Tuesday, March 11, 2014


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Someone gave you all my love..all the love I was giving to you
You were scared of what was real..so you just accepted the love that you knew wasn't true
Most of those guys didn't even take the time to get to know you
But I guess half of the blame falls on the fact that..you don't really know yourself..do you?

Now your in a place where I can't even help
I don't even know what was real..or what you really felt
But when you treat someone so cold,eventually it will be your turn to melt

So I'm floating..I'm floating away
They say the safest place is your heart..so that's where I plan to stay

I don't ever want to see you hurt again..but it's hard to know what's real
In a life where all everyone does is pretend

You and me are part of a plan…
One which I don't think anyone around us..really understands

Now I just feel numb,all these girls want something different from me
Trapped in a cycle of lust and fun

All these things in front of me
They slowly pick me apart from the person I want to be
I'm tuning into one of those guys
I never wanted to feel comfortable with telling lies
But no one wants to hear the truth either
Truthfully I wish I didn't meet her
This girl called life
Most of my friends back home..are having their first kid or getting engaged or already have a wife
I'm suffocating,I just want to breathe
Don't need someone to give me the things I want,but who gives me the things I need
I think secretly we just all want to be freed
To escape all the social pressure and greed
They want you to be this way and that way
To dress and talk and wear your hat this way
I don't have to be the best,I just have to be better
I hate how I expose all my flaws with the type of every single letter
Everything is just happening so fast,none of these friendships/relationships no longer last
Why are we all so in a rush,the faster we go..the faster we crash

Can I still save you from you..
Can you still save me from me..
It feels like I've been locked away for so long
I'm just glad you got the key
You had it all along,you just didn't know
We all have a special part to play,even if it doesn't show
Take care of yourself & always smile
I haven't encountered someone as unique as you in a while..
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Monday, March 10, 2014

Devil May Cry

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They say try to forget,they advise for you to move on
But how do you allow something so right,to be tainted so wrong
Some wait an entire life-time for that one moment to feel alive
But if you don't go out there and get it,it may never arrive

We're all connected in someway
Will the rest wake up and finally realize that one day?
Cherish all the little moments,before they fade away
And listen to your heart,& say the words you've been dying to say

That one person who crosses your mind before you fall asleep
You could be the strongest person around,but when they're around you suddenly become weak
What do your actions really speak of?
Are you really portraying what your really made of?

You might be lost forever,but that's okay
The secret to life,is adapting anyway
Adapt to trust,don't adapt to lust
There has to be a you,before there can be us

We're all searching for something..something we may never find
Why do we shut out our hearts,and allow people to store their thoughts of hate in our mind
I mean,when you think about it..we really are just destroying our own kind
We're able to go buy the most expensive watches,but still seem can't afford to spend the time
On those who really matter,on those who really care,because showing who we really are deep down inside is something that still fills us with fear

So break free..break free
If you can't do it for you,then please do it for me
"It won't be in vain,
To swallow all your pain"
Never give up,Don't allow yourself to ever feel unaccomplished again..
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