Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ready To Go..

'It seems I'm ready to go...Ready to go...
Holding on to so much you will never know...could never know'

Hold your head high...even when the times are low
Because only you....can ever figure out how far you can truly go
You can do it..but that's something they don't want you to know
But this is your life...and your the star of this show*
The air we the love we need..
It's being taking this thing called greed
And I'm guilty of that too...because I want you to have everything when it comes to you
And I know we've all been lied to...
But we all need to try too..
The most important to look deep inside & find you...

Too much...or too little...somehow...
We have to find happiness somewhere in the middle
Stuck between a rock & a hard place..
For some reason I keep on thinking about all the things I wish I could erase
Because all of those negative thoughts have taken to much positive space
But seeing life as a race...sometimes to get where you just got to move at a constant pace
Sometimes hating to dream...because that and reality are few & far between
And you have to put yourself out there...if your really trying to be seen
Don't be got what it takes
Your as beautiful as the stars at night reflecting off lakes
picture source
We Had Our Memories...We Had Our Times..
I Guess Somethings..And Certain People..Are Just Meant To Be Left Behind..*
I always look at the stars & clouds hoping to see a sign..
But I wouldn't be able to see it anyways...since love is blind
                                                                       music source

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