Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Only If You Let Me..

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'Nothing Can Bring You Peace But Yourself'

Dealing with some stuff you can never understand
It's like I keep flying & flying but I don't know how I'm gonna land
What would you do if I put my heart in your hand?
Because I'm scared of being washed away...
like footprints by the seashore getting washed away by the water by the sand
I'm vulnerable,but still prepared for the worse
When it comes to love,it feels like my brother and I have developed a curse
So I no longer hope...I only dream...
Dream with me,let's do this together
For better or worse
Or never worse is better
I want it to go away...I want it to never come back
Finally free,finally me,wondering what this life will be....

I didn't plan to be gone this long...
To be honest I just wanted to prove everyone wrong...
And with that.... me losing everything came along...
But I wont ever give up....So I need you to stay strong....

I will always be here...when no one else is there
I will feel for you...when no one else is willing to care
We all get that feeling that we sometimes don't belong
We all get that feeling,but we really do belong
Listening to what people tell you...but they may be wrong
But like I said..I wont ever give up...So I need you to stay strong
And those friends...I suggest you let them go...
Because life is about loving others..and that's obviously something they don't know
They only say hello...when you say hello
The real will stick...and the fake will fade below...
So just let them go...
Sometimes we let things or people go too far...
But at the end of the day,when you look in the mirror..
Are you truly happy with who you are?..

The world we live in is so twisted,its hard to live wrinkle free
Everyone is eventually forgotten,so I leave this behind so you wont ever forget me
And I want to save you.....but only can if you let go of your fears ....and let me....
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  1. You are the most caring man I know. No one can, or will ever compare to you. You will become influential