Tuesday, July 10, 2012


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Trying to live a different life,Thinking of making a difference...pay attention
I just might..
From seeing the stars at night,they might be dull to each other, we never know
but to us there still bright..
Don't smoke but will still give you a light,As long as we both know the effects
who says it up to me to decide for you whats wrong and right..
Looking at my son, But these are just visions because, I don't really have one,
Still looking towards that day when he comes to me crying...
and I say 'Son everything will be ok'...
Because I never had that,note...not trying to make sad that, just trying to show the ones
after me,that we can make a difference,so if anything please just grasp that.
No point of me trying to go back, No more hate in my heart,
All I need is love since that's something we all lack..

Trying to hold onto the truth, but it always slips away...
Looking to the people you use to be able to trust,but somehow there lies still get away
We see things grow, but we love to cut them down
That's why I pray that many of life's hidden treasures are never found ..

You never really lost, until you ll lost yourself
Dont ever put a price on family, friends & loved ones for the deadly disguise of wealth
Feeling like a piece of trash on the floor,
Wondering what I'm worth,does anyone even see me anymore?
Everyone just walks around me,do they even care?
It;s not dying, its living like this that I fear
So I just float around hoping wherever I'm meant to be is near
because I had a full heart, but these broken pieces are easier to share
Remembering playing xbox with my little brother,but this is not a game
I've been gone for so long,that all he probably remembers of me is my face because of all my pictures and how to say my name...
Because once you lose something,even if you get it back it will never be the same
Life is such a beautiful....just painted with all this pain
Do all you can today,because you'll probably never get to do it all ever again
Just live your life,do what you
These people say they love you...I just hope its true
Make sure if you ever tell me 'I Love You' that..
it's nothing else...but true
What will you do,when it all falls down,
when everything you built up suddenly falls to the ground'It;s easy to ignore people when there talking,
but silence is the loudest sound...
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