Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shining from Afar

I guess a silent answer,is better than no answer at all
having a phonebook full of numbers is just pointless with not knowing who to call
and most of us want the 'wings'.....but all of us just want to escape the fall
it's never fun being at the bottom,never sure what to do
thinking I've hit my boiling point,while watching my problems brew
or maybe thats just my chain of thought,tried to see things through a different view
millions of people living on this earth,but we only truly admire a few
since we started with this amount,its only right that we end with two

Two people,A husband & a wife
lets divorce death,so we may have eternal life
write your wishes down on a piece of paper and tape it to a kite
so no matter what happens to you,at least your wishes can take flight 
and they say aim for the moon so if you miss you can land on the stars
maybe its time to stop focusing on what they have.....and just be happy with whats ours
they can have the fancy life,and drive around all these different cars
fly in different planes & private jets and buy out all the bars
but they can never have,what you got,and thats how naturally beautiful you truly are

Even with the Sun shining bright.....I can still see you shining from afar

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