Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Motion

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I think it's time for me sit down again and write
It's like everyday we learn more & now I'm starting to see life in a different light
Think of the stars we would never see if every night was too bright
You still cross my mind day by I'm hoping your alright
The dark has to come,and sometimes its okay to run
Throughout the night..everything seems fun
But as soon as you wake up in the realize what you've done
Some of us are scared of the reality of reality like it was a loaded gun
The bullets are either your dreams or your fears..
But I'm telling you now,if your still in the same spot in a couple of years..when you give your one is going to care
So get out there..and go get whatever it is you want
Read the writings on the wall,even if it's in a different font
With this feeling I feel,I wish the Gods & I could make a deal
Living life day by day,they say only time will heal

In a world of my own most of the time
I think I forgot what I was trying to find
All these different influences keep contradicting my mind
And when I hear your name..I still get chills down my spine
The only way to know you've crossed to actually cross the line
And I think we did...we both said we would forgive..but wheres the love you promised you would always give
Talked about babies,marriage,tiny socks & bibs
A scary thought to know we could get so close just to get so far away..but I guess that's just the motion of the life we live

Anyways enough of the past...lets talk about what lies ahead
Just focus on making others feel good,since after a while they might forget the words you said
But how you made them feel,that feeling will be real
And that's something no one could ever steal

The motion of hope
The motion of love
Keep your heart pure
And your name out the mud
Don't worry what they say
If what they say isn't true
Because in the end..only you can make or break you
And we all need someone to help us get through
So hold onto them..if they are holding onto you
The days will come,when we wont know what to do
But if God brings you to it..he will bring you through
So I pray..I pray he will bring me to you
And if a problem comes..I promise we will figure it out
Because I'm not one to walk in,just to walk out
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Saturday, June 1, 2013

'Another Chapter Starts Here...View At Your Own Risk...'-Ghost
'It's been a while since we've spoken..yes this is true
I don't know what is..or how come this always happens
Life is I guess sometimes we need a sweet distraction
But you mean alot to me..I hope you know this
I've given my time to so many..but maybe it's time I give myself some focus