Monday, December 24, 2012

Wise Man..

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Hold onto what is true..Never let go of love or you
Hold your head good & don't ask why
Make a wish onto a star..they shine for us every night no matter how dark or how far
These man made mirrors and human eyes..don't do justice or show how truly beautiful you are
Your soul speaks of words our ears are yet to understand
Sometimes we just have to go with our heart,that might just be the best plan
Take a stand...Take a stand
Just where will all our dreams finally land
When its the last of your dying days..could you say you did all that you wanted to do
Can you say you planted your seed of happiness & hope in all your loved ones..and watched it grew
The time only resets..but somehow it still feels new
Sometimes we love the old...sometimes we praise the cold
Sometimes we fear to be bold...But I know theres something we all need..something to hold
Or just to be many different shades of color..but we all bleed red
Living life..until we're dead
When your gone...its all about how you made people feel...not really what you did or said
The lies or truth..which one are we most likely fed
What crosses your mind,before you fall asleep in bed
I hope that someone dreams of you too
A wise man would love you for you
A fool would only love you for what you can do
So just what will you do...
Love yourself first...or let them falsely love you

But someone will be proud of you..
Yes someone will be proud of you..

I believe there will be a time..
When everyone in the world will smile at the same time
When the time will freeze..and they would be no such thing as crime
And all the tears from the past,will add up for future joys
All the kids around the world with nothing..will see a Christmas with plenty warmth & toys
Where screams of joys & cheers is the only noise
Where everyone is in love,so theres no time to hate
And we all live on our time,so you can never be too late
Where only beauty is the only thing we can create
What ever you think in your mind,is what you see on your plate
Just how much can this world take...Pretend everyday is Christmas and give what you can
and be great
I sure whoever is watching over you would really appreciate
We're all wise at times...
We're all fools at times..
But beneath it all
We're all tired of being put behind the blinds
Let the world in..let the sun shine

I know someone will be proud of you...
Yes someone will be proud of you..*
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bright Day

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 The time never why should hope
Life is sometimes hard..the secret is learning how to cope
You have to keep on believing..Even when you feel like your at the end of your rope..

If we could change everything...would anything stay the same?
I've seen the price of love...but the cost of no pain seems so hard to name
Loving with your all,then losing that thing or person...should come with no shame
There always has to be a winner...and a loser...those are just the rules of the game

If you know music,then you should know love..
If you know love,then you should know life..
If you know life,then you should know enough..
Of what the world is missing..and what we need to do to make it right..

What if just the long lost tears of the sky..
What if the wind is just a long lost lonely spirit passing us by..
What is the sun..was just a million dying stars finally cry..
And the moon..promised to always be there for the sun..until they both decide its time to say goodbye

I think we we're placed here to love,but got tricked into hate
I think if we continue to sleep on life...that we might wake up too late
I think we all have a chance to make it to the golden gates
But it's up to us since we make our own paths..with every single step forward or back we take..

How do we love so much,but only get pain in return
How do we go to school,but its only after hours we learn
How do we spend so much time working,but its barely anything we earn
Why do we let these people continue to take advantage of us...
Why doesn't anyone act like its any of our concern..?

Money comes and goes..
But love only sinks or grows...
Watch what you say,sometimes the silliest things can slip from right under our nose...
Everyone loves the high's...Maybe it's time we learn to enjoyed the lows..

Whats tomorrow without a sense of hope..
Whats today without a hint of love..
Whats yesterday without a bit of memory..
Whats the future without a cloud of mystery...
When you close your eyes...what is it you wish to see
But more importantly when you open that what you see..

I can wish you the best,but only you can make it that way..
The world can give you the sun and the sky,but only you can make it a bright day
So do what you have to..but promise'll have a bright day
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Friday, November 30, 2012

Trust Issues

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So what do you do... when its only you
And people pretend they want to help,but really they have no clue
When you have to say goodbye to everyone you love,now they can't believe how fast you grew
Everydays a new its always out with the old..and in with the new
If I could see you in front of me..the things I would say
This life will sometimes give you the things you love,then the next second takes it away
If life is a game...just how long should we continue to play..
Some of the realest words are on our tongue...but they are some we may never say
In a life full of color,most of the times everything just seems gray
The sun to my sky...the tear in my eye...
I don't think theres a worse feeling..than being forced to say goodbye
Trying everyday..but why do I even try
These people here can't appreciate the things I do
I was the only person here for you when you were new.
But your already off my list for good...some friendship you blew
I kinda had a feeling...but deep down I already knew...

Where do I go from here?
Use to be afraid of life..but now I know theres nothing to fear
Back in the days when we were little kids,our biggest decision was what  to wear
Now we dream of going places...but in reality are we really going any where...
People say they are...but are they really there?
Love me or hate me..more & more I'm learning not to care...
All these lies of false feelings I always hear
But still happiness is the only thing my heart wants to share..

