Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome To The World

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Welcome to the world of.....
fake voice’s,un-reachable dreams & life in a never ending maze
So Last Night I Couldn't sleep,its 6:16 A.M
Should We Really Worry About It??Or Just Pretend Nothing Happens Throughout The P.M
Lost In A Dream But Do I Really Wanna Get Out,Everything’s Good Is Suppose To Be Up So I Was I Born In Boston And Everything’s Been Going Down Ever Since I’ve Moved To The South,
So Does That Mean I’m Stuck In A Nightmare?But Dont Wake Me Yet,
 I Can’t Figure Out Why I Keep Writing These Thoughts??Maybe I Don't Wanna Forget,
I See People Sometimes And Wonder What The Heaven Were They Thinking?
I Said Everything Good is Up!! So Why Does It Seem Everyday More And More Our Society Norms And Economy Is Sinking,
It Can All Be Over In A Blink Of An Eye,So Please Start Blinking
Its Like Its The Opposite,God Is Giving You The RED Light To STOP And The Devil Is Giving You The GREEN Like To GO And Continue Drinking,
Or Smoking,Whatever Dumb Activity You And Your ‘Cool Friends’ Are Doing Now
You Can Cut It Up And Dress It How You Want Too..But Beef Is Beef,Try Not To Have A Cow
Which Means Wrong Is Wrong,Lies Is Lies, And The Truth Is Truth-less?
In This World Thats How It Is,Nothing Is What It Seems So Is That Why Many Remain Ruth-less??
Welcome to the earth of......
plastic friends,goals that don't exist,and priest that touch our kids
So You Go To Church And You The Preacher Shining,
Thinking He Is Working Hard,Doing Gods Work,Waking Up Everyday Grinding,
So I Try And Stay Away From The Church Because I Cant Stand The Way All Those Actors Look,
Not Here To Judge Anybody..But Why Go Praise,Sing And Dress Up
When Probably Later On.....They Have The Mindset That Sunday Is Only One Day
And Tomorrow Is Monday,To Dress Down And Have A Fun-Day
But Do What You Do,And Say What You Say
And Take All You Can Take...Just Don't Walk This Way
You Can Do What You Desire...But What I Desire Is You Try And Walk A Different Way 
Welcome To The Place Of.....
Life Is What You Make It & Live It To The Fullest
So If Your Wondering....I Do See Alot Of Good And Have Many Happy Thoughts,
I Just Thought,That Its Easy To Write About Everything People Wanna Hear And Give Good Feelings Everybody Wanna Share,But Learned ALot This Year And Fear,That If I Truly Care,I Should Open Everybody’s Eye’s And Ear,And Show Them Things That They Don’t Necessarily Know Are There,So I’m Here,And Whatever Seems Fair,Might Be Twisted By A Fare,So Just Beware,The Truth Is Only Use-Full When Its Served Bare,Do You Remember Growing Up With The The Program Drug Abuse Resistance Education Aka D.A.R.E

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