Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fall For Your Type....Same Mistakes

Left me behind and so now I cant catch up
when your in love you float so high but we made a mistake so now nobody can catch us...
So we're falling.....falling fast
I don't think things were meant to be like this,we were suppose to last
But I do remember the last time I saw you face & the last things I said to you
It was our goodbye so I had no idea what the hell I was suppose to say to you....
The things this life puts us through
It's like we're crash test dummies for failure,but hope got us stuck like glue
And I sticked it out no matter  how bad things went
 Now Im broke with no love,look at all the things I spend my love on,now everything's been spent
So should I blame you or should I blame me
Because since we became distant I'm no longer the same me
And that doesn't sound like the sane me
but this life will drive you crazy so maybe thats the insane me
Ever thought that the reason your so frustrated with things is because you haven't seen me
We use to have the best of times....but I haven't had the chance to say that lately
Distance separates everything if you want to believe it or not
I guess the reason why people read a lot of love stories is because in reality we don't see that a lot
The only thing we see is divorces and break ups
And we were so strong we only had one major shake up
But our ground is still shaking and I just want to get things straight
I always fall for your type.......I always make the same mistake....

But what can I take for this heartbreak or heartache
I try to stomach my pride but refuse to act unharmed or too fake
So I act real and let you know how I feel
And hopefully me walking down this road will help me heal
since all this is feeling like some sort of overkill
thought I made a unspoken promise to cupid but it seems even he couldn't keep a deal
so who can I trust who can I run too
trying to keep my mind off of things but you still hover above me like a sun roof
and you were like the sun to me,so my days are no longer bright,check my thoughts if you want proof
this all your fault if you want the truth
but it seems you silence that & block out what you don't want to hear,how long have I been on mute
Actions speak louder than thats why I load up my thoughts and shoot
Will they hit you.....I don't even know
How can I correct my mistake if falling for your all I ever know?

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  1. Wow!! Very poignant!
    This can also work with the whole breaking up of friendships. ;w;