I hope one day it all makes sense
I hope one day you finally decide to love you
Your amazing...I don't know how all these people miss seeing the real you
I guess they cant see true beauty with there eyes
But then again,real beauty comes from the heart..and they probably wont ever recognize
These trust issues always seems to rend ties
I guess my heart will always love you..
Even after my spirit..and body dies...
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Friday, November 23, 2012


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Lets change the change
Lets turn the page
Lets live life by joy and not by age
Never again let our true self be put in a cage
Lets break away & be free,
Who better to start..than you or me

Rescue me from my destiny
These demons disguised as angels always get the best of me
Collecting whatever's left of me
Declined...Declined...why won't anything just accept me

A second too close,we almost didn't get away
A minute longer,and we wouldn't know what to say
The sun & the moon turn into one,so now the world is all gray
Now night is our only day...lets slowly drain all our pain away...

They pick who are our enemies..and make up a reason for us to fight
But if there was no such thing as power..the world would be alright
They throw us in the darkness..With only a glimpse of the light
They hang these debts over our families,over shadowing our future that should be bright

I'm not fighting their war,
Searching for the hearts that are pure
Lust & drugs are such a deadly lure
Look deep inside your heart..and tell me if you see the cure

We all have the answer,but who will be the one
We're not giving in or giving up,until this is all done
Throwing money away like its nothing,I guess they enjoy playing with our lives like its fun
Instead of fighting with love,they fuel us with hate..and give us guns
But that is a silly battle spilled with blood..that can never truly be won..

I dreamt of a time..
That if negativity was in the present...all we had to do is rewind
And spend some time...spend some time
How come our mankind..isn't so kind?
These laws they make can turn helping someone into a crime
But its all just a sign...
A plague will come...and wipe away all that needs to leave.
And only leave the good behind...
This world is destined for greater things..and that's what we're gonna find...
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Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm Broken..

All this time...I've been trying to find all the pieces
to help put me back together...
But I've learn theres sometimes beauty in the middle of a storm..
So I stopped trying to fix everything that's broken..
And just embrace the shattering...To enjoy the rise & the fall
Not to look back at yesterday,nor in this thing called 'tomorrow'
I know theres more like me,broken...broken to no point of return
What we can give to this world,is something we shouldn't try to take back
People are going to take the best of us...That's just what people do
And someone might give their best to you
Just don't take it for granted...appreciate them for who they are
Life isn't too short,we just make it feel that way...
But not cherishing every second we have
The only answer we have to the one we choose to accept
Whats the real difference between happiness and sadness
Except that we have total control on how we feel
We do.
But we choose different alot of the times
Take me for instance,right now I'm letting it out because I feel that's the right thing to do
Too many times,we cover up how we truly feel in the shadow of others..
But that isnt right..because there's once was a time when they were broken too
If we put all our pieces together...I feel we can be some of the chosen few...
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Friday, November 9, 2012


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When you lose the words you wish to say
While your staring out the window,patiently waiting for a brighter day
You toss & turn in the bed alone, where they use to lay
But you refuse to give up...because there has to be another way

Things don't feel the way they use too
The lies appear inside these conversations,more than the truth do
Not everything broken can be put back together with glue
Sometimes once its broken,its broken forever..the only thing left is try & find something new

Just another cloud in the dark sky
You think you see something,but you look away and it passes you by
What really happens after we die?
Will there be a new beginning...or is this really our finally goodbye

Too early...or too late
Making your own path...or just holding onto faith
Not good enough...or maybe your too great
Did we just destroy everything...that we were about to create

What if I told you that I love you..
That I need you...
Are those the words you crave?
Are those the lies I need to feed you

The continuous gamble of life,
Why does it feel I always lose
Not letting peoples mistakes affect how I treat them is what I always choose
But all the abuse is starting to leave a bruise
No one wants to be accountable for their actions,but this isn't news
Things have been this way,for a long time
A Leo by birth,but maybe the lion in me was left behind
I hate this,and thats just not another line
The only reason I I know theres still an answer to all this mayhem that I'm not going to stop until I find

The ones you see they even know you?
Do they know what you go through?
Would they even help you get through?
Or would they just watch you fail and say it was nice to know you
Not enough helping hands,they have more hands to judge
But you have to be that rock in a hard place..and never budge
Never break...No matter how much times you get tossed inside the same lake
And when your at the edge of that cliff...just look up at the stars and wait
Miracles and shooting stars sometimes come a little late..

Don't just read what I have to say..Hear what I'm trying to say
That new start you've been waiting for...that new beginning..well today can be that day
You just have to start from the bottom,and clean all the negative vibes out of you way
Pray if you pray...but believe in yourself and never leave your self pride astray

But I love you...
And I need you...
I only want you..
But no ones going to know if its true...
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Poetic Justice

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They may talk,but what are they really saying
People come & go like seasons,but can you promise me girl that your staying?

