Sunday, November 3, 2013

Good People

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There will be few good people in your life..Ones who you know for sure you were meant to cross paths with..Ones who  continuously make a positive impact on you..
Ones who see the bad in you but still choose to stick around..
Learn to appreciate these people..because there will come a time when they can no longer be around..~

You know that person who always tried to tell you the right things to do..
Who when you need a hug or a helping hand..they gave you two..
That no matter how deep in the mud you were..they would help you get through 
You know the person who always put themselves in other peoples shoe

I'm always in my feelings..and I'm learning that's okay
Someone needs to say..all the things we are thinking..but everyone is just afraid to say
I met this person the other day..
And after they told me their story..I started thinking a different way

The type of person you can call at any time or night
That no matter what you did to hurt them,they are still more concern on making sure you're alright
That when your world is so dark and so cold..they become your sun..your warmth and your light
Like the person who taught you how to ride a bike,the most important lesson you can to remember to always get back up after you fall
no giving up in sight

An ear to let it all out to,a shoulder to cry on
No need for a play list,they know all your favorite songs
When people talk bad about them,you know it's not true
In my head all I can think is..if only they knew the real you

You're something great
No matter how far off the topic is..we somehow always relate
We both know what's real & what's fake
Watch out or the ones who won't help you prepare it,but are only there to eat your cake
Learning happiness is something we can all create
"It's better to be hated for who you are,then to be loved for who you are not"
That's probably one of the most important thing in this poem that I was trying to state..
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