Thursday, June 28, 2012

Love Crimes..

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Start to lose hope,just how long can love work
Tried covering up your feelings,but I can feel your true feelings through your shirt
So why pretend..what are you trying to do?
Either this is going to be one big lie,or it's going to be true
Crazy for you
I'll commit love crimes..who would of knew
Only one can make it,so who gets left behind
We are all searching for something,question is that thing really what we're meant to find
A totally let down,the upmost excitement
A million thoughts fly through my mind when I'm quiet
Finding myself day by day
Losing instrest in these games life decides to play
Most of the time I'm here but don't feel here
Love is nothing without the other person being there

Nothing comes easy...but it always goes that way
If only I could say all the thoughts I think,so much I would say
Two things would would either hug & kiss me..or simply cry & walk away
Your foot prints start to fade...because when things get too hot,thats when you burn alive or
run for shade
Burning alive for you...These are the love crimes coming from you

Something so beautiful & sincere
Closing my eyes..while I'll run my fingers through your hair
Your smile is the greatest satisfaction..nothing else can compare
Ready for that moment...just whisper when or where
Every sensation we want to share
Your voice is the sweetest thing..running ear to ear
The only question is..will this love crime end with
a happy ending..or a couple tears..
'Nobody is perfect until you fall in love with them.'
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Monday, June 25, 2012


'Unity....Starts With You And Me...
I Hope One Day, Our Minds,Hearts & Souls..Can All Be Free'

Where are we and What did we do?
Are we even thinking about the future...
or is this all just about 'you'
Help me me believe
The World Doesn't Need Pretty Faces...
It's Kind Hearts The World Needs...
Without Hate...The World Is A Better Place..
Without Love...The World Is Not A Place..*
Now tell me some words from your soul..
That you promise they wont erase..
Because I'm alive...but I feel so outer space..
I'm scared to breathe sometimes..who knows..
I might suffocate
Help me relate...why do you have to relocate
Our bodies may be far apart...but in our hearts,we can never separate...

I'm just asking you...since life is asking me
They tell us not to be sad & don't ever worry
Sometimes I laugh to myself..and think life is so funny
We all have our hearts & soul's...but in there eyes..all we are is currency
Let's get away...Let's get away..
Escape to a safe haven...far..far away..
Your my Cinderella..let me hold your hand..
The world can end any second,I have no worries since your love
can take us to the promise land
Have a plan...Have a plan..
Life is like quick sand..the more you fight it..the less you understand
Let it go...and just relax
They can kick us on the ground..
But we will never kindly lay on our back..

Meaning...we wont go down without a fight
They paint the world in blood & do they sleep at night
Would be sad to see your dreams fly a balloon or a kite
So you have to give it all you got...always give it all your might
This place is about unity...Lets love each other..
I love you...and you love me...

'Hoping some of these words,will someday set us free,
They say we are free,when really we are slaves to eternity'

Friday, June 22, 2012

Something More..

'Think from your heart,Love with your brain
Treat everyone with kindness,because inside we're all sometimes fighting the same pain'

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Saying all the right things...but still hearing all the bad
Why do the things that should make us the happiest
always seems to make us the most sad,
We all use to be so pure...
We all always wanted to be something more..
Now most people only care about what's the latest materialistic thing coming out in store
We can't all want to fly..when we cant even get along while living on the floor

Why can't we all just get along..
Life may be short...but the troubled times make it feel long
Trying to do whats right,instead of following the trend of wrong
Someone has to break this chain,so someday we can all just get along
Life is suppose to be something more,something true
People should be supporting you to do everything you want to do
A life filled with family,friends & tears...
We gain, lose & abuse love over these number of years
Either getting positively or negatively influenced by our surrounding peers
Sooner or later...we have to let go of all of our fears
At the bottom now..but I promise we will climb these stairs
And prove to them, that all it takes is someone who really cares

I might be gone...but yet I'm always still here
On August 28th...that day will mark a year
A year of me leaving my loved ones to try & gain something new
But don't be mistaken...for everyone in my family I did this for you
Looking back on the days,when I didn't believe in me
But I figured out the have to look toward to tomorrow
Like everyday has something to see
Don't give up...There is always something more,
Tomorrow is your chance to do better than you've ever done before'
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Piece Of Heaven..

