Sunday, March 10, 2013

Drop Your Swords..

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Drop your swords, lay your weapons
What is all this fighting for? Can't anyone use their own discretion
I guess the fact that we were all created as equal isn't something they mention
It's funny how they want us to still fight their war,but they plan to take away our pension
What if one day we all decide to say no,what will they do then?That is the question??
I know better..I know they do too
But we've gotten so use to the lies,that the truth doesn't sound true
And I'm getting more distant day by day,that the truth is..I could never feel close to you
Back to the matter at hand,can we ever wash all the blood off our hand?
Forget America's plan...does the world have a plan?
What about the kids that don't know what a beach is..all they know is rocks & sand?
What about all the different groups of people that have been stripped of their land?
Is it too late to give it back?And we wonder why we are always would you react?
Look your people in the eye..Tell them to forgive & forget..To live & learn..To fall in love with the sky
Someone has to break the chain..Lets love for happiness..and pray its something we can maintain
What if one day..everyone started to treat each other the same..
Would we be living a life full of pleasure..or would we still  be buried in pain
Let's love before its too late to love
Lets forgive before its too late to forgive
Lets give everything we can give..
Lets live the best life..we can live
So drop your swords..and lay your weapons
Lets close our eyes..and fly to the heavens...
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Saturday, March 2, 2013


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So much can change in a year..
but where does it all go,where does it disappear?
I can see you,but I cant feel you near
Why does it always feel like the ones that should,are the ones that never care
Do we ever truly accept the things we don't want to hear?
We have too,if we don't we're done
Life is a race,but what if I don't want to run
Slowly walking watching the world pass me by
How long does it take for people to forget you after you die
We love with our hearts but pay with our eyes
Loving with your all,only being left to cry

A better tomorrow,A better today
Even through complete were able to say all the things I couldn't say
It feels like I'm stuck here...I just lay & lay..
Constantly looking for a get away
So I just take each by day
I have a handful of people that I hope are okay
And once they find happiness..I hope it will always stay..

Now it feels like I've running out of time
I have to put everything & everyone on the back burner & leave them all behind
But I realize that must be a sign
That maybe I can fix it..before I run out of time

I haven't been here in so long
Everyday I don't write,it feel so wrong
Always do what you love,because that's what defines you
Life is all about progression..but first you have to find you..

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