Saturday, July 28, 2012

Don't Wait...

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You see that's always gonna change
And this moment you have to tell someone you love them,
might never be the same...
I've seen too many goodbyes,given in less than enough time
You don't want to be stuck in your mind...just wishing you can rewind
Just close your eyes...and see what greatness you find
The person closest to you,show them you love them..make sure there is
no doubt in there mind
Old habits are hard to break
That's why, we always seem to show our feelings..just a little too late
Why are we here?If not to make each others life not a little less hard
It doesn't have to be someones birthday..for you to go out and get them
a cake and a card
Let them know you still care,let them feel it in your heart that your still here

Your greater than they are,if you care about more than yourself
The world is better off,rich in love..and low with wealth
All the faces I see,always mean something more to me
I hope you can be...everything you always dreamed to be
Hold on....and never let go
Your the only person who can write your never let anyone else tell you so
The stars shine for you...they are trying to say,you must always shine no matter what darkness you are put through
Also that you are not alone,they might try & copy..but your heart is something
they can never clone

Make your chance...don't let it get away
Use the time you have say all the things you need to say
Imagine if everyday...someone decided to love you like it was there last
Then everyday would be so amazing,no more searching through the past
Help me Help you.Help you Help me
Don't wait for things to get full
Because that right when things might be empty
Time waits for no one,so how long should they have to wait for you
They say all good things come to a end..
But don't wait until the end to show your love is true...
The Ones Closest To Us...
Are Usual The Ones Most Furthest Away...
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Broken Compass..

"Each Second You Can Be Reborn.
Each Second There Can be A New Beginning.
It Is Choice.
It Is Your Choice."

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The cold,the warmth
the laugh,the smiles
Sometimes with all the confusion
We all get lost along the miles
But we all have a perfect sense of direction
That thing called your 'heart' is a internal compass,all you have to do is
believe in you & pay attention
Do whats right for you,and not whats right for them
Because when its all said and done..
your gonna be left with you...not with them
Still care for others,but love yourself first
Because I've seen too many golden hearts stolen
And not knowing how to get them back.... is the worse
We sometimes don't deserve what happens...but it happens anyway
and life goes on
You can stay on replay...or try progression
Try a new & better song
Hoping we can all some day get along
But they hate when your different..and your climbing your way to the top
They'll start shooting you down like your King Kong

But save her
Do what you can to save her
Look in the mirror and never forget how great you are..
Just please do yourself that favor
Sweet & Sour,life comes with many distinctive flavors
Imagine a life where no one ever knew their neighbors
Love what you can,help whoever needs it
Seen faces that smiles that say there ok..
But inside their heart screams they really need it..
At the end of the day,when the sun has gone away
As long as your at peace with yourself..and you tried your best
What really is there left to say..
Just Follow Your Heart...It's The Only Compass That
Can Never Be Fully Broken
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Lost Wings

'All The Right Faces...Just Stuck In All The Wrong Places'
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If we can see into the Heavens...what would we see
Would it be a place meant for you...a place meant for me
The clouds past by everyday...they just look,with nothing to say
With too much to say...happy to be sky blue,crying their way to grey
Being absent on being here...using the word 'Love'why would you want to go there..
Shadows chasing me,Time keeps erasing me
These scribbled down thoughts,will be all you have to remember me
Those scared to die,are scared to live
When the time comes to much are you really wiling to give

I believe in Angels..I believe they exist
In many shapes and forms,in need of there mercy in order to persist
Loving who we really are,is something we all seem to resist
Only once you've been touch by an Angel...will you ever feel like you truly exist

Carry me away..Lift me up..Don't let me look down
Tell me something..Speak from the heart..Going deaf to all the lies,only hearing the true sound
Take me where I'm meant to go...just like the missing Angel...
who hasn't been found
Pray For The Ones Who Gave Up Their Wings..
To Try Saving Us...The Ones Who Live On The Ground
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Same Old Song..

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I can only look and see,whats already gone
Suddenly losing the visions of where I belong
These words you sing, need new words...since your just signing the same old song
Wanted you to prove me right..but you still ended up proving me wrong
The need to feel something's been too long
It gets hard to face the truth...when you wanted to believe the lies all along

The sun probably changes...but that's something we'll never see
So does my feelings inside...but that's only between my poems & me
Hearing something about the truth will set you free
But pretending your alright,when your not...& vice versa seems to be the key
Everything seems so quite & peaceful at the moment..but just how long can that be

Out with the old,in with the new
Lets try something different...where I just try to be me..and you just try to be you
No longer falling in the traps,of doing what they tell us to do
Just a little rose...look how fast & vast you grew
But now all your petals have fallen off,look like all the karma's finally catching up to you.