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'So here you go..
As long as you hold on,I will never let you go'

They give me a piece of heaven...then they always take it away
Now she's already leaving..and I don't know what to do..or what to say
Why does life always get this way..
When it feels like there is nothing you can do...even if you pray..
I couldn't didn't feel right
With you, I saw the stars throughout the day...and saw the sun at night
Already left with memories...that's all I will have left
I'm look at the mirror seeing all that is gone...and what is left..

Someone that felt true...something that felt new
I have the perfect gift...that I want to give for you
Just one more thing before you go away...
Off you go...but in my heart you will stay
Too far...and too soon
Heard your leaving in July...and it's already the end of June
But I want you to shoot for the if miss...your dreams will land on the moon
Been spinning so much lately..feel like my minds been in a typhoon
My only scoop of happiness...Now there taking away my spoon

I think about it...I think about it all the time
Why do some things go missing...and why are other things so easy to find
These people I meet...they come & go
Some I can understand...but some I just don't know

Looking at your picture and so many beautiful things I see..
We all lose so much...but then again the best things in life are suppose to be free

Seems I lost track of whats been going on...
Everything right..just went wrong
But these are the moments you need me the most..So I promise to stay strong

'Distance may rip us apart...but the miles that separate us are nothing
compared to how close we are in heart'

Monday, June 18, 2012

No Love

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They always tried to tell me...but I wouldn't listen
Right now love has no place in my heart...its gone missing
I use to think..but now I know
People's words...never match with the actions they show
So now I'm mad more at myself...then mad at them
The only person I want to be friends with the end
Bleeding my hearts a pen
My true something I need to learn not to send
Venting to much...I probably shouldn't be writing
But when your so close to being right,then find out your wrong,life's freighting
Sometimes I wonder why do I even try...I've said before I'm ready to go...
Ready to be taken to the sky..
Because when you've been dead for so long..your no longer scared to die

I've been through this way to much,seen this way to many times
The lights red,but I saw green...I really need to stop mixing up the signs
Now your just part of my past that I need to leave behind
The light at the end of the tunnel is the only thing I'm interested to find
Now I'm stuck with this hate in my heart...with this love on my mind
Which always gets me in trouble..but one stab in the heart isn't enough
how about double
Might as well take my eyes...because I don't want to see
Ignorance is bliss...and happiness is never free

One more verse & I think I will be ok
But that's it...I wont want to talk for the remainder of the day
Sick of this game of life we play
Don't want to give up...but sometimes I cant see any other way
I just really wish people would watch the words they like to say
Now I only feel pushed away...
Now look me in my eye...and tell me what you really have to say

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ready To Go..

'It seems I'm ready to go...Ready to go...
Holding on to so much you will never know...could never know'

Hold your head high...even when the times are low
Because only you....can ever figure out how far you can truly go
You can do it..but that's something they don't want you to know
But this is your life...and your the star of this show*
The air we the love we need..
It's being taking this thing called greed
And I'm guilty of that too...because I want you to have everything when it comes to you
And I know we've all been lied to...
But we all need to try too..
The most important to look deep inside & find you...

Too much...or too little...somehow...
We have to find happiness somewhere in the middle
Stuck between a rock & a hard place..
For some reason I keep on thinking about all the things I wish I could erase
Because all of those negative thoughts have taken to much positive space
But seeing life as a race...sometimes to get where you just got to move at a constant pace
Sometimes hating to dream...because that and reality are few & far between
And you have to put yourself out there...if your really trying to be seen
Don't be got what it takes
Your as beautiful as the stars at night reflecting off lakes
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We Had Our Memories...We Had Our Times..
I Guess Somethings..And Certain People..Are Just Meant To Be Left Behind..*
I always look at the stars & clouds hoping to see a sign..
But I wouldn't be able to see it anyways...since love is blind
                                                                       music source

Saturday, June 16, 2012


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'Whatever is holding you back just let it go..
You are meant to be great...just look how bright you glow..
There are just somethings I see in you..And that's all you need to know..'

