Saturday, August 11, 2012


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Have I fallen victim to this game?
Some say it's impossible to be both happy & sane
If I could be just one...I would be happy
Because in a sane world,no matter how I try to get away..
All these problems & thoughts I try to leave behind...always seem to catch me
Dying just to be reborn
Losing it all...just to see what I could earn
I'm I lost...or just going my own way
Listen to the ocean..or the sound of the wind..or gaze into the stars
It's better than listening to what they do or say..
Become a dreamer...Dreams always show you theres a better way..

No Love Lost.No Love Found.
So many tears have fallen onto this distant ground
Love is always the best...when its not trying to be seen..
It's need to make a sound
It's just a look...It's just a feel
So much a simple touch or acknowledgement can help heal
The truth is...what if any of us aren't really real..

The best of the two hearts..are hardly chosen
The opportunity you have now,is golden
Sometimes to win..
You have to lose..
What's better?Being chosen
Or getting to choose
The biggest mistake..
Is the one not known,until its too late
The more love we give,the less hurt we receive
The more hurt we give,the less love we receive
"The man who wants invincible"
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  1. well most times you'll find that in your life you strive for adventure a purpose. we arent really born with this its how our culture is so we as youths look to our nearest source your parents all they do is work we dont like this for our hearts as youths can still communicate with the world just like the animals in the world. so we look to where we do agree to what we most like we turn to video games, singers, athletes. once we find that path we still arent satified we are still striving for purpose.. i can relate this feeling to any rpg where the world is in trouble and you the hero must save it. The hero makes unlikely allies unties warring races, tries to save everyone even his/hers enemies the hero doesnt wish ill on others the ero wants to do right by all. So in the end the hero succeds, but what next the only people who are truly united were the unlikely allies but with the hero not actively involved or lets say he passes on in old age those alliances will remember old hatreds they will strive for peace but in the end will more then likely starting fighting again