Monday, June 18, 2012

No Love

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They always tried to tell me...but I wouldn't listen
Right now love has no place in my heart...its gone missing
I use to think..but now I know
People's words...never match with the actions they show
So now I'm mad more at myself...then mad at them
The only person I want to be friends with the end
Bleeding my hearts a pen
My true something I need to learn not to send
Venting to much...I probably shouldn't be writing
But when your so close to being right,then find out your wrong,life's freighting
Sometimes I wonder why do I even try...I've said before I'm ready to go...
Ready to be taken to the sky..
Because when you've been dead for so long..your no longer scared to die

I've been through this way to much,seen this way to many times
The lights red,but I saw green...I really need to stop mixing up the signs
Now your just part of my past that I need to leave behind
The light at the end of the tunnel is the only thing I'm interested to find
Now I'm stuck with this hate in my heart...with this love on my mind
Which always gets me in trouble..but one stab in the heart isn't enough
how about double
Might as well take my eyes...because I don't want to see
Ignorance is bliss...and happiness is never free

One more verse & I think I will be ok
But that's it...I wont want to talk for the remainder of the day
Sick of this game of life we play
Don't want to give up...but sometimes I cant see any other way
I just really wish people would watch the words they like to say
Now I only feel pushed away...
Now look me in my eye...and tell me what you really have to say

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