Saturday, July 28, 2012

Don't Wait...

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You see that's always gonna change
And this moment you have to tell someone you love them,
might never be the same...
I've seen too many goodbyes,given in less than enough time
You don't want to be stuck in your mind...just wishing you can rewind
Just close your eyes...and see what greatness you find
The person closest to you,show them you love them..make sure there is
no doubt in there mind
Old habits are hard to break
That's why, we always seem to show our feelings..just a little too late
Why are we here?If not to make each others life not a little less hard
It doesn't have to be someones birthday..for you to go out and get them
a cake and a card
Let them know you still care,let them feel it in your heart that your still here

Your greater than they are,if you care about more than yourself
The world is better off,rich in love..and low with wealth
All the faces I see,always mean something more to me
I hope you can be...everything you always dreamed to be
Hold on....and never let go
Your the only person who can write your never let anyone else tell you so
The stars shine for you...they are trying to say,you must always shine no matter what darkness you are put through
Also that you are not alone,they might try & copy..but your heart is something
they can never clone

Make your chance...don't let it get away
Use the time you have say all the things you need to say
Imagine if everyday...someone decided to love you like it was there last
Then everyday would be so amazing,no more searching through the past
Help me Help you.Help you Help me
Don't wait for things to get full
Because that right when things might be empty
Time waits for no one,so how long should they have to wait for you
They say all good things come to a end..
But don't wait until the end to show your love is true...
The Ones Closest To Us...
Are Usual The Ones Most Furthest Away...
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