Monday, June 25, 2012


'Unity....Starts With You And Me...
I Hope One Day, Our Minds,Hearts & Souls..Can All Be Free'

Where are we and What did we do?
Are we even thinking about the future...
or is this all just about 'you'
Help me me believe
The World Doesn't Need Pretty Faces...
It's Kind Hearts The World Needs...
Without Hate...The World Is A Better Place..
Without Love...The World Is Not A Place..*
Now tell me some words from your soul..
That you promise they wont erase..
Because I'm alive...but I feel so outer space..
I'm scared to breathe sometimes..who knows..
I might suffocate
Help me relate...why do you have to relocate
Our bodies may be far apart...but in our hearts,we can never separate...

I'm just asking you...since life is asking me
They tell us not to be sad & don't ever worry
Sometimes I laugh to myself..and think life is so funny
We all have our hearts & soul's...but in there eyes..all we are is currency
Let's get away...Let's get away..
Escape to a safe haven...far..far away..
Your my Cinderella..let me hold your hand..
The world can end any second,I have no worries since your love
can take us to the promise land
Have a plan...Have a plan..
Life is like quick sand..the more you fight it..the less you understand
Let it go...and just relax
They can kick us on the ground..
But we will never kindly lay on our back..

Meaning...we wont go down without a fight
They paint the world in blood & do they sleep at night
Would be sad to see your dreams fly a balloon or a kite
So you have to give it all you got...always give it all your might
This place is about unity...Lets love each other..
I love you...and you love me...

'Hoping some of these words,will someday set us free,
They say we are free,when really we are slaves to eternity'

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