Saturday, August 4, 2012

Never Alone..

Always do more than what the world expects of you..
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My heart goes out to you...those rarely so spoken to
The ones they call different...the chosen few
Because I've had a few..of days when my stars had no shine
When I felt like everyone moved ahead...while I just stayed behind
Happiness & Love...the only things that make it worth it every time
Can also be...the most two difficult things to find..
But I'm right behind wont be walking alone in this line
We'll just keep on moving forward,until we feel our hearts give us a sign

My exact words..could never mean enough
It just takes the love of one true heart,with a protective touch
Aging through life...shows us things take time and we shouldn't rush
The people who believe they know everything about the world..but fail
to treat other's to know much

The little things can do so much more..
Just imagine your heart..constantly pumping just to provide you more
More strength to do all the things you wanted to do
More love to spread to the ones in need..and close to you
And to the ones far away..As long as the sun shines
I promise you will have your day..
Your day when your the happiest you can be
All the good things you feel the positive karma finally catch up to me
But most importantly..from the moment you go to when you
wake up in the feel nothing but happy
Any anger or hate...please let it go past me

Never feel like you have to be seen with anybody..
Just to feel like somebody
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