It's got so cold and dark here in England
Always alone even though I'm supposedly surrounded by all these wing men
If I lost my voice today,would my words still say anything to you
If I believe in a lie long enough..will that make it true
If I lost my eyes,could I still see your beauty
Is life just a bunch a sad scenes...or will there be a happy ending to this movie?
I just wondering some of the things you might not get a chance too
Every ones life has got so busy,but I've seen hope in the just have to glance too
Death cant really be the end...I mean whenever you run out of ink..don't you just grab another pen
If the world is ending...would it really matter when
Theres somethings us as humans need to just learn to accept..but until then
Mother nature,the stars,the moon and the clouds can either be our real enemies or our only true friends

All these words..but what do they really mean
All these sights...but what have I really seen
What if our reality is just someone elses dream
As a child I realized not everything is what it seemed
And no matter how much you want to help,sometimes it best just not to get in between
One mans maid,could be another kings queen
We take showers every day...but what does that really clean
I heard 'the prettiest faces do the ugliest thing' you starting to get what I mean?

And my hands are dirty too,Theres only two I really feel I owe an apology to
Katherine & Kevin...that one line is so real & so true
This life makes you sometimes do somethings that you don't really want to do
I learned, we make the most mistakes when we think with our emotions
Hate,jealously,envy...these are just some of the evil potions
Just trying to do right...God please help me get through these motions
When one door closes,remember the sky is always open
No one can put a border on your dreams
Just try and find a balance between good & evil,
And once you do that,I hope you feel pristine...

And I'm writing this while listening to Poetic Justice
I just hope I didn't rush this
Only if we could slow down time
The I would repeat that one day when you were finally mine
But I guess living in complete  happiness would feel like a crime
I may always smile and laugh..but its always the opposite in my mind
Just looking for what I meant to find
Nothing more,nothing less
Everyday's a blessing...I sneeze..what did you just bless
The secret to life is removing all the stress
Just a tiny fish in a big pond,not really sure what will happen next
Why does everyone seem to abuse love & sex
One day all my secrets will no longer be kept
Because as soon as something happens..writing in to you always seems to be my next step

Life is such a blur...
It may be easier to lust than adore..
But I promise you the second one always means more..
That's all for today folks..those are all the thoughts in my soul that I'm willing to exploit & explore
Just one more thing....
Just remember love,happiness & beauty..can only come deep inside from your core..
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Sunday, October 28, 2012


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We all find love in different places
Some of us are lucky enough to hold to it,to last a lifetime
While some of us are tired of being hurt,and wishing the last heartbreak was the last time
You don't even have to look,but I promise theres something you'll find
Out of all these cold coal hearts,I promise theres at least one gold mine
Something or someone special enough,to cherish until the end of time

The smallest things can make the biggest difference
That includes you & me..what are we doing everyday to make a difference
No matter how alone you feel,theres someone whose going through a similar experience
Loving people for who they are,now thats brilliance

I ask one thing from you...and you make it seem like the hardest thing in the world
And you wonder why we're now separated half way across the world
But love has no distance,and this love has become my enemy
When I was young,it always seemed like a friend to me
So now any enemy to my enemy is a friend to me
So all I ask is will you be friends with me..?
A different time,A different day
Maybe once,we'll figure out all the correct things to say
So for now,all our miscommunications will continue to get in the way

We all just want to be accepted,hate the feeling of being rejected
Don't always respect others,but continue to crave the feeling of being respected
Neglect the ones who are getting neglected
And the world seems to be tearing itself apart..but that's expected
Too many are too blind to what really matters
Instead,everyone wants to make it to the top
Doing whatever it takes to climb these ladders
But when it all falls down,who will you have around
The silence of two hearts who use to love each other,will always make the loudest sound

the people we pretend to be..
looking through the eyes we can never see..
Hiding who we really want to be..
Just to be accepted by these blind hearts for an eternity..
He wanted to save you so bad..that he sacrificed everything he had
Friends don't last he would rather you be the greatest enemy he ever had.
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Remember You..

'Sometimes you have to forget what you feel..And remember what you deserve'
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Once you prove it to yourself...
Who else do you really have to prove it to?
I got a couple things in my mind that I still want to do to you
You left kinda fast,wasn't really through with you
The old aloof me is coming back,so it may be kinda new to you
The end is near,so say what you have to..before we're through..
We keep drifting further & further,but part of me will always feel close to you

Distant memories & faded dreams
Everything is happening for a reason?or whatever that means
It seems what we had, isnt all that it seemed
Still remembering all this...
What does it all really mean
I see a happy ending..
But that's ever only in a dream
Now I just wish I could forget the beginning,the end
And everything in between
Out of sight...Out of mind
And your no longer seen
Just trying to be real,sorry if all this comes of as mean
We never made it to getting rings,but I still feel we were the best team

Whats everyone trying to prove?
Not every ones gonna win,its ok to lose
Remembering me or forgetting you,which do you choose
Always expecting the bad,so all of it just comes as regular news
I guess love & heartbreak comes hand in hand now,always in twos

The time of the year where the leaves fall & change colors
It seems I was right about life,abut wrong about the others
I'm fading away from everyone,even now to mother & brothers
Is it just a phase?will everything go back to normal
But then again,my normal wasn't really ever normal

If you remember me...How I remember you
Then you'll know somewhere in the future
We'll find alot of catching up to do..
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Turn The Page..

