Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thinking About

"Fall In Love When Your Ready,Not When You're Lonely"
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I want to cry my eyes out...I think I really should
I want to do all the things...that they say I never really could
Crying because I'm happy...not crying because I'm sad
Living proof that you can always make it with one parent...just my dad
I pray for those...who have it bad
And I wish I could give you...all those little important things you never had

Haven't been to church in a I ask that you pray for me...
Been away for so long...missing the one who use to care for me...
My heart goes out to the ones who still are there for me...
I'm sorry things are like this...and I promise you will soon hear from me...
Nowadays it feels like so many people want a piece of me..
But it's hard to figure they even deserve a piece of me..
I can be happy alone...because I've finally found the peace with me..

After a while...
You start seeing people for who they really are..
And not just who they pretend to be..
And life could be such a wonderful place...minus all the misery
Do better than ok...Do more than say 'Hope you have a great day'
Make sure they have a great day..Because there are some good hearts out there..
They are just waiting for you to lead the way
Lately I haven't had much to say...I just hope your doing better...better than ok..

You never really know someone...
Until you've seen them during their darkest times...
And I still believe in a higher power...even though I've seen the darkest signs
Your life is a song...only you make up your favorite lines
What are you waiting for??Get out there and go find...

What are you thinking about...
Is it love?hate?power?respect?pain?
I understand that not all of our lives will be the same
But you can over come any challenge, we can all win at this game
The Only Thing I Fear...Is Failure..
And The Only Thing I Love...Is Love..
No matter where you are now...Just don't think about it
And move beyond and above...
"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.
Small people always try to do that,
But the really great make you feel that you,too,
Can become great."-Mark Twain
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Either Way...

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People like you....don't usually exist
Usually after a while of us being broken...we usually switch
Switch into the game...and switch into the lies
But you haven't done that..your heart still tries
And my heart still cries
As I start to wonder....if Love ever really dies
Maybe it does...maybe it doesn't
But I would hate to think something was dead...which really wasn't

They don't want you for you...
How sad but so true
Something about you....that I've never found before
But I want too keep you a secret like something no one has ever found before
Because if they saw what I see...they would want you too
But not the way I want you...because my heart always stays true
To seeing your smile and hearing your voice
It's obvious that you will be the perfect choice...

No love story is perfect,and that's ok
Life is a journey...and if it never least I met you along the way
Thinking about you for the most of the day
You make my feelings pour what this poem is trying to say

If I could pick you or the sun....
My world would be dark,but yet still be bright
Because a star is best seen shining...along with the darkness of the night
You said my hands are soft...well so is your face
And we've both been waiting on that special someone... to finally fill that empty space

They might not understand...and that's perfectly fine
Love has no limit..and doesn't worry about time
Having daydreams at night...if you will ever be mine
I'm ready when you are...girl just show me a sign...

Either way I still care...

Either way I'm still here...
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Set You Free..

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Where we are today....Isn't where we will be tomorrow
I'm sorry if he told you all those lies...and filled your life with all that sorrow
If I could...I will take all the pain away from your heart..and leave it in mine
Because you would of never known a thing called pain...if you were mine
The time is ticking...but who cares about the time
You can go ahead and give up but, life is all about trying
You need to know how special you are
You need to see how rare you are
You can feel the mix of love & heart..embedded in my scar
And when it comes to you...there will never be too far
The world is sick,the people need love
My heart is crying,all it needs is love
Rescue me...or let me rescue you
Lets fall asleep together...and let our hearts bond for as long as they need too
I'm in a dark room,but I can see everything perfectly fine
Love has no we can never cross the line
You speak of things I wish I could erase
Seeing the hurt built up over the years in your face
Makes me wish I could just take us to space
You just need someone worthy....someone who is worthy to fill his space
My heart is talking...I'm just typing
We can always see each other....our hearts are forever skyping
Don't listen to what they say...things don't have to be that way
Leave it up to me...and I will make sure your ok
Before the sun falls...and its another day
I will play all the notes for you...that you need me to play
Whats more important to you...your body or your heart
Why would you even give them a choice to have either from the start
To valuable for regular eyes to see
To special to be with anyone less than me
They want to keep you locked up forever...
When I just want to set you free***
I could write forever...but sadly it wont bring us together
And if we were birds..I would give you all my feathers
So when I die...I could at least know you will be warm & better
On my little tombstone...asking 'When did my love stop for you"
And the answer will be short & simple " Never"
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Saturday, May 12, 2012


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Help me reach where we are suppose to go
Show me somethings that no one else would show
Tell me things they don't want me to know
But most matter how long I'm away...
Just never let me go

And it takes me alot just to write these words
Love is so rarely it's never actually heard
People say I love you everyday
But actions speak louder than what do they really say
Sometimes the lover loves one so much...that they choose to look away
But they come face to face with the same problem they love at the end of the day
So I ask you to be honest with yourself..if I may
Because all your lies...are gonna make that one person..finally runaway

Take today and make a plan
Your the pilot of your own you decide when you want to land
What you feel one can take that from you
And no matter high up they one will ever be put above off you
They might try to judge you...and say things behind your back
But jealous is just love & hate at the same kindness is something many people lack
Move forward...and never look back
Since the slightest distraction could knock you off track
Speak from the heart & say whats true
Now instead of running away....all the broken hearts....
Start to run towards you
I just hope we can all learn to not overuse or misuse those three powerful words of...
I Love You
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The times have changed,and it's a brand new day
We all have two run towards our dreams...or simply walk away
Keeping our hearts close to our chest,but still throwing our bodies around
Doing that is basically going down a one way street...and its only going down
So take care of yourself,you are worth so much more
Love doesnt start with the body,it comes from the core
Meaning it starts with the heart...
You can get closer to someone emotional....or physical just get ripped apart
Think before you do...they all talk the same game...but it isn't anything new
Sometimes they might feel like theres no other way
But you will eventually get stronger,and you will make all your problems someday just runaway...