Monday, November 22, 2010


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So can you hear the angel calling you and what do the say?
can you see their halo’s and do their wings flap this way?
easier to say but a lot harder to do,
some talk about how high they get,but how much of them can say they ever really flew?
seeings believing but your eyes can sometimes play tricks,
some things are meant to broken and others may never be fixed,
the light is bright and the dark is dark,
if the ending already begun how are you suppose to start?
they suggest read a couple books,go to college and be smart,
not knowing that this site of society doesn't really fit your part,
beauty is in the eye of the beholder so everything is art,
coming from the store,seeing a homeless person walking with their whole life inside a shopping cart,
everyone just seems to walk by like its just a normal sunny day,a ole’ good walk in the park,
but I bet if an angel was there,they would pretend to help,
why don't pretend your the angel,pretend anything as long as your going to help,
the worlds falling apart and this life is getting shorter,
soon it wont matter what any government say..gonna be about the New World Order,
and if you don't know what that is then you got your whole college thing out of order,
you gotta teach yourself what they don't want us to learn,
if a angel is sent from heaven I assume they should be hell-proof so their wings shouldn't burn,
demons have no wings but they will trap you at every turn,
every left,every wrong.every right and every right
the amount of wickedness the darkness covers up at the end of every night,  
the happiness that me be achieved in the light of the light,
but if the light is to heavy is that how we get bright,
never give up,you heard that before so it should sound right,
you give it all you got,give it all your might,
then you see an angel flying low,right in your sight,
it looks at you and shakes it head & you start to ponder maybe ‘I just wasn't it’s type’
but when your wrong your wrong an angel doesn't have a type,
it just sees the evil in you and thats something you cant fight,
cuz when your times over,it’s murder she wrote,nothing left to write...
you were your own author,editor and publisher but now its too late to type..
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