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The darkness falls...and the lights fade away
Your heart beats slow...and you forget your last words to say
The sky loses color...all your rainbows turn gray
Who believes in nightmares?when your day dreams are better anyway...
The time keeps ticking..when will it ever stop
The higher we climb this ladder of love,the harder we'll drop
You can be anything,who is to say your not
I believe in you,more than I believe in me
Sometimes your heart can see more than what your eyes can see
Faith,hope,love & destiny
Are these life delicious recipes?
Another birth,another death
No matter how much we gain,they still we try to take away everything until theres nothing left
Keep trying,until your last breath
Keep your secrets to yourself,make sure there internally kept
Only a handful of people will truly understand
It's not where you fall,its where you stand
And listen to your heart,your heart has a plan
If your dreams never take are they suppose to land?
Take chances for good,you may never know what could happen

This month of October,so drunkenly somber
I try to walk my own path,with no fear to get run over
Starting to fear things less and less
Only after everything feels perfect,do they start to become a mess
Sometimes its all about you...cant always be about the rest
We always want to do more,when all we really need is more rest
Is this life a game, a dream or a test
Either way,I hope your trying your best
Not until your dead,do we get our well deserved respect
You don't know what you got till its gone,so what did you really expect
Things come & go,and they always change
Keep your family & friends close,and any enemies out of range
We all have that little bird inside us that wants to fly & sing..
Don't you think its time we let it out the cage
Burying all these emotions underneath,its bound to come out sooner or later and rage
Everything will always seem the same,unless your willing to move on
Let go...and turn the page....

Start a new chapter of life...and just turn the page...
Things will never change,unless you make them change
Its really all up to you,and what you want to do
There's a whole bunch a them,and only one you
Whats it gonna be,whats it gonna take
Are you going to try & correct them,or continue making the same mistake
This life is either make or break
And your still I know you have just what it takes..
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Friday, October 5, 2012

Rolling Stone..

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Nowadays you'll probably hear from me less & less..
This probably means everything in my life is perfect..
Or maybe it's just one big mess..
The nightmares of failing,the dreams of being the best
Even if I made it all the way to the top..
Just what about the rest..?
You see all the smiles,but rarely hear about all the stress
Life's just a game of chess or checkers,you just got to know where to move next
This feeling is killing me,Life is no longer healing me
I just keep playing these cards,these crappy cards life is dealing me
Nothing I write,can put these thoughts beautifully in sight
I try to be in depth,but everything just feels light
Only with you...did anything ever feel right

Now the times have changed,but my love is still the same
I could forget all the others,but will always remember your name
The joy over the pain
The sun over the rain
The freedom over the fame
With all these broken hearts...who will be left to blame?

And I'm coming back to you...I promise one day I will be back
It's been one hell of a crazy year,I guess it safe to say that
I would give you my eyes,just so you can see what I see
A Mona Lisa,a masterpiece who couldn't be any more perfectly
These people aren't true,they will sell you a bunch of lies
just to slowly deceive you
Still waiting for some thing new...but you'll still be the only think I ever truly knew

A tiny message from me,be careful who you trust,and always listen carefully
Never doubt yourself,or the things you can do
And no one living will ever have to power to put you down or judge you
Your life is whatever you make it
The good ,the is however you want to take it
The best days are the one you make
Whats the point of being real,if everyone else is real fake
Always learn from your mistake
Our hearts may be as fragile as glass..
But your soul is something they cant break
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The Weeknd - Rolling Stone (Explicit)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Broken Silence

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I'm looking in the past,reminiscing just how everything was so golden

The future is in your just what are you holding
These moments,these moments which we dream of,are so rapidly unfolding
It's so funny how now once I've closed up,everyone now wants to be so open
Think about it this way,even if we are ok
Every things so black & white,no longer can I see no gray
My love was all i had,and I put it all on display
It only had one price..and now its gone away
Deleted my facebook,since I no longer had anything to say
Taken my self out of the equation,before you tried to subtract me away
I will always look back..slowly gaze into that day
October,November,December..we're so many months away

Drowning all my sorrows today,so the best of me will remain tomorrow
Once you get hurt so much,you slowly start to adapt
And the secret isn't how much...but more like how little to react
So I packed...and I packed
I tried to move further away,but love has no distance
So I'm still trapped

Why wont you let me be,when will this spell set me free
Whats it gonna take for my heart to see
That maybe I'm not meant for you,and you aren't meant for me
Is the world burning?Or is it just me?
Everyone craves to be full & high
But I just want to fly low and finally become empty

These dreams at night,make us believe everything is alright
But Ive been told before I'm wrong...even when I was right
Fading out of sight
Falling in love with the night
My silence if finally broken...well not quite...
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Moon & The Sky

