Saturday, March 31, 2012


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Sometimes I hate being me...does that feeling ever come over you?
When you either feel alone...or that no one can possibly understand what your going through
or that no one really cares...your tired of searching for 'the one'..over all of these long & lonely years
you feel like your the only one who body else seems to share
(and all your dreams slowly drift away because of all your self doubt & fears)
The times that past...are the ones you can't get back
Every time you try to move always seem to look back
You know the right way to go...but somehow fall off track
They say life is about 10% what happens to you...the rest is just how you react..

I want you to know something...secretly,just between me & you
that I know we cant undo...all the bad things they seem to do
but you can be here for me...and I can be here for you
just us two...since most don't's up to the very few

So we wait...and wait...for that moment to finally come
The day you look in the mirror & smile of who you've become
Since you didn't let all the bad times break you
You were strong from the beginning,that's just how God made you
Now nothing can stop you...your on your way
You figured out the simply make the best out of every single day
They may doubt your abilities,but if there is a will,there's a way
awake from your dreams & press play
the future isn't you the gift of the
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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Realized it takes alot more to give...than it does to take
Been giving all my I'm just wondering will I ever get paid long does it take?
Separated whats real from whats fake
giving my love in hope the other person will change...will never again make that mistake
I missed writing to sorry I've been away
Just that I moved from Texas to Arkansas..and I'm just trying to find my way
So much emotions I've tried putting away
Anyways...hows your life been...I hope you've been ok
Because without you...what's the point of me even writing
We all have those demons that we are constantly fighting
Never let them win...your more than beautiful on the outside
and your like an angel within
All the names & faces I wont ever forget
All the hard times throughout life that makes us stronger that we should never regret
The well being for others is something we should always protect
Always love yourself first...your the most important piece to the puzzle..all the needs for yourself
you should never neglect
Keep moving just takes that first step
Erase the bad...only the good memories should be kept

Praying for the best.but in my mind I always picture the worse
Let you dreams be your doctor...and ambition be your nurse
Get far, far, away
Do at least one thing that makes you happy...every single day
Nothing more...Nothing Less
Looking for the this is a game of chess
You were always so special..more special than the rest..
Hate to choose favorites...but your probably the best

So beautiful & smart 
you will make someone happy one day
We all have our time for will & has to come some day
Always so much on my mind...why do you think I write so much
It's not about looks or swag...more importantly about trust
Take your time with need to rush
Set your you know when enough is enough
Been through enough already..hope your happy days are near
Only have one be careful who and how much you decide to share
Will always be there in spirit...and the sound of my words are always here...
I wish you the best for whoever it is you decide to take next
These words in this poem are my goodbye's what else did you expect...

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


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Feeling like I have a fever....but I still want to write to you
Always stand on your own two matter what life puts you through
Every thing's a challenge...Every thing's a game
Some provide Love...While others supply Pain
Hard to be honest in a world filled with lies
Easy to become obsessed since love never really dies
From seeing the world just by looking into your eyes
To my heart dropping just by the sound of your cries
Future is our only hope & fear
Will we be forgotten?Will anyone even care
Love is simply a game of truth & dare
The truth is...we dare to love because sooner or later we know the end is near...

Use to think...but now I just don't know
You love with all your heart...but when its over what do you have to show
Memories you wont ever have a chance to relive again...saying goodbye to love...your such a distant friend
Escaping reality at any and all cost
Trying to follow someone else's dreams...and your bound to get lost
I will get there....and so will you
Nobody can stop you...from doing what your heart says to do
You can make it if you try,every Hello just ends at goodbye
Dreaming of a dream coming true....
Erasing all the preparation for all the new...

I just want to be there when every things right
When the stars are all out and it's like the perfect night
And all our hopes & dreams seem to be plainly in sight...
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The People Nobody Could See...

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We hear only what they chose to tell how much do we really know
Actions speak louder than far what do your actions show
Too often we do nothing in fear of something
When the people at top have nearly all they wish for..while the people at the bottom own close to nothing
What's it gonna take...for humanity to finally become awake
Instead of fighting over money & spilling blood, realize we have human lives at stake
So many opportunities we can create,before its too late
It's only when your dead & people realize your great..

For a greater good,or a lesser bad
Praying for the children across the world who are forced to kill their own mom & dad
And we think we have things rough...always wondered why people have to go through certain stuff
Like a bomb in our simply goes away after a certain amount of time
Hold my hand...tell me what you really see
I's hope...for everyone...including you & me..

It doesn't cost anything to love,It doesn't cost anything to pray
Hate seems to be the easiest thing to have,but it also comes with the highest price to pay
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"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"-MLKjr 
so I hope they take him away....

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Better Than Me..

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the time moves so fast,we always end up thinking where did it go?
feelings never last too long either,so I'm just getting so used to just letting go
my brother Nathan turned 18 yesterday & I wish him the best
forget those who will forget you & just prepare for whoever's next
I hope you end up doing better than me...
Waiting for you to break the lock on all your potential because I know you got the key
I see alot of similarities between us,which is shocking to see
but you've grown into your own man now,which I know mom is blessed to see
she got her 4 sons & we're all doing so well
we're such a happy family that us being split up so much is something you cant even tell
the little brother who grew up to be as tall as me
fast forwarding to the days when we have our wives's & can finally live life care free
been through things that people only speak about
like being shot at by a bunch of random people,I still wonder why god made y'all take that route
but more importantly I'm just happy y'all managed to find a way out
feeling first life deals alot of losses...but eventually it will pay out
Almost done here in Texas,so hopefully we can meet in Florida again before I leave
you made it this far by yourself,you don't need anyone to get whatever it is you wish to achieve
girls may continue to act stupid & fake,just don't ever lose yourself on the journey of success no matter how
long it may take
funny enough...I still know you write better than me
but like I said before...I hope you end up doing better than me...

the days get worse,only if you don't make them better
life will try and kill all your dreams...but that's only if you let her..
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