Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cold World

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It's a cold world when you by your
by yourself,

When not even one of these millions of antidepressant 
can help,

But what are you suppose 
to do,

When none of these twisted signals make up 
a correct clue,

Staring at the always 
moving sky,
wondering why,then you start to lose that
sparkle in your eye 

Everything starts to lose
it's meaning

Wish you could wake up,but your not
even dreaming

Put your hand's up,feel the wind blow
sometimes a door closes in your life because of an open window
so another chance,another opening,some where to escape
look in the mirror and see the only thing your unable to escape
too much,nah not even close to enough on our plates
is it just me or do we get robbed of our fate's
one day take a rocket...and lets blast off to space
~you always told me you wanted to see the moon...but now that we're apart...I just dream to see your face~
And just incase
I lose all my memories,I'll keep you somewhere they cant erase
That's my heart,it's staring to feel warm now...
I think we found out perfect place(*) 
in each other arms....on Dec 8th
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sing For The Moment

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So we all singing,just singing a different tune
and we all look up at night but do we all see the same moon/
How do you know and how can you tell/
Have you ever been at the top off the world,have you ever seen a cell/
cuz we living in a selfish place,and the only thing we give back is waste
but one mans trash is another man pleasure
so that's means one persons pain equals to another women's pleasure
Accounted for way to little,no need to measure
You know what they say about birds that flock together share the same feather
 I would want my daughter to be placed up and fly up high so I guess I should name her Heather
so we'll make it whatever what kind of weather
the only things that matter is that we complete our dreams together

So we sing for the moment because the moments are never promised
and promised always get broken so thats the only true promise
but I solemnly  swear over whoever's grave
S.O.S im sinking just waiting to be saved
But I  got your back sink or swim
and you will never know me...you will always know him
So pop a pill to get rid of the pain
and then pop another one to get rid of the pill's pain
what they give us is suppose to help us right
check the news for the last time you saw some one overdose on water right
so what they give us is bad,no matter how you take it
win or lose...they just don't want us to make it

Just one more verse..then maybe I can go to sleep
Turn my cell phone on and listen to Lupe's version of 'go to sleep'
its a cold cold cold war out here try not to make a peep
did i say 'war' i meant 'world' but its all the same since all we do is compete to defeat
to clear out till their is no one left
I'm I the crazy one for keep trying to be right when all everyone else is doing is pointing left
but I'll keep going...going till I'm out of breath
The beat just stop..not my heart..the song...guess it's time we should hit refresh
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One of everybody's favorite song,so I had to write to it,
We all get that one chance to make it in life,some of us just didn't pay close enough attention & blew it,
But it don't matter,Money ain't a thing,
But with out the money,how you suppose to buy the love of your life her dream ring?
So we all wanna be successful...that shit aint nothing new
Try to work your way to the top,and these assholes will try and step and walk all over you,
So we got to keep our dreams close  and our visions closer,
forget enemies and friends...they wont be their when it's over
Maybe some will,it's weird how some friends can lose thought,but your enemies never lose sight of you,
So I look at my lil brother Jordan,and I don't know what to think,
Is this the world I want him to grow up in,because We're all meant to fly but it seems all we ever do is sink,
Sink......all the way to the bottom,never really reaching the top,
But I guess we gotta slowly find our way through it like we trying to find the sweet spot,
The G-spot of life,once you find it keep it there,
Hold on to your wishes,and don't give in into the fear
We suppose to be playing on the same team...the team of heaven
I thought we suppose to be close...my friend...my brethren
But you keep your head up,yeah you keep it up high
And the only thing you gotta worry about is not looking down when you fly
Cuz when you finally make it,no one can take it from you
then everybody is gonna come around and try and take shit from you
But you got a heart.,mind., and spirt'
what i'm saying is your the best..you just need to go out there and be it!
So it's 8:40 am and I'm trying to find my words,
wish other people would sit back and analyze their verbs,
Acting out,Or acting in...Either way all the acting crap ain't fitting in
just a word of thought from the soundsofmywords
we all have a choice...lie in the dirt...or fly with the birds...
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In The Morning....

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So we wake up in the morning..
wondering if Gods awake..is he yawning?
devil saying taking over people minds is getting too easy..it getting boring
kinda like Freddy...you could lose your whole life while you snoring
so we wake up in the morning..
the phones ringing ain't anybody gonna answer it,
it seems this whole system got this mindset of  'Money Over People' thing mastered quick,
but is that it...is their something more?
you cant trust someone with a clean ass ceiling if they got a bloody floor,
but like Kanye said..."No one man should have all that power"
but they do....soon we wont even have any more seconds within an hour,
because its work,work,work, and if you don't you will be replaced
dont these people have any type of consciousness,don't they see the tears running down your face,
but its like their hearts don't work,work,work anymore...I guess their feelings traded spots with nothing have been replaced
Can it all please stop,I don't wanna look,can someone please past the mace
I thought we were on the road to heaven...its seems everybody's running in a different race,
Equality....whats that mean??the equal truth is we would always be judged on our race
and if thats the case...it makes sense because when you go against the people at the stop...you'll never win a case
thats the current state of crime we in...
never knew something so beautiful..could turn so grim
and when you drowning in your own sorrows...how you suppose to swim
its the shadow of the day...the moments away...so before you fall asleep..remember tomorrows a new day....
so hello morning and goodbye night
everything's suppose to happen for a reason....right?.....right?
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Live In The Sky