'Focus on the journey,not the destination'
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I always seem to see the good in people..
I guess that's because,I only want good for people
Loving who you are is important,but remembering we are the same
helps keep the balance equal
We're all we have on this dying planet yet we seem to just take more life away,
and never give back,if you live your life right the first time,then you wont
have to look back
We were scared of the new millennium and thought the world was going to end in 2012
but why are we so scared to die?
when all that means it we can finally be one with
the moon & the sky....
In my perfect fantasy...where all the people do is love
and all the angels finally get to fly

Day by Day...Are we getting any closer?
Or just simply slipping away
All the things money can buy...cant stay here forever
But these words come from my heart,so I think of you when I put them together
The less of you they have,the more they will always want
Writing you the language of love,but you must be reading it in a different font
Your not seeing what I see..
I love to love you...
But who loves to love me.

All I can do is hope & pray...hope and pray
That you someday walk into my life and never walk away
I just want things to work,not even trying to play
Read my word,decode what their trying to say
Your my moon & my sky...
I hope you never go away

Let me paint you a picture,just take a moment to relax and open your eyes
This time we seem to have,doesn't have wings,but always  flies
The tears of sadness mixed with joyful cries
The truth trying to find its way,after being buried under a million lies
Broken bridges and unkept ties
Bury the hero...and watch the villain rise
We'll do anything for money,even risk things it can buy
Like happiness or true love
We sometimes cant see whats wrong until we're standing above
Seeing all the rubble all the floor
But it's to late,troubles at your door
Now everything you have is gone
You were doing everything they could this all go so wrong
You weren't doing it for you...that's what you did wrong
You have to understand that only in your body will you ever truly belong
Don't try to be someone else,the world needs you
Now do yourself a favor,and look in mirror
That person staring back at you is you
Love that person the most,give them what they need to breathe
Make sure to let go all those bad things we sometimes need to relieve
Set your goals high,higher than you believe you can achieve
Because if you shoot for the stars...even if you miss you will always land on the moon
Start chasing your dreams today,because sometimes too soon doesn't come too soon
It will never matter how far..Your always be my little shooting star
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ever Seen..

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I just want to write you this letter..
To say your the best thing I ever had,ever seen..ever dreamed
But its seems now life has all of a sudden just got in between
And us fading apart is the saddest thing I've ever seen
You can find another king,but you'll still be my queen
Read between the see all words my heart is trying to sing
Who knows...maybe after a couple more months I would of got you that ring
Now its so crazy...that in the future,our happy past don't mean a thing..
But then again,your phone might ring
And then it will be me, saying I'm at the airport so come on and get me
You can try your best,but the worse thing is you can never forget me
Still gave you my all,even when I promised myself I wouldn't let me
Writing so many poems...when will letting it all out finally help me
The first star I've ever seen
And my last memory my heart will dream
Promise me when we finally get to Heaven..
Nothing will ever get in between.

A tattoo of you in my heart, a tattoo of you in my brain
Was following the road to happiness,now look how sad I became
Whats life without love?Whats life without pain?
Every setback,just increases the pleasure of every gain
Sometimes thinking so much,thinking I might go insane
Everyday fixing these broken planes...One day I want to see you
walk off these planes
Then I wouldn't know what to say,a feeling I couldn't name
Your the clouds to my rain
Your the wings to my plane
Your my Mary,so I don't need no Jane                                                                                                              
Your like a star,just minus the fame
Your my extra life,to this never ending video game
Your my happy pill,when all the others have fell down the drain
Your my everything..what else do I have to name

Just one more go,Shouldn't of let you go
But then again if I didn't,You wouldn't of made that mistake
So now you know..
I can picture you,but I cant capture your exact beauty in my mind
You always thought you were right,how I made you believed that so many times
Hearing all these stories,sounds like you been rehearsing these lines
Breaking one heart after another,but I guess we just blame Cupid for these crimes
Love must really blind us...never saw the signs
Your still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen...I wish I could underline
YOUa hundred times...
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stuck In My Head..

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Trying to do what's right,following the stars at night
Only you can create your dreams,so make sure there right
Right for you,I hope those people are being kind to you
The world isn't enough,I would risk it all and die twice for you
Hoping when the time is right,I can give you everything you need
We all have the little voice inside us,it just needs to be freed
Use what you were given,The greatest things in life are hidden
Now lets close our eyes and think back to the beginning
What was more important?Being happy...or being the person whose winning
We don't all get the same amount of time,or the same amount of choices
But whatever you get is yours,we just have to learn to listen to the right voices
If things ended today...would you be happy the way you lived your day
Are you all work and no play?Or all play and no work
As long as you found a happy medium,that's all you need for things to work
The chosen ones....You or I..The stars or The Sky
If you see something wrong,stop & ask why
Only we can fix what we see is wrong
You start the race...then pass the baton
Take a moment every day...and just realize whats going on
In the darkest moments..remember the light is always there..
So stay strong.

