Saturday, July 14, 2012

Goodbyes The Hardest Thing..

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Little steps are better than none at all
Its about how many times you get up...not how many times you fall...

I had to know hate,before I could know love...
I had to feel pain,before I could feel joy...
I had to lose everything,before I could start to appreciate anything
I had to say goodbye to all that I love,In hopes to one day see them again
I had to lose the only person I never got a chance to say good bye to,he was my very first friend
I talk about him alot,because this memory still haunts me everyday
Like how do you allow your best friend to shoot himself...and let him throw everything away
We were only kids thats suppose to be the excuse
But its one that I will promise myself...that I would never use...

We have to come out of the darkness...for us to see light
We have to learn when to ask for help...and admit when nothing is alright
We have to be there for each other,in each & every way
We have to be able to just hear in someones voice,or facial expression when something is not ok
Do what you can..just don't be like me...and let someone you love...just simply go away

Hearing about death...and seeing are completely two different things
I've never seen death,only seen people in a box
When I heard the news,I could only's like my body went into shock
There is always a better can be stormy weather now...but a better view is on it's way
You just got to keep moving forward..moving forward is the only way
Like a video just got to keep hitting the continue button and press play
It's yours to win..or yours to lose...but at the end of the day..your defeats or your accomplishments
its up for you to choose

Lets help each other...lets try something new
Don't wait to tell your loved ones how much you care for them..don't wait until its over due..
Why don't we try to do...what we know whats right to do...
This cycle were going through
is destroying the world...
treat everybody with love..since that person your next to is someones to hold
Some of us have been influenced to think we worthless...when really we're gold
That type of greatness can only come from within...cant be bought or sold
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