Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The World...

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I hope when you look in the see yourself for who you are
and not what people tell you to be...
because following that path...will leave you searching for happiness internally
it's ok to be hated for who you are...than to be loved for who your not
we've all been down that road before...just looking for an open spot
somewhere to fit in...a place of happiness,joy...and where love always has a chance to win
take a moment and look within...are you happy with what you see now
your the future's look where have you really
eventually....everything will just be a memory
we all leave a need to ask if you remember me
and if you don' just wasn't in our destiny
close your eyes...and let faith take the rest of we
hungry for the recipe,because the world is starving
we take care of the people flying to the moon...
but what about the ones who are on their knees crawling
where is all the help for the places I cant even name
we are all human...aren't our chances suppose to be the same
so I'm always in pain...when will our world's leaders hunger for power finally be

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so much we don't know,so much we don't see
the news around the world is not the news you see on tv
why does it have to be him or her...why couldn't God take me
even though I'm lost...I'm thankful to be free
because the difference between you & me
is that I see no difference between you & me
I will always accept you for you
even if you never accept me for me...
your just as strong as anyone else
I wouldn't be writing for anyone else...
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