One human race,sometimes has the feeling that we're all out of place
Is this the case?Or have I just picked up a bad taste
It seems that no one cares anymore
We have way to much homeless people living on the floor
But we still find a way to waste all this money on war
or many useless materialistic things we adore
I saw this quote"People were created to be loved.Things were created to be used.
The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and
people are being used."
Are you starting to get it more?
I just don't want us to wait until its too late
We seem to show our love most,after someone dies...
That's when we start to cry & appreciate
Don't wait until that dreadful date...Start now..
Before its too late.

And then theres you.
Your the only person whose love every got me through
But it sometimes feels like we're through
And I not so sure what to do
Speaking out loud,so I hope you can hear me
Not much as need to fear me
Finding someone like you,only happens rarely
I guess you'll start looking for me again,whenever you start seeing clearly
I always loved you faith..but it seems you abandoned me dearly
A lovely memory,stuck in a beautiful place...
Even if I knew things would be a'll still the only dream I would
ever chase.
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Monday, August 20, 2012


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So here we are...In a place we never thought we would be again
Were we best at simply being lovers?Or more spectacular as friends
Your face still haunts me every single day
Half way across the world...And I still cant get away
I always seem to lose in this game of love...why do I continue to play
Maybe I prefer to loser to be me...and not you
My little angel...look how fast your grew..

Still trying to find me...feeling like the best people
were left behind me
I'll always be living in the past..
because I'm not sure if a better future exists
Please excuse me if one day I just say goodbye to everyone
and leave for life's exits...
My head is hurting,my heart is pounding
The way you would sound when you just woke up..
nothing was as beautiful sounding
I'm doing all of this...but what does it really mean
Living a good life,trying to keep my conscience clean
but this false image of hope always seems to come in between
I'm pretty good at covering everything up..but when I start writing
it's so easily seen
I try...I try
To think positive...but with no one close..everything just feels like a lie
But I can remember it like it was yesterday
Your probably wondering why I'm such a mess today
This is just what happens when I give my heart a chance to say
whatever it pleases to say
These days go by.and the time does too only happy place..was with you
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Comfort Zone..

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All the way to the top..
Just be honest with yourself...
There's too much people out here looking for fame, luxury & wealth
Not enough standing up for whats right
How do some people even fall asleep night?
We all have a calling..something right just for us to do
The only problem is,many of us gets tricked,into thinking we don't have much to do
The lies grow...while the truth sinks
We sometimes fail to take a step back & wonder what our creator thinks
We lost track of what we were sent here for
Shouldn't we be trying to make life less difficult for each other?..not more
So many people I actually love & adore
If I could...I would give them my wings just to see them soar
Always more to life...don't be scared to open up that next door
Sometimes to get to the have to start from the floor..

People say I'm different...when I'm really just the same
I just use my heart more..vs how we've been trained to think with our brain
It's so obvious to just help someone whose feeling pain
We all were once that kid that no one liked...who everyone used to call names
Something in my blood..I can feel it in my veins
Because my brother Nathan,when it comes to love...feels like we've been through the exact same lane
This thing called 'Happiness' that I always talk about..always feels so hard to maintain..
But its something I want every single one of us to attain
So we must go out there & find it..nothings going to happen if we just sit & complain

These days fly I sometimes gaze into the clouds & wonder why
Why, are they trying to kill the greater good?Why do they want us to die?
If a bird is meant fly,why do we catch them,cut their wings & allow them to live a lie
So many things...we should just let be...and leave alone
The memories of 'You' & 'I'...always hit me..when I start listening to the zone
Like Neale Donald Walsch said,'Llife only the end of your comfort zone...'
It's not how Good you are,
It's how Good you want to be.
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Friday, August 17, 2012


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Alone in the dark...getting lost along the way
Your mind says to go...but my heart says to stay
Vaguely remembering all things you use to say
Were the only words I needed to hear, to get me through the day
These thoughts follow me,like they know I did something wrong
Where's all the love?Aren't we all suppose to get along?
Loving you right...even when you treated me wrong
Nice guys finish last...but just for how long..
What I deserve...vs what I always get
I guess it's always my fault for having too much to expect
Now my only regret
And the times you told me you would always remember...but your starting to
This open wound I have...that everyone seems to neglect
I cant be as bad as what the mirror fails to reflect
The only person I would die to protect
Ends up stabbing me in the back,like their someone they just met
Bleeding out...I'm blacking out
I guess only with true love....can anyone ever truly figure me out...

Running away...but never far enough
This word gets harder...ain't things hard enough?
Fragile...So fragile
Can't even risk another touch
Because I've loved with all I had...
But was never returned too much
Feelings getting confused when theres
Lust with a hint of rush
Now the feeling of being satisfied is a must
And the added words of 'I Love You' is a plus
But when its all over...if its not with the person you love
That whole affair is basically a minus..
Whats Love without Trust...
Whats Life without Us...