We all need mirrors to help remind us who we really are
Some of won't get any further,because we're too scared to reach too far
A handful of us,will continue to that shining star
And the rest will just fade...fade away like a thick cloud of smoke...left from a burning cigar
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Fade Away...Or Shine..The Choice Is Yours..
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Some Words,If I May

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Heal Them With Love..
Or Kill Them With Kindness..

Hope is the only thing given for free
We all dream to be something different or more
The time either goes by too fast or too slow
What we what we believe we know
Always contemplating on either holding on...or simply letting go
Cries of joy...or cries of pain..they may be for different reasons..
but in the's all the same
Goodbyes don't hurt,'s what comes after
The disappearance of the love, the joy...the laughter
Always scared to start a new chapter
But if your scared to begin,that just puts you far behind faster
Hopes of hearing the truth one day
These lies can only last for so long
Faith is a one way road
So,so long... farewell...let's make the best out of today
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And Dont Just Be Another Face In The Crowd..
Your Way To Special For That*
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Goodbyes The Hardest Thing..

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Little steps are better than none at all
Its about how many times you get up...not how many times you fall...

I had to know hate,before I could know love...
I had to feel pain,before I could feel joy...
I had to lose everything,before I could start to appreciate anything
I had to say goodbye to all that I love,In hopes to one day see them again
I had to lose the only person I never got a chance to say good bye to,he was my very first friend
I talk about him alot,because this memory still haunts me everyday
Like how do you allow your best friend to shoot himself...and let him throw everything away
We were only kids thats suppose to be the excuse
But its one that I will promise myself...that I would never use...

We have to come out of the darkness...for us to see light
We have to learn when to ask for help...and admit when nothing is alright
We have to be there for each other,in each & every way
We have to be able to just hear in someones voice,or facial expression when something is not ok
Do what you can..just don't be like me...and let someone you love...just simply go away

Hearing about death...and seeing are completely two different things
I've never seen death,only seen people in a box
When I heard the news,I could only's like my body went into shock
There is always a better can be stormy weather now...but a better view is on it's way
You just got to keep moving forward..moving forward is the only way
Like a video just got to keep hitting the continue button and press play
It's yours to win..or yours to lose...but at the end of the day..your defeats or your accomplishments
its up for you to choose

Lets help each other...lets try something new
Don't wait to tell your loved ones how much you care for them..don't wait until its over due..
Why don't we try to do...what we know whats right to do...
This cycle were going through
is destroying the world...
treat everybody with love..since that person your next to is someones to hold
Some of us have been influenced to think we worthless...when really we're gold
That type of greatness can only come from within...cant be bought or sold
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Colorless Rainbow..

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Feeling this pain...I got a list of names...but really no one to blame
We all would like to believe we're different...but when it comes down to it...we're basically all the same
We ask for the sun to shine...when its pouring down rain..
But when the sun is shining for too long...we start to wonder why the rain hasn't came
Happiness seems to be the hardest thing to tame
Once you've lost the feeling of love...nothing will ever be the same...

Take a look at what you left me all alone
But when you started acting different...I kinda should of known
We were only apart for a small amount of time...but look how far we've grown
Now it's hard for me to listen to the song 'The Zone'
since you were the only person that could get me in that zone..

I should be ok....I should be ok
I've been through this lie called love...enough times anyway
Now when people talk...I rarely believe of what they have to say
Because I listened to you...and now...I don't have anything to say

So now...I'm standing in the rain...
Its pouring down but that's ok
my tears can mix with the rain
and hopefully help wash away all this pain
wash away all my sins,and help me become a better me
Its only when my eyes are closed...when my heart really starts to see..
the eyes deceive..the eyes deceive
they make you see things better than they really are..that's what they make you believe..
after this much rain....there should be a rainbow
but there wont be..because you took all the color from my life...
only when I'm finally living above the clouds...will I ever be alright
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"Take a look of what you did"
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Purple Matter

Here until they decide to erase me...
Always doing the chasing...
Waiting for someone to chase me..

You are so much more than what you know
The world can spin as fast as it pleases...we can still take this thing slow
Do we just have eyes...just to see the things life has to show
When your heart screams 'YES'...don't listen to anything else that tries to tell you 'no'
The finish line could be right just need to go
We just need to far can we go...

