Saturday, June 16, 2012


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'Whatever is holding you back just let it go..
You are meant to be great...just look how bright you glow..
There are just somethings I see in you..And that's all you need to know..'

I didn't know...I couldn't see
But all I really want to if you will be with me
Because you set me help me be...
All the insecurities wouldn't let me be
Lets grow together...You'll be the leaves..and I will be the tree
That way if you will still be right next to me
Looking for eternity...not believing anymore that all good things have to come to a end
Because my heart is willing to write to you forever..with ink or pen
What will we do then?what should we do now
I want this to last forever...the question is how
How do we know what is right?How do we know what is wrong?
I see the people they call weak...but in reality those are the ones who are strong
We are all here for a uncertain amount of time..and can get lost any second..the important
thing is just to remember to hold on
The journey to happiness & success may be long
But there is no saying how far you will have to go to chase your dreams
Nothing is really as bad as it seems...
No one should have to do this alone...we are all a team
But all these inner demons make me want to scream...
They sometimes hold on so tight...
They are the ones who make us do wrong..and help convince us its right
How many times have you seen the sun at night
The moon & sun have to take turns shining bright
So if today isn't your day to shine...then that's alright
Because some days life's problems are too heavy to hold alone,but with some support it can feel light
Get all your problems...lets tie them to a kite..
And cut all strings...and let your spirits take flight
To many things to worry about...We can't please everyone
You can tell who are the people who really care about you..
Because they want you to be safe,be happy..and just have fun
So just fly as high as you can...
Enjoy every moment you can soar..just being happy..should be your most important plan

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"You can't live your life for other people.
You've got to do what's right for you,
even if it hurts the people you love."
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