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For some reason it feels like the good die young but the bad people last forever,
most people will never forget 9/11 or things like 'Katrina',
but what about the beautiful days when the sun shines bright,
you should take a walk in the park with a loved one,hold their hands fly a kite,
leave your car keys on table give your car a break
why not take a day off from work sit back and watch the sunset by the lake
I mean.....'whats it gonna take
sometimes you gotta relax and savior the good times
pretend the clouds are a clue and try and read the signs
and they say....and they say...
to don't worry everything will be ok
no matter how many days go by
us clouds are here to stay
we have been here for a while
but whose counting
you can move any problem out your life,evil isn't a mountain
share a smile,give a hug,thats the secret to the youth fountain
you will be forever young at heart if you stay true
and just like those live in the sky...see the color sky blue
So one day we will all live in the sky...
so don't worry their is no need to say goodbye...;)

The Two By Nathan Thomas

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They sat on a hill,watching the stars as they stream across the sky.She looked at him,shy but curious she asked in a soft voice,"What's Next?"
 He looked at her and smiled,he stared into her eyes which looked like the calm sea and said to her in a confident voice,"Everything..."She smiled and gave him a hug

On a building near to the beach,they sat on a beach chair gazing at the sunset."I dreamt about us...we were in he exact location and...and you  said something..."the boy said happily
A tear fell down her cheek and she finished his sentence smiling & crying
"you are the air in my lungs,you are the nerves in my brain,the blood in my heart,the taker of my pain..."
She wouldn't stop crying,he held her up and carried her to the beach in which the sunset gleamed on them.
They Kissed....
and the he said,"If I cant hear your heartbeat........then your too far away."
they hugged as soon as the sun set,and it started to rain

Their love together is the key to the heavens with happiness & no pain..their tears made it rain
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Welcome To The World

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Welcome to the world of.....
fake voice’s,un-reachable dreams & life in a never ending maze
So Last Night I Couldn't sleep,its 6:16 A.M
Should We Really Worry About It??Or Just Pretend Nothing Happens Throughout The P.M
Lost In A Dream But Do I Really Wanna Get Out,Everything’s Good Is Suppose To Be Up So I Was I Born In Boston And Everything’s Been Going Down Ever Since I’ve Moved To The South,
So Does That Mean I’m Stuck In A Nightmare?But Dont Wake Me Yet,
 I Can’t Figure Out Why I Keep Writing These Thoughts??Maybe I Don't Wanna Forget,
I See People Sometimes And Wonder What The Heaven Were They Thinking?
I Said Everything Good is Up!! So Why Does It Seem Everyday More And More Our Society Norms And Economy Is Sinking,
It Can All Be Over In A Blink Of An Eye,So Please Start Blinking
Its Like Its The Opposite,God Is Giving You The RED Light To STOP And The Devil Is Giving You The GREEN Like To GO And Continue Drinking,
Or Smoking,Whatever Dumb Activity You And Your ‘Cool Friends’ Are Doing Now
You Can Cut It Up And Dress It How You Want Too..But Beef Is Beef,Try Not To Have A Cow
Which Means Wrong Is Wrong,Lies Is Lies, And The Truth Is Truth-less?
In This World Thats How It Is,Nothing Is What It Seems So Is That Why Many Remain Ruth-less??
Welcome to the earth of......
plastic friends,goals that don't exist,and priest that touch our kids
So You Go To Church And You The Preacher Shining,
Thinking He Is Working Hard,Doing Gods Work,Waking Up Everyday Grinding,
So I Try And Stay Away From The Church Because I Cant Stand The Way All Those Actors Look,
Not Here To Judge Anybody..But Why Go Praise,Sing And Dress Up
When Probably Later On.....They Have The Mindset That Sunday Is Only One Day
And Tomorrow Is Monday,To Dress Down And Have A Fun-Day
But Do What You Do,And Say What You Say
And Take All You Can Take...Just Don't Walk This Way
You Can Do What You Desire...But What I Desire Is You Try And Walk A Different Way 
Welcome To The Place Of.....
Life Is What You Make It & Live It To The Fullest
So If Your Wondering....I Do See Alot Of Good And Have Many Happy Thoughts,
I Just Thought,That Its Easy To Write About Everything People Wanna Hear And Give Good Feelings Everybody Wanna Share,But Learned ALot This Year And Fear,That If I Truly Care,I Should Open Everybody’s Eye’s And Ear,And Show Them Things That They Don’t Necessarily Know Are There,So I’m Here,And Whatever Seems Fair,Might Be Twisted By A Fare,So Just Beware,The Truth Is Only Use-Full When Its Served Bare,Do You Remember Growing Up With The The Program Drug Abuse Resistance Education Aka D.A.R.E

