Saturday, September 8, 2012

Moon & The Sky

'Focus on the journey,not the destination'
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I always seem to see the good in people..
I guess that's because,I only want good for people
Loving who you are is important,but remembering we are the same
helps keep the balance equal
We're all we have on this dying planet yet we seem to just take more life away,
and never give back,if you live your life right the first time,then you wont
have to look back
We were scared of the new millennium and thought the world was going to end in 2012
but why are we so scared to die?
when all that means it we can finally be one with
the moon & the sky....
In my perfect fantasy...where all the people do is love
and all the angels finally get to fly

Day by Day...Are we getting any closer?
Or just simply slipping away
All the things money can buy...cant stay here forever
But these words come from my heart,so I think of you when I put them together
The less of you they have,the more they will always want
Writing you the language of love,but you must be reading it in a different font
Your not seeing what I see..
I love to love you...
But who loves to love me.

All I can do is hope & pray...hope and pray
That you someday walk into my life and never walk away
I just want things to work,not even trying to play
Read my word,decode what their trying to say
Your my moon & my sky...
I hope you never go away

Let me paint you a picture,just take a moment to relax and open your eyes
This time we seem to have,doesn't have wings,but always  flies
The tears of sadness mixed with joyful cries
The truth trying to find its way,after being buried under a million lies
Broken bridges and unkept ties
Bury the hero...and watch the villain rise
We'll do anything for money,even risk things it can buy
Like happiness or true love
We sometimes cant see whats wrong until we're standing above
Seeing all the rubble all the floor
But it's to late,troubles at your door
Now everything you have is gone
You were doing everything they could this all go so wrong
You weren't doing it for you...that's what you did wrong
You have to understand that only in your body will you ever truly belong
Don't try to be someone else,the world needs you
Now do yourself a favor,and look in mirror
That person staring back at you is you
Love that person the most,give them what they need to breathe
Make sure to let go all those bad things we sometimes need to relieve
Set your goals high,higher than you believe you can achieve
Because if you shoot for the stars...even if you miss you will always land on the moon
Start chasing your dreams today,because sometimes too soon doesn't come too soon
It will never matter how far..Your always be my little shooting star
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