Your tears are the most precious substance,I hate to see them run down your face
All the time we wasted in the past,still we have nothing we can use to erase
We are all just puzzles...waiting to be figured out & put in our right place
You don't need your tongue to know...that 'true love' is the sweetest thing we could ever taste
The finish live could be right there..but what if I don't want us to finish this race
Someone has to win,Someone has you lose
we can try to be happy,or feel sorry for ourselves & just sing the blues...
You choose,You choose
You can win...but your the something I don't want to lose...

The greatest thing on the planet...every man's dream
Also the most beautiful thing..that even God has seen
Nothing more important...nothing can come in between
Questioning the word 'Love'...and what it really means...

The more time taken,the better off it should be
Sometimes the more I spoke...the less people understood me
So should I never talk again?Even if I tried...I couldn't give up writing
Always with this paper & pen
Don't get confused...'Love' is the only message I'm trying to send
been waiting for it for so long now...All I can think about is when?...when?
Heav-en....Heav-en...are you out there?
Because if your not...what will we do then...
" many people live within unhappy circumstances & yet will not take
initiative to change their situation because they conditioned to a life
of security, conformity & conservatism, all of which may appear to give one peace
of mind, but in reality nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man's
living spirit is his passion for adventure.The joy of life comes from our encounters with new
experiences,& hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly
changing horizon,for each day,to have a new & different sun."
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


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Trying to live a different life,Thinking of making a attention
I just might..
From seeing the stars at night,they might be dull to each other, we never know
but to us there still bright..
Don't smoke but will still give you a light,As long as we both know the effects
who says it up to me to decide for you whats wrong and right..
Looking at my son, But these are just visions because, I don't really have one,
Still looking towards that day when he comes to me crying...
and I say 'Son everything will be ok'...
Because I never had that,note...not trying to make sad that, just trying to show the ones
after me,that we can make a difference,so if anything please just grasp that.
No point of me trying to go back, No more hate in my heart,
All I need is love since that's something we all lack..

Trying to hold onto the truth, but it always slips away...
Looking to the people you use to be able to trust,but somehow there lies still get away
We see things grow, but we love to cut them down
That's why I pray that many of life's hidden treasures are never found ..

You never really lost, until you ll lost yourself
Dont ever put a price on family, friends & loved ones for the deadly disguise of wealth
Feeling like a piece of trash on the floor,
Wondering what I'm worth,does anyone even see me anymore?
Everyone just walks around me,do they even care?
It;s not dying, its living like this that I fear
So I just float around hoping wherever I'm meant to be is near
because I had a full heart, but these broken pieces are easier to share
Remembering playing xbox with my little brother,but this is not a game
I've been gone for so long,that all he probably remembers of me is my face because of all my pictures and how to say my name...
Because once you lose something,even if you get it back it will never be the same
Life is such a beautiful....just painted with all this pain
Do all you can today,because you'll probably never get to do it all ever again
Just live your life,do what you
These people say they love you...I just hope its true
Make sure if you ever tell me 'I Love You' that..
it's nothing else...but true
What will you do,when it all falls down,
when everything you built up suddenly falls to the ground'It;s easy to ignore people when there talking,
but silence is the loudest sound...
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Monday, July 2, 2012


'I feel I'm strong...I think I'm right...I know I'm wrong'
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When the lights dim down...I always just go back to being me..
All these bright lights & smiling faces...were never no good to me..
There not real...there not true
The only thing I havent found you
Always making a new list of new things to do..
But what do you do..when you wish your new thing was old,and your old thing was new
Seeing people treat each other worse than animals,it feels like I'm trapped in a zoo
Feeling like this pain is like a tattoo
I can never remove it,no matter what I try to do
The closer I get to life,the more I need to travel with glue
I just keep breaking...and breaking...hows life on the other shoe?
Hopefully its better than me...letting them get the better of me
Please cremation,never let them burry me
I meant to be free like the ashes..I wont ever let them bury me
I just want to burn...burn away
See the look on everybody's faces,hear what they really have to say
You would never know how long I waited for that day
I shouldnt have to apologize if I'm starting to turn your magical bright world to a ugly or dark gray
Just got to be real for a moment...don't really want to be here
It's sad that it's this kind of truth that people never really want to hear
How long can we go on...before some notices this white lie called life is wrong
All of a sudden...I'm in a bad place..
Where any happy thoughts...are the first things to be erased..
Where everything good to me,is gently replaced
Where a bit a joy..even is something I can't taste
Who knows what will happen..if I give up now..and refuse to finish this race
'Now I'm just falling..for ever falling..Don't catch me..let me fall'
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