Friday, June 15, 2012


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"The days change,but what really changes?
I use to think you were the best..
The best the world had to offer
Now in my dreams ..our love story slips away farther and farther"

Your eyes make the stars seem like coal
Obtaining your true love, should be anyone's ultimate goal
If you were to die, so would my world
So I hope your able to read & comprehend my every single word
Excuse the past ...let's just let it go....let it go
Things will get better before we all know
They had there chance,but they let it slip away
Just close your eyes & relax
And let my hands take all your pain away
Just help you take all the pain away....
In a world of overlooked hearts & under thought thoughts
We all want to be apart of something
So why does it feel like we are all apart
Since sex & lies got so easy to obtain,
Love & truth got so hard to find
Why are we living our lives like we're blind
Moving with our bodies but leaving our souls behind
Will things ever they are suppose to be?
Or will the mirage of hope,be the only thing I seem to see

If The Stars Could Talk...The Things They Would Say..*
The probably would ask why do we let the good ones get away
Appearing To Be Close...But In Reality...Distant Like a Star...
Everyone Likes To Believe They Do...But They Will Never Know How You Really Are..
And When You Feel Like Giving Up...
Just Think Of What Will Happen If The Sun Decided To Stop Shining For One Day..
Just Keep Going...And I Promise You...You Will Find Your Way..
And With All These Chances To Hate...
I Just Always Chose To Love...
I mean what the picture says below...
My highest point of happiness..nothing can ever go above...
Your like one of the great pyramids to me..beautiful..but filled with such great mystery ..

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