I didn't know...I couldn't see
But all I really want to if you will be with me
Because you set me help me be...
All the insecurities wouldn't let me be
Lets grow together...You'll be the leaves..and I will be the tree
That way if you will still be right next to me
Looking for eternity...not believing anymore that all good things have to come to a end
Because my heart is willing to write to you forever..with ink or pen
What will we do then?what should we do now
I want this to last forever...the question is how
How do we know what is right?How do we know what is wrong?
I see the people they call weak...but in reality those are the ones who are strong
We are all here for a uncertain amount of time..and can get lost any second..the important
thing is just to remember to hold on
The journey to happiness & success may be long
But there is no saying how far you will have to go to chase your dreams
Nothing is really as bad as it seems...
No one should have to do this alone...we are all a team
But all these inner demons make me want to scream...
They sometimes hold on so tight...
They are the ones who make us do wrong..and help convince us its right
How many times have you seen the sun at night
The moon & sun have to take turns shining bright
So if today isn't your day to shine...then that's alright
Because some days life's problems are too heavy to hold alone,but with some support it can feel light
Get all your problems...lets tie them to a kite..
And cut all strings...and let your spirits take flight
To many things to worry about...We can't please everyone
You can tell who are the people who really care about you..
Because they want you to be safe,be happy..and just have fun
So just fly as high as you can...
Enjoy every moment you can soar..just being happy..should be your most important plan

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"You can't live your life for other people.
You've got to do what's right for you,
even if it hurts the people you love."
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Friday, June 15, 2012


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"The days change,but what really changes?
I use to think you were the best..
The best the world had to offer
Now in my dreams ..our love story slips away farther and farther"

Your eyes make the stars seem like coal
Obtaining your true love, should be anyone's ultimate goal
If you were to die, so would my world
So I hope your able to read & comprehend my every single word
Excuse the past ...let's just let it go....let it go
Things will get better before we all know
They had there chance,but they let it slip away
Just close your eyes & relax
And let my hands take all your pain away
Just help you take all the pain away....
In a world of overlooked hearts & under thought thoughts
We all want to be apart of something
So why does it feel like we are all apart
Since sex & lies got so easy to obtain,
Love & truth got so hard to find
Why are we living our lives like we're blind
Moving with our bodies but leaving our souls behind
Will things ever they are suppose to be?
Or will the mirage of hope,be the only thing I seem to see

If The Stars Could Talk...The Things They Would Say..*
The probably would ask why do we let the good ones get away
Appearing To Be Close...But In Reality...Distant Like a Star...
Everyone Likes To Believe They Do...But They Will Never Know How You Really Are..
And When You Feel Like Giving Up...
Just Think Of What Will Happen If The Sun Decided To Stop Shining For One Day..
Just Keep Going...And I Promise You...You Will Find Your Way..
And With All These Chances To Hate...
I Just Always Chose To Love...
I mean what the picture says below...
My highest point of happiness..nothing can ever go above...
Your like one of the great pyramids to me..beautiful..but filled with such great mystery ..

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

No Room To Breathe

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"the more you care,
the more you have to lose"

This was never have no idea how much I despise the time
The times when I'm ready to go...and the times I'm ready to leave
I sometimes have to choose sides of either being closer to you..or just giving you some room to breathe
Happiness & Love seem to be the only two things I want...but can never achieve
All these emotions & thoughts that I always have to relieve
Everybody expects so much from me...I just need some room to breathe

I'm suffocating...and it feels like I'm losing me
But the confusion of love...just keeps bewildering me
What will I be?When I'm dead & gone..will anyone even remember me
They always tell us to follows our hearts..but it's so dark & cold's something I can't even
I see everything...Just I choose when to talk & when to be quiet
It's times like this when I feel my brain & heart might start to riot
Since they never agree...I told you in the other poem....They want to lock you up forever girl...
But I'm just trying to set you free