Monday, November 22, 2010


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So can you hear the angel calling you and what do the say?
can you see their halo’s and do their wings flap this way?
easier to say but a lot harder to do,
some talk about how high they get,but how much of them can say they ever really flew?
seeings believing but your eyes can sometimes play tricks,
some things are meant to broken and others may never be fixed,
the light is bright and the dark is dark,
if the ending already begun how are you suppose to start?
they suggest read a couple books,go to college and be smart,
not knowing that this site of society doesn't really fit your part,
beauty is in the eye of the beholder so everything is art,
coming from the store,seeing a homeless person walking with their whole life inside a shopping cart,
everyone just seems to walk by like its just a normal sunny day,a ole’ good walk in the park,
but I bet if an angel was there,they would pretend to help,
why don't pretend your the angel,pretend anything as long as your going to help,
the worlds falling apart and this life is getting shorter,
soon it wont matter what any government say..gonna be about the New World Order,
and if you don't know what that is then you got your whole college thing out of order,
you gotta teach yourself what they don't want us to learn,
if a angel is sent from heaven I assume they should be hell-proof so their wings shouldn't burn,
demons have no wings but they will trap you at every turn,
every left,every wrong.every right and every right
the amount of wickedness the darkness covers up at the end of every night,  
the happiness that me be achieved in the light of the light,
but if the light is to heavy is that how we get bright,
never give up,you heard that before so it should sound right,
you give it all you got,give it all your might,
then you see an angel flying low,right in your sight,
it looks at you and shakes it head & you start to ponder maybe ‘I just wasn't it’s type’
but when your wrong your wrong an angel doesn't have a type,
it just sees the evil in you and thats something you cant fight,
cuz when your times over,it’s murder she wrote,nothing left to write...
you were your own author,editor and publisher but now its too late to type..
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Never Forget You

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things happen for a reason...and thats all we will ever know
a picture says a thousand words...so how much does it show?
you can’t put a value you on all things... can you?
and if you wont admit your lost.....how can I ever find you?
just some questions I would like the answer too
close your eyes and ask them too
you have the power,your the one in charge
no matter who tries to be negative in your life,just be positive & remember your the one in charge
maybe not at large,but trust me you can make a difference
 even if its a little good,you still made a difference
and even if you fail,you still tried so what the difference
you do your best,and the best will come
I promise to stay with you,no matter how far you run
even if you feel beaten,just know your never done
bad times cant last forever cuz neither can the sun
unlike mine,i promise to always be there for him if I have a son
so believe me when i say your’ll be ok
better than ok,you’ll be fine
make the good times move forward and the bad times rewind
I see breaking hearts intentionally as a crime
and if so... how many of you are willing to do the time?
cuz a broken heart is something they can never fix
and when i say they....im speaking about our so called scientists
cuz if they really wanted to help the world HIV,cancer and all forms of disease would already be fixed,
but let me not get in that,let me focus on you
remember your beautiful smile and all the little fun things you use to do
never fully knowing how misplaced I would feel if I ever lose you
moments of the past came here to find you
not to relieve them just to remind you......
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'And I will be strong.
Even if all goes wrong."

Beautiful Laser

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Your beautiful no matter who you are
many of us hear that but don't believe it,
because only you define beauty
so you have the power to give & speak it,

Be A Better Person Today
Instead Of Waiting For Tomorrow,
Their are no excuse what happened yesterday
So think positive and block out all grief and sorrow

Why is love and respect so easy to give
but so hard to be received,
You give it all you got,
and in the end all you feel is empty & deceived,

So you sit back and asks whats wrong with me
what did i do wrong???
then you turn on the radio
and start to come alive again & live the words to your favorite song

Because everyone is human
and we all have bled inside,
maybe felt like a alien,
but still showed a smile on the outside,

You may never learn a persons
truth, thoughts, dreams and visions,
unless you be a friend first,
and actually sit down have empathy and take the time to listen,

But the world still spins
like its unaffected by all,
But one day it has to stop,
and when it does whose the one person's name you will call??

but the real question is.....
would they call you back??

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No matter how much has changed,you still gotta pay the price for what you’ve done
if your living your life like a party,just remember after the fun is over,trying to un-do all your mistakes just cannot be done,
everything the same but it feels different,I try to add up the sum to see the difference,
the ups and the downs,the left and the rights,
you can look around until the end of the tunnel,but you should look inside you for the real light,
the say read between the lines,but what if lines are the only thing you see,
reach for the stars and be the best you can be,
we do all these thing...but the question still remains..
will we ever be free??

free from the pain,free from the hate,
free from the takers, free from the fakes,
free from the lies,and free from the cries,
freedom of fearing what happens to our love ones
after they die
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