My eyes only see what your willing to show..
But my heart knows more...than what you want me to know..
The moment when our hearts start to lose that special glow..
Is another way of saying...'I think its time I let you go'
And away you went...or away I did
I use to think love was such a beautiful thing...
When I was so young and just a kid
Now I see it's true face
At the end of every finish line...just awaits a new race
Life keep sending me on trips..I'm always at a new place
Just how much heartbreak..can one heart take...
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Saturday, August 11, 2012


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Have I fallen victim to this game?
Some say it's impossible to be both happy & sane
If I could be just one...I would be happy
Because in a sane world,no matter how I try to get away..
All these problems & thoughts I try to leave behind...always seem to catch me
Dying just to be reborn
Losing it all...just to see what I could earn
I'm I lost...or just going my own way
Listen to the ocean..or the sound of the wind..or gaze into the stars
It's better than listening to what they do or say..
Become a dreamer...Dreams always show you theres a better way..

No Love Lost.No Love Found.
So many tears have fallen onto this distant ground
Love is always the best...when its not trying to be seen..
It's need to make a sound
It's just a look...It's just a feel
So much a simple touch or acknowledgement can help heal
The truth is...what if any of us aren't really real..

The best of the two hearts..are hardly chosen
The opportunity you have now,is golden
Sometimes to win..
You have to lose..
What's better?Being chosen
Or getting to choose
The biggest mistake..
Is the one not known,until its too late
The more love we give,the less hurt we receive
The more hurt we give,the less love we receive
"The man who wants invincible"
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Do or Say?Slipping Away..

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I really wish you cared more...I really wish I was there more
All this time spent on earth,sometimes I wonder what we're here for..
Things aren't like there suppose to be,your suppose to be here close to me
My days start to over lap,looking in the mirror,seeing not but a ghost as me

A heart is only a heart when its full,not when its empty
Just remember my words...its ok if you forget me
And when the flame gets low,summers suppose to heat things up,but the love you feel is still cold
When you would do anything to make things better again...just name a price and its sold
We're really all just Outsiders...Stay Gold..Just remember to always stay gold

And just never lose yourself...

Losing something you can never get back,telling people the truth..just look how they react
It's hard to move forward,when your always trying to go back
I'm just following my heart,and look where I'm at
I hate the fact that I'm mostly right,too good to be true,now your out my sight

A feeling you should love to have,and hate to fight
The good mornings start disappearing and your alone at night
The only time you feel above those other girls is when your on a plane..why are you so scared to make your dreams take flight?
And this shit is killing me,I cant even write
Love is blind...when will someone help me see the light..

These people pretend they like they know me
But I can see through their disguise...what are you really trying to show me
Been to some places that I never want to go back to
Sometimes I get sick of trying
So sick,but theres not point of me crying
There's people out there with less than me,and there just happy there not dying..

What will I do when it all stops making sense
When every other day is just another regular day spent
I don't have long,my times running out
I have all these visions in my head,but writing is the only way they will ever come out
Thinking if I could go back to where I was before
Back then I wanted to fast forward my life to the future...but that's not something I want anymore

These words....these words are all they really give me
I look happy when I'm around them...but when I'm alone again...that's when it all crashes down
& hits me
When did things get so vague and unreal
Happiness is nice when it's untroubled...but it seems to lose all its contents once you break its seal
Can we rebuild whats been broken down?
Those echoes of silence seem to be my new favorite sounds
You can never know...they will never understand
Trying to lead her in the right way..but the devil holds her hand

Slipping away...slipping away
I would usually do something,but I'm curious to see what you will do or say..
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Never Alone..

Always do more than what the world expects of you..
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My heart goes out to you...those rarely so spoken to
The ones they call different...the chosen few
Because I've had a few..of days when my stars had no shine
When I felt like everyone moved ahead...while I just stayed behind
Happiness & Love...the only things that make it worth it every time
Can also be...the most two difficult things to find..
But I'm right behind wont be walking alone in this line
We'll just keep on moving forward,until we feel our hearts give us a sign

My exact words..could never mean enough
It just takes the love of one true heart,with a protective touch
Aging through life...shows us things take time and we shouldn't rush
The people who believe they know everything about the world..but fail
to treat other's to know much

The little things can do so much more..
Just imagine your heart..constantly pumping just to provide you more
More strength to do all the things you wanted to do
More love to spread to the ones in need..and close to you
And to the ones far away..As long as the sun shines
I promise you will have your day..
Your day when your the happiest you can be
All the good things you feel the positive karma finally catch up to me
But most importantly..from the moment you go to when you
wake up in the feel nothing but happy
Any anger or hate...please let it go past me

Never feel like you have to be seen with anybody..
Just to feel like somebody
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


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Staying at a distance...a distance is where I need to be
You dashed away all the hope I had,so now its no longer up to you
hence...only up to me...
Feeling locked outside the world,but I don't even want the key
Realizing sadly enough..that not even freedom comes free
But sorry this is just my look at things...feel free to express with me whatever it is you see...

