Fourtune'
and not even care about the wheel

nothing in this world can make you something your not already
no need to speed through life,slow down,embrace everything you can,cherish the good things...take it steady
trouble might rush to you,when you think your not ready
but compared to God...those problems are light
while the love he has for us stays heavy
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


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Waiting for my heartbeat to come back
Found love once,but I lost track
So you can say I'm at the end of the road
Walking with just my's so cold
Drake said 'The hottest love has the coldest end'
Women lie but still can't trust men
Staring in the mirror seeing my greatest enemy...
and my only friend.

That's just me being real
People love to make promises
but hate to keep the deal
War is a lose/lose situation
but whatever though ,I'll still take the oath to defend this nation
On a base full of people
but still feel alone
Any update with that stem cell research
would be a perfect time for a clone
one so I can just disappear
away to some unknown island...far, far away from here
all I want to do is help make music or write...
I cant see the sun anymore through all these strange clouds...whoever said the future was bright?

Couple more lines and I should be good for the day
Venting all my emotions so at the end...their not the reason I pass away
And if I could take it all back...
'Shut up' wouldn't have been the last thing you heard me say
You hurt me & I hurt you...isn't that the fair way?
wish you happy new year...and have a love filled day
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