Friday, August 17, 2012


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Alone in the dark...getting lost along the way
Your mind says to go...but my heart says to stay
Vaguely remembering all things you use to say
Were the only words I needed to hear, to get me through the day
These thoughts follow me,like they know I did something wrong
Where's all the love?Aren't we all suppose to get along?
Loving you right...even when you treated me wrong
Nice guys finish last...but just for how long..
What I deserve...vs what I always get
I guess it's always my fault for having too much to expect
Now my only regret
And the times you told me you would always remember...but your starting to
This open wound I have...that everyone seems to neglect
I cant be as bad as what the mirror fails to reflect
The only person I would die to protect
Ends up stabbing me in the back,like their someone they just met
Bleeding out...I'm blacking out
I guess only with true love....can anyone ever truly figure me out...

Running away...but never far enough
This word gets harder...ain't things hard enough?
Fragile...So fragile
Can't even risk another touch
Because I've loved with all I had...
But was never returned too much
Feelings getting confused when theres
Lust with a hint of rush
Now the feeling of being satisfied is a must
And the added words of 'I Love You' is a plus
But when its all over...if its not with the person you love
That whole affair is basically a minus..
Whats Love without Trust...
Whats Life without Us...

My eyes only see what your willing to show..
But my heart knows more...than what you want me to know..
The moment when our hearts start to lose that special glow..
Is another way of saying...'I think its time I let you go'
And away you went...or away I did
I use to think love was such a beautiful thing...
When I was so young and just a kid
Now I see it's true face
At the end of every finish line...just awaits a new race
Life keep sending me on trips..I'm always at a new place
Just how much heartbreak..can one heart take...
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