Smiling faces & broken hearts....
You can never really tell the difference between the two
unless you actually pay attention,be there & listen..and do your part
Life is no game,more on the lines of an misunderstood art
So while it's still here,paint & draw away...because when it all said & done..
They won't be anything left to do....or say
Not looking towards the end...just saying do what you can today*
Too much or too little,I know things feel like they can never be in the middle
But I'm willing to be here for you...if your here for me
I just want us to take off these masks...and become the people who we truly desire to be*

A couple more lines in....A couple more thoughts out
Who knew the more I gave in,the more you would draw out
Looking in the sky,tired of seeing all these supernova's...bring the real stars out
Because it feels like I'm at the end of my line..its been drawn out
Only if I could erase....just being able to erase...
There wouldn't be a fragment of me left here on earth...or out in space

But nothing comes find what you need to find
Whatever it is in your heart...whatever it is on your mind
Every now & then,things just take time
So put your best foot more looking behind..
All it really takes is for you to truly believe in yourself..
Now close your eyes..use your heart...and tell me what you see
Just one more thing...before I have to go...
You can be the greatest thing there is..
The choice is yours...That's all I really wanted you to know..
Make Yourself Proud*

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Don't Wait...

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You see that's always gonna change
And this moment you have to tell someone you love them,
might never be the same...
I've seen too many goodbyes,given in less than enough time
You don't want to be stuck in your mind...just wishing you can rewind
Just close your eyes...and see what greatness you find
The person closest to you,show them you love them..make sure there is
no doubt in there mind
Old habits are hard to break
That's why, we always seem to show our feelings..just a little too late
Why are we here?If not to make each others life not a little less hard
It doesn't have to be someones birthday..for you to go out and get them
a cake and a card
Let them know you still care,let them feel it in your heart that your still here

Your greater than they are,if you care about more than yourself
The world is better off,rich in love..and low with wealth
All the faces I see,always mean something more to me
I hope you can be...everything you always dreamed to be
Hold on....and never let go
Your the only person who can write your never let anyone else tell you so
The stars shine for you...they are trying to say,you must always shine no matter what darkness you are put through
Also that you are not alone,they might try & copy..but your heart is something
they can never clone

Make your chance...don't let it get away
Use the time you have say all the things you need to say
Imagine if everyday...someone decided to love you like it was there last
Then everyday would be so amazing,no more searching through the past
Help me Help you.Help you Help me
Don't wait for things to get full
Because that right when things might be empty
Time waits for no one,so how long should they have to wait for you
They say all good things come to a end..
But don't wait until the end to show your love is true...
The Ones Closest To Us...
Are Usual The Ones Most Furthest Away...
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Broken Compass..

"Each Second You Can Be Reborn.
Each Second There Can be A New Beginning.
It Is Choice.
It Is Your Choice."

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The cold,the warmth
the laugh,the smiles
Sometimes with all the confusion
We all get lost along the miles
But we all have a perfect sense of direction
That thing called your 'heart' is a internal compass,all you have to do is
believe in you & pay attention
Do whats right for you,and not whats right for them
Because when its all said and done..
your gonna be left with you...not with them
Still care for others,but love yourself first
Because I've seen too many golden hearts stolen
And not knowing how to get them back.... is the worse
We sometimes don't deserve what happens...but it happens anyway
and life goes on
You can stay on replay...or try progression
Try a new & better song
Hoping we can all some day get along
But they hate when your different..and your climbing your way to the top
They'll start shooting you down like your King Kong

But save her
Do what you can to save her
Look in the mirror and never forget how great you are..
Just please do yourself that favor
Sweet & Sour,life comes with many distinctive flavors
Imagine a life where no one ever knew their neighbors
Love what you can,help whoever needs it
Seen faces that smiles that say there ok..
But inside their heart screams they really need it..
At the end of the day,when the sun has gone away
As long as your at peace with yourself..and you tried your best
What really is there left to say..
Just Follow Your Heart...It's The Only Compass That
Can Never Be Fully Broken
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Lost Wings

'All The Right Faces...Just Stuck In All The Wrong Places'
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If we can see into the Heavens...what would we see
Would it be a place meant for you...a place meant for me
The clouds past by everyday...they just look,with nothing to say
With too much to say...happy to be sky blue,crying their way to grey
Being absent on being here...using the word 'Love'why would you want to go there..
Shadows chasing me,Time keeps erasing me
These scribbled down thoughts,will be all you have to remember me
Those scared to die,are scared to live
When the time comes to much are you really wiling to give

I believe in Angels..I believe they exist
In many shapes and forms,in need of there mercy in order to persist
Loving who we really are,is something we all seem to resist
Only once you've been touch by an Angel...will you ever feel like you truly exist

Carry me away..Lift me up..Don't let me look down
Tell me something..Speak from the heart..Going deaf to all the lies,only hearing the true sound
Take me where I'm meant to go...just like the missing Angel...
who hasn't been found
Pray For The Ones Who Gave Up Their Wings..
To Try Saving Us...The Ones Who Live On The Ground
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