Monday, July 23, 2012

Lost Wings

'All The Right Faces...Just Stuck In All The Wrong Places'
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If we can see into the Heavens...what would we see
Would it be a place meant for you...a place meant for me
The clouds past by everyday...they just look,with nothing to say
With too much to say...happy to be sky blue,crying their way to grey
Being absent on being here...using the word 'Love'why would you want to go there..
Shadows chasing me,Time keeps erasing me
These scribbled down thoughts,will be all you have to remember me
Those scared to die,are scared to live
When the time comes to much are you really wiling to give

I believe in Angels..I believe they exist
In many shapes and forms,in need of there mercy in order to persist
Loving who we really are,is something we all seem to resist
Only once you've been touch by an Angel...will you ever feel like you truly exist

Carry me away..Lift me up..Don't let me look down
Tell me something..Speak from the heart..Going deaf to all the lies,only hearing the true sound
Take me where I'm meant to go...just like the missing Angel...
who hasn't been found
Pray For The Ones Who Gave Up Their Wings..
To Try Saving Us...The Ones Who Live On The Ground
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