Tuesday, May 20, 2014


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So now your some where you don't want to be..
You feel unappreciated by the lack of love you receive..could it be
That maybe it's only you...maybe you're all alone
Maybe you get all the newest gadgets & clothes .but you still feel no love at home
You just want to go outside to feel alive
But nobody wants to play anymore...everyone is more fussed with what kinda of car you drive
And you just want to hide...
Hide like everyone else does..behind their big ego's and pride..
And show off all their nice things..shine for their Instagram followers and flash all their diamond rings
But truth be told..those things are really worthless
There's nothing in this world you can buy to make the pain hurt-less
Maybe it'll fade for a moment or two
But until you accept it and move on...the darkness of that shadow will always follow you
So walk in the light...believe in yourself and stand tall no matter at what height
You have to be at peace with yourself and know that you can make things alright
I've seen the darkest days...and felt the coldest nights
But no matter how bad you feel like giving up..promise me you will always fight
Your dreams might feel light years away..but so are the stars..and they're still in sight

Something about you..something I will never forget
Even if the karma is never returned..I will never regret
So I hold you high..and I hold you close
Hold you close to my heart..giving you all the love I can possible give..hoping you don't overdose..

So now you're somewhere you want to be..
Some one's finally discovered your true worth..and realised loving you,is better than any alternative destiny
So it's not only you...you were never alone
You no longer need any gadgets..because love is the greatest thing you can own
You two sit outside...stare at the world passing you by..feeling so alive
You take a bike ride to the park instead of going for a drive
Now you don't have anything to hide
The Instagram followers are gone..and so are the diamond rings
There was one thing you could buy to make the pain hurt-less
Buying the idea that to finally be happy..first you must remove anything that's toxic to you..basically anything that helps less
And in this one moment or two..
You're happy you choose to runaway..from the people holding you back..only to run into a better you..
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Days of Days..

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I saw something in the shadows..
It kinda looked like the old me..
I gazed a little deeper,saw a reflection of the past..
Interested in all the little lessons I (from the past) might show me
You see, what we perceive about ourselves isn't always true
We aren't overweight or too skinny,
We often treat our bodies brand new
It might sound corny,
But most of us are perfect just the way we are
Even with every bump,scratch or scar
I've seen days filled with hate
And not enough love
Days where everyone needed a true friend to make them smile
Or simply just give them a real hug
When we spend time with each other
We really need to take it in
Be around the ones..who never judge you
And let you express those feelings and emotions you always feel like you have to hide within
There's not enough days to be a copy
So be who you're meant to be
Don't be like everyone else trying to be same..go be somebody else..

I hear you talking..but really what are you trying to say..
I received a call from my Aunt,saying today her dad passed away
I tried to continue talking,but I didn't really didn't know what to say..
You can have the tightest hold on things..but some still things will manage to slip away..
Now she's flying to JA,if only I could be there for her..and let her know everything will be okay
That call made me think about my dad,
He's been trying to reconnect with me lately,but I'm so content with how things are..does that
make me bad?
I hope not,wishing all the bad parts of me would wash away
We've all had those days,where we've felt totally alone & all the ones who truly cared
have been washed away
But they're still here & so are you
The best days of your life haven't happened yet..
Yes, how that last line above is so true..
And in the end they realised..it never really mattered who was always right and who was wrong..all it came down to..was who truly tried doing the right things..and who would help,try undo all the wrongs..
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