Sunday, July 22, 2012

Same Old Song..

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I can only look and see,whats already gone
Suddenly losing the visions of where I belong
These words you sing, need new words...since your just signing the same old song
Wanted you to prove me right..but you still ended up proving me wrong
The need to feel something's been too long
It gets hard to face the truth...when you wanted to believe the lies all along

The sun probably changes...but that's something we'll never see
So does my feelings inside...but that's only between my poems & me
Hearing something about the truth will set you free
But pretending your alright,when your not...& vice versa seems to be the key
Everything seems so quite & peaceful at the moment..but just how long can that be

Out with the old,in with the new
Lets try something different...where I just try to be me..and you just try to be you
No longer falling in the traps,of doing what they tell us to do
Just a little rose...look how fast & vast you grew
But now all your petals have fallen off,look like all the karma's finally catching up to you.

We all need mirrors to help remind us who we really are
Some of won't get any further,because we're too scared to reach too far
A handful of us,will continue to that shining star
And the rest will just fade...fade away like a thick cloud of smoke...left from a burning cigar
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Fade Away...Or Shine..The Choice Is Yours..
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