Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trust Issues...

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If you have never been in the dark,then how would you know to appreciate light?
And if anything hasn't gone would you know when they're right?
I don't want to be heartless....I just wish I knew how to use my heart less,
because through the structure of things,I've ended up with this heart mess...
You can never completely fix something once it's been broken,
But you will never know whats behind that closed door,if you don't use your courage to make it open,
Any step forward,Is a step in the right direction,
And we are able to make mistakes in life,so we can show ourselves that we are strong enough to correct them,
Never let anyone hold you down...and as God as my witness I promise to never let you drown,
Because sometimes it feels like the rain is pouring down and it's never going to stop,
Or like your always stuck between a hard place & a rock,
You will get out that hard place eventually....believe in yourself to find the key,
Then everything will open.....maybe you just need to look harder because I promise you the signs are showing...

I can see myself not trusting myself,because I followed my heart and look where I got myself,

A place where is broken and so low, I do my best to hide it in person,but in my poems they always show,
As I look at all these pictures and start to miss all the people I've ever met,Their is a part of me that is full of regret,So how I'm suppose to move forward?When I don't know where is the best place to take my next step?
I feel like we are here for one reason and that is to love...Love in silence or Love in words either way as long as you both feel it...the important thing is your love is being heard,

Your the only one...since I don't trust these....
Singing from the heart,so tell me if you hear me,
I can see people nearby but still cant feel anyone near me,
Sometimes I sit & wonder whats it going to take to make all our dreams come true,
then the answer fell from the isn't much....just takes you to believe in you,
So thats what I hope you do,because me believing in you is nothing new,
Looking for some things,and I think that I can find them in you
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Marvin's Room

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 Times moving fast,life's moving slow
wish there was a safe place,for me to let all this go....
I remembered everything I was trying to forget,
Feeling like I was almost there...guess not yet...
The bad choices seem to over shadow the good ones I make,
Thankfully I always have my real friends who always outnumber the fake,
So hard to find that one person who can be real with you,
Since even when you find them,look at all the difficulties the world decides to put you through,
When you give someone everything,you have to be careful since you can be left with nothing...
The nights start feeling uneasy...the restless times seem to never end,
I keep telling myself I'm happy...but whats the point of me trying to pretend,
Holding on to something that maybe we should of let go,but its worth the chance because when its all said and done in the end we may never know,
A place where two hearts have never been,feeling like we have been in heaven even though we decide to live in sin,
They say what they want....they can never know the real you & I,bounced back from the lowest of the highest of highs,
Nothing worse then the sound of a goodbye....
Or hearing that sorry, your too much of a nice guy
Nothing good about saying bye to one you love so it's more like a bad-bye...
Or knowing that she will probably end up with the wrong guy....

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Help From Above

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The hopes,the wishes...The love,the hate...The highs,the lows...The dark,the light,
A moment where we can peacefully sleep forever,or where we just constantly keep ourselves up at night..

The loud,the quiet....The sad,the happy....The sometimes,the always,...The rich,the poor,
I say it all the time,we are constantly in battle with each other or everyday what are you standing/fighting for?

A marriage,a divorce...A fall,a climb...A room full of clocks,a place of timeless time,
We all have a purpose...A meaning...or at least a story to tell,so just always keep that in mind

A opening,a closing...A wrong,a right...A sun,a moon...A beginning,a end,
Even if you had all the love,money & objects in the world....what would you do with it then?

Too much pain,not enough joy...Too much talk,not enough action...Too much murders,not enough successful births,
They say 'don't worry about things too much,your young,you have your whole life ahead of you ' but what about for the little ones who are suffering right does that work?

Too much time,not enough done...Too much power,not enough help...Too much fear,not enough love,
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I cant do this alone I gaze into the stars,with my current state of mind...and hope...,I receive some help from above
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