Monday, July 16, 2012

Some Words,If I May

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Heal Them With Love..
Or Kill Them With Kindness..

Hope is the only thing given for free
We all dream to be something different or more
The time either goes by too fast or too slow
What we what we believe we know
Always contemplating on either holding on...or simply letting go
Cries of joy...or cries of pain..they may be for different reasons..
but in the's all the same
Goodbyes don't hurt,'s what comes after
The disappearance of the love, the joy...the laughter
Always scared to start a new chapter
But if your scared to begin,that just puts you far behind faster
Hopes of hearing the truth one day
These lies can only last for so long
Faith is a one way road
So,so long... farewell...let's make the best out of today
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And Dont Just Be Another Face In The Crowd..
Your Way To Special For That*
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