Sunday, March 4, 2012

Better Than Me..

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the time moves so fast,we always end up thinking where did it go?
feelings never last too long either,so I'm just getting so used to just letting go
my brother Nathan turned 18 yesterday & I wish him the best
forget those who will forget you & just prepare for whoever's next
I hope you end up doing better than me...
Waiting for you to break the lock on all your potential because I know you got the key
I see alot of similarities between us,which is shocking to see
but you've grown into your own man now,which I know mom is blessed to see
she got her 4 sons & we're all doing so well
we're such a happy family that us being split up so much is something you cant even tell
the little brother who grew up to be as tall as me
fast forwarding to the days when we have our wives's & can finally live life care free
been through things that people only speak about
like being shot at by a bunch of random people,I still wonder why god made y'all take that route
but more importantly I'm just happy y'all managed to find a way out
feeling first life deals alot of losses...but eventually it will pay out
Almost done here in Texas,so hopefully we can meet in Florida again before I leave
you made it this far by yourself,you don't need anyone to get whatever it is you wish to achieve
girls may continue to act stupid & fake,just don't ever lose yourself on the journey of success no matter how
long it may take
funny enough...I still know you write better than me
but like I said before...I hope you end up doing better than me...

the days get worse,only if you don't make them better
life will try and kill all your dreams...but that's only if you let her..
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