Monday, June 13, 2011

Marvin's Room

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 Times moving fast,life's moving slow
wish there was a safe place,for me to let all this go....
I remembered everything I was trying to forget,
Feeling like I was almost there...guess not yet...
The bad choices seem to over shadow the good ones I make,
Thankfully I always have my real friends who always outnumber the fake,
So hard to find that one person who can be real with you,
Since even when you find them,look at all the difficulties the world decides to put you through,
When you give someone everything,you have to be careful since you can be left with nothing...
The nights start feeling uneasy...the restless times seem to never end,
I keep telling myself I'm happy...but whats the point of me trying to pretend,
Holding on to something that maybe we should of let go,but its worth the chance because when its all said and done in the end we may never know,
A place where two hearts have never been,feeling like we have been in heaven even though we decide to live in sin,
They say what they want....they can never know the real you & I,bounced back from the lowest of the highest of highs,
Nothing worse then the sound of a goodbye....
Or hearing that sorry, your too much of a nice guy
Nothing good about saying bye to one you love so it's more like a bad-bye...
Or knowing that she will probably end up with the wrong guy....

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