What else should I say...I just really want to forget everything & move on with this day
Working 7 days a week...I guess the military feels that's ok
Hopefully I'm doing this all for a reason..hoping I'm being lead down the correct way
Now when I'm around certain people...I don't have much to say
Drake said the 'Good Ones Go' so it makes perfect sense why I'm always the one who seems to go away

I'm here...but I'm gone
It seems the right feeling for me is always wrong
Writing the words...the least you can do is sing along
When I held your hand...It felt like I had the whole world in my palm
Just for those couple of seconds
Could never get enough of you...I would always ask for seconds
Our time always goes by to fast
To be happy,I'm always searching through the past
Because at the present..I'm alone....did you even have to ask?
Your the kind of person who people only dream about meeting
They could fall in love with you from a single greeting
I speak like I know...How far will this go?
Do all the things you never thought you could
Make the people looking up to you they know you would
How much longer can I last?
I'm still holding my breathe...running out of everything I need too fast
Holding my breath when it comes to you..hoping I didn't let our moment past...
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"I would like to try your clarity...
Love is the only engine of survival"
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Only If You Let Me..

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'Nothing Can Bring You Peace But Yourself'

Dealing with some stuff you can never understand
It's like I keep flying & flying but I don't know how I'm gonna land
What would you do if I put my heart in your hand?
Because I'm scared of being washed away...
like footprints by the seashore getting washed away by the water by the sand
I'm vulnerable,but still prepared for the worse
When it comes to love,it feels like my brother and I have developed a curse
So I no longer hope...I only dream...
Dream with me,let's do this together
For better or worse
Or never worse is better
I want it to go away...I want it to never come back
Finally free,finally me,wondering what this life will be....

I didn't plan to be gone this long...
To be honest I just wanted to prove everyone wrong...
And with that.... me losing everything came along...
But I wont ever give up....So I need you to stay strong....

I will always be here...when no one else is there
I will feel for you...when no one else is willing to care
We all get that feeling that we sometimes don't belong
We all get that feeling,but we really do belong
Listening to what people tell you...but they may be wrong
But like I said..I wont ever give up...So I need you to stay strong
And those friends...I suggest you let them go...
Because life is about loving others..and that's obviously something they don't know
They only say hello...when you say hello
The real will stick...and the fake will fade below...
So just let them go...
Sometimes we let things or people go too far...
But at the end of the day,when you look in the mirror..
Are you truly happy with who you are?..

The world we live in is so twisted,its hard to live wrinkle free
Everyone is eventually forgotten,so I leave this behind so you wont ever forget me
And I want to save you.....but only can if you let go of your fears ....and let me....
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mercy Me/Touch...

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Me and you can't ever be,why is that something I can never see
Blind to the fact,I couldn't tell
You may be an angel...but I bet they have angel's in Hell
Like I'm a prisoner to your love...but I'm sadly happy in your cell
These questions of what will be...these questions always dwell
I hope your prepared...Always be prepared for the farewell

Why couldn't I be like the others...Why couldn't I be like the rest
Like the type of guy...who would never give a girl like you his best
But instead...I put myself through this stupid life test
That I would always try and make things matter how deep the mess
So I'm cleaning...and I'm cleaning and its worse what I find
That's just who you are...I wasted all my time
I wish my heart was in my back...So I can put all this love behind
And forget this poem...I dont even want to rhyme

It is easier to love, than to be loved....

This is where I am...and this is where I stay
I find myself a victim...for caring every single day
Soundsofmywords is the only way...I know how to put all these feelings away
I put them out there for the world to read
Because that sense of knowing your not alone is what we all sometimes need
The ones who are cared to much
But the ones who are touchless...are the ones who need a touch

a touch of hope,a touch of help
a touch of compassion,a touch of hope
a touch of life,a touch light
a touch of love...and a touch
that maybe someday,someone will come
and love them right...
A touch that someone...will some day love & treat them right...
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